Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Special Guest Wednesday

This week, I'm proud to have as my guest, G's sometime lunch companion, Puppytoes. Puppytoes was asked to define Chat.

Needless to say, a word like "chat" conjures up a variety of images/meanings, especially for an ADD girl like me. Naturally, the first thing I did was consult Wikipedia, which was an enormous mistake, as I learned the term can be taken to mean, among other things:
A kind of bird
The waste rocks produced in mining
A Belgian comic strip (Le Chat)
A narcotic plant (Khat)
The way British soldiers referred to delousing in WW1
A Jewish secondary school in Toronto
Slang for a derogatory phrase meaning ‘ugly’ or ‘gross’

Whew! Talk about yer head spin. All that, and not one mention of a childhood favorite, Chatty Cathy. What was a girl to think/do/say? I'll tell you what, she did the only thing she could do, she went with her own definition, based on the way a "chat" strikes her on any given day.

CHAT, n. informal conversation. breezy dialogue. small talk. may be used to set records straight ("I'm going to have a chat with her"), for persuasion ("he chatted them up"), means for defining a busybody and/or gossip ("oooh, she's a chatty one"), and/or intimidation ("let's have a little chat, shall we?"). companion of "chit". see also: blab, gab, prattle, and yak.

2006(ish) update: internet communications occuring in virtual rooms, with virtual partners, where virtual relationships are forged, blossom, and often die tragic virtual deaths, sometimes in the course of an evening. conversational short cut, utilizing annoying abbreviated terms (lol, wtf, btw, etc.) and emoticons as a substitute for eye contact, nuance, and touch.

About Puppytoes: Puppytoes, aka Neva, aka One Hot Puppy writes Puppytoes: It's Good To Be The Puppy, which features photos of cute dogs alongside the wisdom of elightened men of peace such as the buddha and Kurt Vonnegut. Interspersed with her canine successories posts come anecdotes, by which I mean rants. Each of these posts begins with an explanation of why she has nothing to say at the moment and continue through breezy dialogue or intimidation. Reading Neva always feels like bumping into your funniest friend on the sidewalk. Some especially funny of these posts are here, here and here.

Along with Kyahgirl, Puppytoes also founded, Central Snark. The first intentional chat blog I'm aware. Central Snark has been a huge success due to you all having so much that needs saying, but largely also because Neva is a terrific host. One Hot Puppy, as she's known at Central Snark not only comes up with terrific topics but she's a master at prodding and directing conversation. I don't go to parties much, but I bet at one of hers I could have fun or so nearly as to be able to fake it. Beyond the blogs she writes, Neva's a magnificent contributor to the blogs she frequents always adding wit and her playful good nature to every conversation. Puppytoes is wife to our friend, the always funny Joel and mother to approximately two sons.

How to be a future guest on this site: Just send an email to dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after posting that week's guest, I'll send you an email with a word to define. You'll be expected to return your definition along with a graphic representing either your definition or yourself by the following Saturday. The only rules are no profanity and no novels, please. And whatever I make up at the last minute.

Starting after next week, I may be contacting previous guests who regularly comment here to repeat in no particular order. Previous guests who haven't been much heard from since their guest post should recontact if they would like to repeat.


Anonymous said...

oooh! first to my own party! (sorry Penguin... sometimes these things happen)

thank you doug for the kind words and/or chance to embarrass myself today!... i'd say more, but why bother? as you can see, i'm not feeling too chatty as yet (no coffee in the system will do that to a girl)

Chatham said...

Silly, Chat is French for CAT

brian said...

Oui! Le Chat is ze only pozzible meaning.

Anonymous said...

Chatham: yes yes... it's the one thing i left out, because i *knew* you'd want to use it, yourself!

Brain: oui oui! and *meow*

Anonymous said...

An exceedingly proud day in our household! Congrats to my dear Puppytoes and if I may be so bold, understanding that I may provoke cries of bias, I must say...GREAT, GREAT JOB!! So glad you have chosen to associate with the likes of me you clever pup you!

Anonymous said...

CHAT: - The bastard stepchild of conversation.

Anonymous said...

wow I hadn't thought of Chatty Cathy in at least 25 years or more. Thanks--even remembered the string in the back to make her talk. Wow. That was a true blast from the past.

Chat: something that I'm incredibly good at using to embarass myself and others especially when in the midst of a week long anxiety attack

Chat: before blogs there where chat rooms; could never find one that really wasn't a pick up place. Actually only looked one night---but my friend and I got so chatty while trying to find one that was fun and interesting, we forgot to go to a party, and had to chat our way of that one

And I just got Al Gore's name in word verification--not in order--can't think of the word, uh, Puppytoes,Joel--hi that's embarrassing so let me stop chatting away

Anonymous said...

