Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To popcorn

Gold in innocence, plump mature,
Salty and greasy, even when pure,
Thy puff'd grain insubstantial-
Thy bursting, a glory financial,
Industry follows thee into the dirt
And back up and out of the field
For it's thy explosive inertia,
That grants all our endeavors a yield.

HEDGEFUND, n. An investment in privacy offering impressive if unredeemable returns.


the amoeba said...

"Dude ...?"

"NO, dude."

"What no?"

"So help me, dude, I even hear you think about saying something like 'eating the profits', I'll smack you."

actonbell said...

Explosive inertia! I neeeeed some of that. Thank you, that's a good idea.
I still think the term hedgefund sounds funny, though there's nothing wrong with hedging your bets.

Mo'a said...

Interesting Poem. A certain country has been brought down by investments in privacy...or should the word be Piracy? We could write a 2000 page book on that :)

However, when it comes to popcorn I like mine with chocolate bits.

quilly said...

The wise hedge fund investor puts his or her money in a tin can and buries it beneath the hedge.

Karen said...


This is a Dog's blog. Don't worry about overcommenting unless it's with pirate and baseball analogies, which is beguiling greasy and ill-suited for "Maiden".

Doug Pascover is over 40 and well into his sunset.

Karen said...

Doug Pascover said, "An old friend I spoke to last year for the first time since the 80s asked me if I was on Facebook.

I told him I had started an account and deleted it the next day because it creeped me out, and my friend suggested there's probably an FB group for people like me."

For your sake, Doug Pascover, you better hope there's a group for people like you.

Karen said...

"Maybe the Economist should start a blog just for Luddites. In keeping with tradition it would be delivered to your door once a year on hand scribed stone tablets. ;)"

Thom said...

HEDGEFUND, n. - Explosive Inertia LOL

TLP said...

There I was thinking about eating some good ol' popcorn, when you suddenly exploded with Hedgefund.

Hedge Fund: not mutually friendly.

Cooper said...

I think your definition is top notch, I'm counting on you to keep tract of these things.

Love the popcorn poem..ha ha amoeba...

Doug over 40?? I thought you were like 19...;)

Omnipotent Poobah said...

hedgefund- A fund from which no good can come.

Doug said...

Hi, all. My Internet is down at home and I have a three hour meeting this morning so today's post might not be up until 3 or 4 TLPDT.

Doug said...

Boy, a shower and a shave make the world work right.

Amoeba, thank you for your excellent moderation.

Actonbell, in my own case I worry a little about what explosive inertia would bring.

Mo'a, I respect your choice but prefer Cayenne. Now that I think about it, though, what do Iceland and the U.S. have in common? Are you sure you didn't start this recession? Or maybe popcorn with chocolate bits is to blame.

Quilly, I thought he bought gold and paid a stranger to keep an eye on it.

Karen, well quoted, as ever.

Thom, I think I know what you're thinking. That Thom!

Good definition, blogmama.

Cooper, over 40 in my body, under four in my mind.

Poobah, it isn't good we're after but more of the root of all evil.

Doug, glad it worked out for you, buddy.

Ariel the Thief said...

Well done, Doug! I told you that the soap doesn't bite, didn't I? You didn't want to believe.

Doug said...

Ariel, and I was supposed to trust a vampire on what bites and doesn't bite?

weirsdo said...

I once heard of a pieces where the musicians sat around a topless popcorn popper wearing glasses with staves on them. As the popcorn hit the staves, they played the notes indicated. . . .