Thursday, May 25, 2006


MUGWUMP, n. In politics one afflicted with self-respect and addicted to the vice of independence. A term of contempt.

2006 Update: The sound of a dream discovering destiny.


Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! I AM FIRST!!!!



Ooooh! I am in awe at your beautiful definition dear brotha Dawg! Gotta go mull this over... Buenos dias desde España y buenas noches a ti hermanito!

Tom & Icy said...

1884 being whacked in the head by '1984'

Sar said...

I'd like to give Dubya's Mug a Wump! And Cheney's. And Rumsfeld's. And...

Line em up!

Unknown said...

haha SIS, you sure know how to kick wump :))

dawg, i grew up on Enid Blyton and the word reminds me of my favourite charcter in the Noddy books: gollywog. alas, that is also politically incorrect

Kyahgirl said...

Yay!! What a great word Doug. I'm glad you chose it.

According to Bierce, I'm a mugwamp if this is what it means "one afflicted with self-respect and addicted to the vice of independence I've tripped myself up with that independent streak several times in the past. No idea why it would be a term of contempt but I don't pretend to understand the old crab pot (Bierce)

Anyway, the Kokanee Beer company has used Sasquatches in their advertising themes for years. Quite a long time ago they had a male and female Sasquatch in the ads. The male would pinch the cheek of the female and refer to her lovingly as his 'little mugwump'. Awww, Sasquatch sweet.

The amoeba said...

MUGWUMP, n. An American First Peoples instead of an America First, People. A doughface with colors reversed. One with the damned gall to support the doling out of government jobs on the basis of talent for the job instead of loyalty to the boss.

No Mainer has ever been President of the United States. James G. Blaine had a go at it, but he had a familiar-sounding problem:

Blaine! Blaine! James G. Blaine!
Continental liar from the State of Maine!

Yes he was a Republican. The Governor's Residence in Maine is named after him. He was from Pennsylvania.

Doug The Una said...

Miz B, ¿Mi Hermanito? Buenas Noches desde La España del Oeste.

Hahaha, Icy! Good girl!

Sar, I see you're in a brawlin' mood. Great catch on your guest today. I.M. Dedd is a Mugwump of the first water.

Please, Karma, tell us what's politically incorrect about Gollywog.

Kyahgirl, at your request. I had this word in my discard pile of obsolete language until you brought it up Tuesday.

O Ceallaigh, well done with Doughface. A Maine Man from Pennsylvania sounds like a problematic candidate.

The amoeba said...

Sar got the Dead Guy on her site?!? Must see! You really know how to call 'em to heel, lady.

The amoeba said...

A Maine Man from Pennsylvania sounds like a problematic candidate.

Yeah. Kinda like Clinton from New York. :)

Anonymous said...

Hm. I'm trying to remember that Kokanee commercial, Kyah, without much luck. I do remember wading in Elbow River a few years ago as my friend's dog played fetch with a tree (yes, a tree...I miss that Dukey dog) when a couple of guys when rafting by us. Dragging behind their raft was a six pack of Kokanee.

So me being me after ogling half naked men (I love summer) said "How's the Kokanee?"

And one called back as they bobbed along: "It's the beer out here!"

I wish I could think of a definition for mugwump too but, alas, I got nothing. I think my mug was wumped. Hard.

Logophile said...

Doug~ gollywog is a racially descriptive term which is no longer considered acceptable.

mugwump~ Republicans who haven't had the sense to registration from the party, only their support.

Kyahgirl said...

Jenna, I think it might have been in the 80's.

I grew up about an hour away from Creston, where Kokanee is brewed. We all drank it faithfully as teenagers and it was really a noteworthy beer. Then in the late 70's they sold it to Labatts I think. One of the big brewers anyway and it became identical to every other pilsener on the market. So sad.

I actually went up Kokanee Glacier as a teenager...but that's a story for another time and unless I want to send Doug a box of Milkbones in rent, I better not do it here :-)

G said...

Mugwump - a Dr. Seuss character for sure!

OC: And we're beginning to feel a little used. G f/k/a Ginah,

Jamie Dawn said...

Mugwump sounds like an Indian teepee or a hick word for "feelin' poorly" or a good faux curse word.

What the mugwump is going on here????

Good, versatile word.

Evil Minx said...


