Saturday, May 13, 2006

Goldilocks Grows Up

Story #44, A where-are-they-now retrospective.

To hear the story, spin the record.

To read the story, poke the bears.

This week in The Prattler, "The Protection Racket".

Happy Mother's Day, as applicable


Mutha said...

As Mutha, perhaps it is appropriate I be the first to respond to your story. A say, "A treat, Doug. Thanks!"
The retelling of fairy tales is a favorite of mine -- as is pointing out that Goldilocks, brunette or not, is a poster child for bad behavior. She deserves all the bears that come her way.

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day, mama! don't know about the other 2, but you should definitely be given a prize for tolerating the unbearable Doug :))

much love,

Sar said...

("unbearable" - tee hee Karma!)

What an gleefully sardonic nod to Mama and her 3 bears. That was fun, Doug.

Happy Mother's Day Doug's Mama! May you enjoy, bountiful bouquets of flowers with piping hot poridge chasers.

dddragon said...

skip the flowers, just give me chocolate!!

Kyahgirl said...

Good morning Big Bear, I mean Apple Bro, I mean Doug :-)

Great story. Happy Mother's Day to your mother, she did a fine job, even if you're a bit of a rascal.

For Mother's Day, everyone please come to my place and make comments so I will be sucked into giving even more money to needy mothers!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day Doug's Mom

That is pretty much as I remember it, although I didn't know Osaella was imaginary.

and Thanks

Doug's initial Dad

Anonymous said...

Cuuuute, Doug. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I was giggling the whole way through the story... I do believe I heard the dogs barking in the background...

You are always a treat... :)

mireille said...

Happy Happy Mother's Day to Mama, Queen of the Bears! xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Happy Mutha Day! I actually agree. Goldilocks can't be from Grimm, can it? She'd have been et for sure.

Thanks, K and Happy Mother's Day! Unbearable? I went past term!

Thanks, Sar, and to you.

Dddragon, you might ought to flip me Nod's email, then. I'll check into the matter.

Thanks, Kyahgirl. I'll be right over to cost you a pretty penny.

Happy mother's day, Dad! And it's Sosaella, to you pall. Ms. Sosaella.

Thaaaanks, Jenna. Cute is every curmudgeonly bear's ambition in our secret hearts.

Thanks, Shayna. Happy Mother's day to you, as well.

Thanks, Mireille, and a sunny weekend to the Queen of Scent.

Thanks, Actonbell, and a great weekend to Serena's Mom from Willie and Walela's dad.

Cowgirl, don't you think the purple bloom of alfalfa makes a perfect Mother's Day bouquet. Have fun and I second you, everyone over to Kyahgirl's and let's chatter for charity.

TLP said...

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, especially Doug's. What a trooper she must be.

Great writing as usual.

Lila said...

Another great one... Happy Mother's Day, long-suffering-mother-of-all-Dougs!

The Reverent Eater said...

Happy Mama Bear's Day!

Anonymous said...

I should have eaten at least one of those grizzlitos at birth and saved Pokay, Sosay and Lolayella! If only the bigger bear had kept on reading, the little one had pacticed jettes to pefection and the middle one had successfully completed an applied course on progressive ideas, my life would have been complete.

Oh well, the three little bears are still my best reason for existance.

Thanks everyone for the lovely wishes. You are all the best...and happy Mommy's Day to all of you who are one and those of you who made us one!

Minka said...

That was so great...also you mixed more than one fairytale together. And it must be a Grimm one, horrific as it is ;)
I know I am not a good judge, but I think the big bear turned out quite well.
Thank goodness, there was no wild animal on the loose in this fairytale, things would have become bloody!
Happy mother´s day to every mothers out there. Our mother´s day is tomorrow. I have been practicing my singing voice! It is hard to stop tormenting one´s parents!
And I guess there is a bit of bear in all of us:)

Anonymous said...

Margaret O'Brien was Francie in "A tree grows in Brooklyn." If anybody ever gets on Oprah, feel free to use that as it was her favorite book as well as mine

Just thought that I would throw that in.

Doug, your stories get better each week

Happy Mother's Day to Doug's mama--and everybody else

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, TLP, and happy Blogmother's Day to you.

Thank you, AP-cube and Manchego.

Thanks, Mama. I'll call you tomorrow so keep some porridge handy.

Minka, that was lovely. Our Mother's Day is actually tomorrow, too.

Pia, if I ever make it on jeopardy, I'll use that. Thanks.

Jamie Dawn said...

Cute story.

Mother's Day: A very good reason to spend money.

My daughter will remember Mother's Day, but my son won't think of it until we get to church and they are handing out carnations to all the moms.

Logophile said...

Happy Mother's Day all around and another great story, Doug.
Mama Bear clearly got it right.
All hail the florist, but personally, I want to go out to eat.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Jamie Dawn. How much we talkin'?

Happy Mother's Day, Logo. I hope the salmon's fresh.

Mikki Marshall said...

You roll the dice and you get what you get. I am an only child, and my mother would always say that she was smart and stopped while she was ahead.
I say yeah, but if she were brilliant, she never would have started the race! ;-)

Wonderful story Bear.

Ariel the Thief said...

I've always had the feeling Mother's Day was made up by the Guild Of Florists.

very good story, Doug, it must be totally cheering to a mother to be given a mother's story for Mother's Day. I might borrow some bears myself next year.

Kyahgirl said...

That is so cool to see your Mom checking in on you Doug! heh heh. Can't get away with anything can you?

thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and making your creative 'Burma Shave' style comments. I'll count them with today's total.

Minka said...

So, I decided not to sing today...
Everybody was relieved. But I went and bought Sabine two necklaces, believe it or don´t, but my mom started to get a shoe and accessoirs fetish in her older age! She was very pleased and today she decided to stop smoking. We´ll see ...

Doug The Una said...

I'm with you, Still Life. Anytime everyone's facing the same way is a good time to wander off track.

Ariel, I'm sure the it would be the bears' good fortune.

Kyahgirl, I did a new one. Got to do right one day a year and it's today.

Minka, I for one am disappointed. I bet you showed Sabine a great time.

Miz BoheMia said...

Happy Mother's Day to your sweet Mama indeed and kudos to her for raising such a great brotha to bohemians!

Looooveeed the story! Fantastico, como siempre!