Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Quiet Man

Story #12, in which Dougie and his Pop-pop find adventure and reward.

To hear us jabber, follow the trail.

To read our adventures, open the comic book.

Today's story is cross-posted on Doug Drones On.

By the way, my brother's birthday is tomorrow, so there will be a special Sunday edition.


Anonymous said...

Sweet story. I was expecting you'd explain your predilection for some superhero or other, but I didn't expect it to be your grandfather.

TLP said...

Even though I have no comparible "story" in my own life, this story made me "lonesome" for my childhood. Thanks for sharing it.

Silence,n., Absence of communication. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but silence breaks the heart.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Weirsdo. If he'd been a superhero, he'd have been "Tulipman" which would have made it hard to explain us.

Aw, TLP.

Thanks, Actonbell, I've sure enjoyed the Yoda stories too.

dddragon said...

Silence? What's that? I don't understand.

Sar said...

What an endearing story, Doug. Nicely done.

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.

Lila said...

That's a sweet story, Doug.

OH MY GOD, this is so weird... I'm obsessed with Iron Fist and Power Man comics! Seriously. I have a little Iron Fist figure in my room o' toys.

Semisweet1 said...



Doug The Una said...

Dddragon, I foorgot you live with teenagers. Here is Merriam-Webster's definition. Hope it helps.

Thanks, Sar. Simon and Garfunkel kind of go with the timeframe, don't they?

Aral, if Dddragon and Actonbell deny you, you are clearly my sister. When our generation passes and historians want to understand the 70s, Power Man & Iron Fist is all they'll need.

Thanks, S.

Fred said...

Great story. I used to wait outside the five and dime store so I could be the first to get the new Superman comic.

An era long gone...

TLP said...

There aren't many photos of my childhood, but one that I do have is one that my oldest sister, Mary, took of Bonnie, me and some friends. We were in our livingroom reading and trading comic books.

We'd read them, get together with friends, and swap books with one another. Usually for keeps. But if we really loved a particular comic, we just lent it out. We didn't have to write our names in the books. There was never once a problem with which book belonged to whom.

The books would get very tattered. One without a cover was worth less in trade. And one of those big fat books was worth a couple of smaller ones. I haven't thought of this stuff in so long! Thanks again for the memories.

dddragon said...

ahem, then why wouldn't you let ME read comics?! I used to look forward to going to cousins F&T to read theirs!!

My heros were the Green Hornet (I was always Kato because I was shorter) and Batman. Got Van William's autograph much later.

Doug, you can be my younger brother, anytime.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Fred. They were 5,10,25s by the time I waited outside them. Of course, Grampa's visits were when I really caught up. I miss the smell of those old comics.

TLP, that's a really nice story. Could you scan the picture and post it? You're an adorable 64 your old and you were adorable with red hair and a groucho mask. I have to think the child TLP had to have been out of this world.

Thanks, Dddragon. I only have this blog to get adopted into the Pez family. This will be my last post.

Mike said...

Cool dude! Great stuff!

TLP said...

Ah, shucks! Flattery will get you anywhere. I'll look for it. It's an old black and white snapshot taken with a little brownie camera, you understand. It's not that exciting.

Jamie Dawn said...

I know far more about silence than I ever cared to. I know that being quiet is frustrating at first, then it becomes kind of strangely liberating. It has forced me to be able to feel that all is okay with the world around me, even if I'm not piping in, adding my two cents to everything.
I'm sure your grandfather loved buying you those comics. Those walks together were special.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Mikes

Gee, TLP, then why am I excited?

JD, he did and they were, and I bet you'll be offering opinions before you know it.

dr1/6 said...


dr1/6 said...


Minka said...

Loved that story!
Silence,n. the absence of noise, but filled with the beautiful harmonic sounds of your own thoughts

My first obsession was with kinder-eggs. When the wall fell and East-Germans crowded the streets od West-Berlin I came across those eggs and I found them fascinating: chocolate-black and white!; strength and determiantion to open the egg inside;a puzzle to solve and a toy to play with. Ingenious!
I am proud to announce that now I buy an egg once a year or so, when nostalgia gets the better of me and my fingers still tremble slighly before I open it with anticipation of the secret it holds within.