Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Special Guest Wednesday

This Wednesday it is my pleasure to feature Pia Savage who offers the following definition this week:

Picaresque, n. A bitter person.
Picaresque, adj. Someone behaving in a childlike pouting manner. Like they swallowed a lemon.

About Pia: Pia writes the elegant, popular and fascinating Courting Destiny, a site that features primarily vignettes from Pia's life in prose as much a carnival as a New York City girl's existence. With emotion, image and metaphor, Pia takes routes that only someone who knew the streets and subways could follow with a surprise waiting at every corner and station. At times, Pia chooses to write about politics from a generally leftish slant or television from the perspective of whichever bloc thinks James Spader is king. When I was getting to know Courting Destiny she had written a few political pieces which led, through the magic of the internet, to unrelenting illumination from some of the dimmer quarters of the blogosphere. Rather than be distracted from the central purpose of her site, Pia got together with some of her blog friends to found a collaborative left-leaning political site, Bring It On!. Pia and her friends and those who aren't her friends can bring their political controversies there, which keeps the conversation on Courting Destiny lively, constructive, honest and engaged mostly.

Pia herself has been a mentor to me in the development of Waking Ambrose. One of the most important things I learned from Pia is how valuable comments can be in building both the community and the content of a weblog. I believe, and I bet my long-time readers will agree, that what's written in the posts on this site isn't half as much fun as the conversations that follow. I credit Pia for the insight that allowed me to take full advantage of you, good readers, to that end.

How to be a Wednesday Guest: Email me at dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after putting up the current week guest post I'll email you a word to define and request your definition and a graphic representing either you or your definition by the following Saturday. No profanity, please.


Fleur de Bee said...

Hey Doug! Thanks for visiting my blog! Bet you didn't know I had a tracker!'s cool because I think your blog rocks! Come back and leave me a message/comment sometime!

Take it easy!

Sar said...

Pia - Great to see you highlighted here (nice write up Doug). Between your mentoring and influence, your empowering voice of the left, and your entertaining prose, frankly the Blogsphere would be dull without you. :)

Picaresque: Courting Destiny, the Blogsphere's very own Huckleberry Finn.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sar, thank you. No Doug I didn't pay Sar to say anything.

Well uh not as much as I paid you.

Oh wasn't supposed to say that, sorry

Lila said...

Another great definition and guest! Pia certainly does have an original blog. I'll have to start checking it out regularly.

The best I can do is use it in a sentence: I enjoy Doug's picaresque tales on "Doug Drones On."

Hey, I didn't get much sleep, what do you want?

Go ChiSox!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Molly. I'll do that.

Nice, Sar.

Pia, do I get commission on Sar's bribe? Thanks for doing this.

Aral, I have never been as late to work as I was this morning. Thanks. Go Go White Sox!

Cooper said...

I'm with Sar.

Nice work Pia here and of course elsewhere.

picaresque,n. How the parents of the arson next door described their son prior to THE FIRE.

picaresque,n. A person that is nowhere near as roguishly charming as he feels he is.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hello to Pia! Hello to Doug!
The "lemon sucking" part of her definition reminded me of when we put a lemon wedge to the mouth of both of our babies in order to film their reaction. Both times, it was the cutest thing to see! Now in their teens, my son drinks lemonade by the gallons and my daughter doesn't like lemon anything. I suppose the experience affected their psyches differently.
I decided to branch off and ramble a bit... I didn't know the real definition of this word anyway.

Anonymous said...

I would hope not as she's from the 40's; though I like to make up stories about her

She's my pulp side and so has lived a much more exciting life

Doug The Una said...

Gosh, Alice, and here I thought I was rogueishly charming.

Hi, Jamie Dawn! Great story and thanks for posting it. You last line made me laugh out loud.

Lula, I don't even think that's your shoe but I'm skeptical that way.

Pia, I read your blog. I think it could go either way.

a4g, George Will's column as seen from 2105.

dddragon said...

So, Doug, by Alice's definition, you are NOT picaresque ~ you are too charming.

And I was up until the end of the 10th inning when I just had to go to bed. Happy to see that the Sox won, glad that I didn't wait to see what happened "after one more inning"

Doug The Una said...

Aw, Dddragon, you're too kind. Yeah, I feel bad for anyone crazy enough to live on the East Coast and watch that game to the end. And by anyone, I mean Aral.

Chatham said...

Being a cat, I have nothing to add. I am above such things.

Anonymous said...

Most of the picaros I know are not nearly as bitter as I'd like. I wish all such people who moved blithely in and out of my life were secretly gnawed by remorse.

Doug The Una said...

My pleasure, Actonbell.

Chatcat, I never knew a cat who wasn't roguish. You're the first.

Weirsdo, you should get out more.

Angela's Designs said...

Nice column today, seen Pia's blog before.

Doug The Una said...

Welcome. Annalee

Anonymous said...

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