The sickening sound made both by a bathroom sink as it suddenly and unexpectedly unclogs, and involuntarily by your throat as you realise that your two-year old just knocked your engagement ring into the murky swirls but you're too busy holding her out of the filthy water to fish the damn thing out.

The amoeba said...

Champagne, everybody! Ginah's got a blog!

Or maybe one of the as-yet-undisclosed secrets of Hogwarts.

beginning? After Robert Kennedy? At least he only had to carpetbag from Massachusetts ...

Anonymous said...

can all mugwumps collectively cheer for Ken Lay's guilty verdict? i'm thinking "yes", since Dubya's oily house of cards was built, in large part, by scummy "good buddies" like this!

chalk one up for the good guys!

G said...

It's flowing freely - stop by!

The Village Idiot said...

Mugwump. The sound a half full mug of coffee makes as it slips from your hand and lands on your bare foot.

Lila said...

Just based on sound, I feel like a mugwump today. I'm dog tired!

Anonymous said...

Mugwump: 1) I can't stop laughing as I am so Bierce's definition--was used to contempt last year when we met and you became the duke who saved me from a blog world filled with with people with no self-respect and no knowledge of independent thinking
2) am courting my destiny to see my dream come alive
3) therefore my definition is my blog title, courting destiny

And yes our Dawg Doug probably is the person responsible for me still writing let alone blogging--which I am doing less of for the sake of my maintaining my indenpendence asset-wise

This is why I call Doug, Duke Dawg--and this is probably my longest comment--and sole comment honoring the blog owner

Doug The Una said...

O Ceallaigh, that's another good example.

Jenna, I'm not sure how much it should worry that the word mugwump reminds you of half-naked men. I guess it is Thursday.

OK, Logo, but who is it for? It's not an endorsement, I just hate missing slurs from my vocabulary. You never know. I've found never registering a party to be a real timesaver. Changing your registration when elected leaders are fools and reprobates would be very time consuming.

Kyahgirl, here's another option. Why don't you send the story for me to post on Doug Drones On. Don't let the name fool you, it was always meant to be a shared space. Plus, if you'd record it, we'd love to hear your speaking voice.

G-Ginah, you should have seen that coming.

Jamie Dawn, I actually had to look it up. Among the Iroqouis nations it stood for the nation's spokesperson and has since had a bunch of meanings in North American English. Including, at one point, turncoat Republicans, which is of special interest to me and maybe you too. By the way, I love seeing your new avatar. A sweet face and a tart tongue is about as welcome as welcome gets.

Minxie, by "sickening sound" I knew you were going to mention your kids.

O Ceallaigh, I'll drink to that!

Puppytoes, I'm delighted by the news but even more that you commented here. Welcome. Is there anyone you haven't met yet?

Me too, G?

V.I., I thought that was "crunch-sizzle" And sorry to hear about your morning.

But you're home, AP3, and I'm delighted. Take a nap then welcome back.

Hopeful, Brian. Good for you.

Pia, thank you. Very kind, as always.

G said...

Absolutely - everyone - party at G's! You know Doug, slaps head, I really should have but did not - old too soon wise too late (thanks for the earworm OC)?

Anonymous said...

Doug...EVERYTHING reminds me of half nekkid men. Yeesh.

Kyahgirl said...

smooth Doug, so very smooth.

Actually, now that I have a better connection, I could probably record a story for y'all. But not that one. Not really anything funny about it. (teenaged anguish and all that).

I'll think of another one and let you know.

Sar said...

Yes, OC, I sure do. Now the question is when will I have you as my guest? Hmmm?

Yay my pal Puppytoes is here!!!

Um Doug, I know you asked Puppytoes, but I don't believe I've met Ginah Or Evil Minx yet.

Anonymous said...

Doug: thank you for your warm hospitality... not sure i've met everyone... but these things have a way of taking care of themselves. and since i plan to be back, and often, i suspect i'll be on a first name basis with most of your friends/fans soon enough! (at least i sure hope so... otherwise, i'll just be that pathetic pup sittin' in the corner nursing a bottle of poland springs!)

and Sar: thank you for sticking close to a bashful friend, in this, my first actual foray outside of my "comfort zone"!: D

Kyahgirl said...

*pats puppytoes*
you have lotsa friends here! Glad you came.

Doug The Una said...

G, not to make you feel worse but you can kind of tell by the last name.