Joel: now everyone knows the truth, that *you're* the reason it's so "good to be the puppy"! thanks honey... oh, and, good one! xoxo

Pia: i was tempted to put up a link to Chatty Cathy, but then i got depressed and forgot to do so when i saw she'd become a bit of a collector's item, especially since my own dear doll died a tragic death in the hands of a stupid little girl (me) in a swimming pool (apparently, Cathy could Chat up a storm, but "help" was never in her vocabulary. may she rest in peace.) xoxo

what's that, doug? chatting too much? hey! this was YOUR word, bub. you knew what you were getting into when you sent it...

Anonymous said...

The male version of Chatty Cathy was, of course, G.I. Joe (aka fighting man from head to toe...over land, over sea, in the air...yada, yada, yada)

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Wonderful quip about the demise of Chatty Cathy!

chat: an exchange of words that transmits no informative or meaningful information; see also noise pollution

Mutha said...

I remember Chatty Cathy! A friend of mine had her and I was in a constant battle between fascination and fear of this doll who would not/could not shut up.

Great set of definitions Puppytoes. Thanks.

gingajoy said...

yay Neva! i wonder if "chatter" will take on more sinister meanings as it's used more and more to refer to the terrorist subplots that are emerging online. bummer.

i heard about this site: on NPR the other day. seems to fit quite well with this whole defintion thing. A blog about new words and new meanings that are emerging.

Mo'a said...

Chat: A lost art? *tears running down both cheeks*....I was standing in a queue/cue/line at a grocery store....quite an uncommon.....we do eat.....however,,,,I don't generally do the the way the also a word for the braid
Chincese men used to wear a longlonglong....time ago....their head was shaved except for the....queque....the clever British....used the word queque.....for a line....I can still hear them say....."queque up here please....don't break the queque".....where wasI?.....yes,,, yes....I was in the queque....this queer little qulex, pretty, dead eyed, Angelina liped girl..... said to the way the word queer when I was growing up.....meant strange, bizarre, it has quite another meaning.....when she looked at my artichoke...."like what is this" it like a fruit,,,,,or like a vegetable,,,,or like a decoration" IMHO this was the in all.....her like she like
used.....VTF/WTF?.....has happened to I blame it bites.....Now what was the word again.....yes,,,,,no,,,CHAT....a lost art....IMHO.....then again.....I am qulex....most of the time....however,,,,,I do not feel alone......*tears again*....and I never had a Chatty Cathy.....anyway....her name would have been spelled with a, like verification word is....quaak.....ROFLOL....for a quelex.....chatty....person...who queues.....I like know....the word was chat's name is Brie.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful read Neva! :) I am going to have to do a google on Chatty Cathy because I'm at a loss on that one.

Chat: Continuous unrecognizable babble between a 3 year old and an 8 month old during ANY program their mother wants to see, or any time their mother wants to read something.

G said...

Well, don't we have a lot to chat about over lunch today?! Notes from def: eye contact, nuance and touch? Do I have to do all at once? Let me go practice in front of the mirror - such pressure.

I couldn't have been happier to see that Puppy Face up there!!!

Chat: You're opening your mouth but nothing's coming out (that definition just keeps popping up).

And if you paid attention Doug, she goes by Snuppytoes in the Snark. ^..^ :)

Doug said...

Puppybrose, I just closed my eyes and imagined a world without coffee.

Short for Chatham?

Brian, a prefect accent.

Joel, you're a lucky fellow.

Pia, excellent example.

Puppybrose, I knew what I was getting into. I brought gatorade to work.

Anomie, noise pollution is a perfect synonym.

Mutha, I'd have known which way to go, I think.

Gingajoy, welcome and thanks for that link.

Mo'a, glad you're back and cracking me up. There is one set of mountains between me and "The Valley," where chat like that originated. I wish they were higher.

CJ, it stays continuous after it becomes intelligible.

G, I know she has many names. This is a lexicon not a thesaurus.

Anonymous said...

doug, this is why we love you.

lexicon, thesaurus, a puppy by any other name is still late. so, as much as i'd love to bask in all this chatty glory... i've got to hurry (got a date with my NBFF--that Lampshady Lady aka G aka "you won't be late again, will you?" aka "please let go of my leg" aka Gina) chat amongst yerselves (yeah, like there was ever a question of *that* not happening!)

Unknown said...