Jenna, it's one of your many charming characteristics.

Kyahgirl, I blog to be smooth. It's never occured in 38 years in person.

Sar, that's nice. Ginah (click her "g"-she just started blogging) read the article about Pia and followed that to her own blog and here. Evil Minx is a friend of The Gnat's Trumpet who is a long time blogger we've been missing out on. Ladies, meet Sar, the Belle of the Brawl.

Puppytoes, I've read your comments on a few other sites and you really are a welcome new friend. Even since before you flattered me :P

Thanks, Kyahgirl.

Mo'a said...

Yesterday I sped over three mugwumps in a row....heads hit top of car....Dad said I always knew you were a Mugwump but this is going to far. You can see my confusion I thought he was refering to the Bemp.....but noooo!!!

Ariel the Thief said...

"comfort zone" I like that. I'm realizing I have comfort zones.

Mutha said...

Mugwumps. How the hell did that get to be a political term? I agree G, much better as Dr. Seuss, or one of the characters Alice entertains through the looking glass. And then there's your definition Doug. Dreamy, as usual you dawg.
I am very late peeking in on you today -- I'm a bit hung-over from my stint as guest. Thanks to everyone that stopped by my place.

Anonymous said...

Doug: thank you! tho' you should know i plan to keep my thesaurus on hand in order to keep up with you! (that said, i confess i often find myself on the "challenged" end of verbiage over at Sar's, as well!) but i'm happy to be here, and appreciate your welcome more than my limited vocabulary will enable me to express! : D

G said...

Puppytoes, as a fellow wallflower, would you like to dance? Sar, pleased to make your ascquaitance, I have been to your place, but have to really spend more time. Love that red pump!

Doug - no one has accused me of being a quick study.

Doug The Una said...

Mo'a, I love that verse. Is it from somewhere other than the mind of Mo'a?

Ariel, glad this place seems to be one.

Mutha, if you're really curious I'll find the link to the history of the word. I can imagine it was applied to Bierce at some point. And I hope we didn't overwork you. I don't pay overtime.

Actonbell, I really think it can be. A fifteen-year-old even.

Puppytoes, I think you'll find you won't need it, but as you wish. We normatively eschew complexified argot so as not to abnegate our mandate for plain speech. (Since you have a thesaurus, will you get back to me on what I just said? I'm curious.)

G, j'accuse!

G said...

Now am I Dreyfus to your Zola? I missed a point somewhere I fear, but I dare not drop the ball.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... the word just sounds dirty! Muuugwuuump... Yeap dirty!

Or maybe it's just my southern drawl

Anonymous said...

so, Doug, your assertion here is that colloquial communiques will suffice? good to know!

and Shayna, you're right... mugwump does sound a little dirty when said with a drawl!

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Given our current administration, shouldn't this be "smugwump". As in "grinning smugwump".

Doug The Una said...

No, G, didn't Zola accuse Dreyfuss' accusers? I accuse you of being quick on the uptake. Accept it and move on.

Shayna, roll it around a little. What does it mean again?

Precisely, Puppytoes.

Poobah, smugdump? One of the former meanings actually was a Republican who turned against the party.

Anonymous said...

Well we know what a mug rump would be but a mugwump well Doug you win again. It is such a squat little word too, so fitting for the minds of those who possess the title of one.
mugwump mugwump mugwump...ewww I like it.

Doug The Una said...

Alice and Actonbell, it has a great sound doesn't it? And I think it is flexible as to meaning. We should start using it in whatever sense gives us the opportunity to say it most. Maybe "Person stopped at a green light?"

G said...

Doug ~ Be nice, that would be my mother!

Minka said...

I go away for a few day sand the words just become silly! What kinda word is that and does anybody use it?

Mug- I get!
whump? -sounds like really thick coffee to me!

Doug The Una said...

G, let me introduce you to a word the readers of The Pansi Files sometimes use. Pansified, adj. Confused, clueless and at see. As in "You just pansified me."

Hey, Minka, it's in Bierce's Dictionary, I'm not the editor just a servant transcriptor. Besides, Kyahgirl had heard of it!

G said...

Doug - do you mean you or my mother? Dontchyoutalkaboutmymama!

Anonymous said...

I think this is also a Narnian of the main characters in the one where they rescue the prince who is being kept underground?