Douglas, you should know that in Hindi, 'chat' - pronounced 'chaaaat' - is a spicy snack to die for

a special salute to our darling puppy who neva says neva!

nuxdjcx: obnoxious DJ who cusses

Miz BoheMia said...

Ha, ha, haaa! After our Sunday night marathon (well, night for me at least!) I must admit that Dawgy Doug's choice of a word for you is brilliant, BRILLIANT I SAY (but it does take at least two to tango and what a delightful dancer you are if I may say so myself!) as was your fabulous and oh-so-thorough definition of it!

Ooooh! Look what that word did to dear Mo'a! Woweee! You are powerful, POWERFUL Neva! A true force to be reckoned with!

Lovelovelovelovelooooooveeee your guest spot! Great job my dear Neva and I hatehatehatehate the fact that I have to jet but I will totally be back! Until then, live it up!


dddragon said...

oh, I had forgotten Chatty Cathy ... and I had her brother, too. They came as a set with a teeter totter.

Anonymous said...

Kamchatka: A remote country of idle talkers?

G said...

Neva: In this qulex know as the age of reckoning, you are the queen of chat.

The Village Idiot said...

Here is the account of the lineage of the house of Chat

Words begat Chat
Chat begat Writing
Writing begat Mail
Mail begat E-Mail
E-Mail begat Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board begat Newsgroup
Newsgroup begat InternetRelayChat
IRC begat Chat over HTTP
Chat over HTTP begat Blogging

The Village Idiot said...

And think about this. Where would be be without the founding father of chat...

Al Gore

Karen said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i lovelovelove *chatting up* with puppytoes aka sophietoes aka sophie, bobo, and max...

woof, woof, slobber, slobber!

Doug said...

Puppybrose, don't rush. G was still leaving comments.

Karma, I like Chat.

Miz B, so I guess you think Neva is kind of ok, huh?

There you go, Joel! An arctic refuge for people who talk to themselves. When's the next train?

G, don't you be late, now, sister.

Doug said...

And blogging begat the Village Idiot.

Karen, it's always nice when you show up here.

Anonymous said...


That horrible thing on google which allows random people to stalk you and should be turned off immediately.

TLP said...

Neva is one of the greats in blogland. She's FUNNY!

CHAT: I'm speechless 'cause I can't improve on what's been done.

mireille said...

And I like the range of chat definition puppytoes gave us ... especially the part about intimidation. I would love to menace someone with, "Let's have a little chat, shall we?" *goes off to practice* xoxo

The Village Idiot said...


Thank you for answering my number one all time metaphysical question, who is my father?

Care to chat about that?

The amoeba said...

CHAT, n. Tahc.

Which I'm not very good at. But hey, I'm an amoeba. You ever try to talk in the pool?

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh! I did not know the Puppytoes/Joel connection.
How very wonderful! I have visited Joel's blog on a few occasions. He is delightfully funny. I see he married very well indeed. I suppose Joel successfully chatted up Puppytoes, and the rest is history!

Puppytoes, you are a wonderful special guest! Enjoy your day in the spotlight!!! I'm going to stop by your place right now.

Doug: My voice chatting on my first audio post is certainly NOT an electronic voice. Electronic voices can NOT do Southern Belle. Didn't you know that? Geeeeez! :)

Doug said...

Cooper, how does that work, exactly? I mean exactly.

TLP, I remember as I was reading through blog that it seemed almost TLP-like.

Mireille, how's your growl?

V.I., I bet you thought it was Darth Vader, didn't you?

O Ceallaigh, you're probably the world's champion paramoeba blogger so there's that.

See how educational this is, Jamie Dawn? I saw your response on your site. Just keeping you honest.

G said...

Doug - I would nevever be late for a lunch date with my NBFF! Besides, she comes right on out to me. How slacker would that have been of me to be late walking down a flight of stairs? And now we're back after a small 3 hour lunch. Hey, it's not like I do that often. Besides with so much to chat about - ah, good times.
She is divine delightful warm funny and so much more than that cute puppy conveys.

And I did have guilt because I thought she should interact with her public today unlike when I was here and you were singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and forgot that you even had me as a guest and then blogger was down and then, oh so sorry, the word today is chat, not rant. Riiiiight.

Anonymous said...

G + Puppytoes + Lunch = Chatfest

G said...

And between it all, we actually ate too! But mostly chatted.

actonbell said...

Hey, Puppietoes is Doug's guest! I'm not THAT far behind on the chat (snicker).
Love the definitions-and the wisdom. The buddha and Kurt Vonnegut make a great team.

I couldn't picture Chatty Cathy until 3D reminded me of that seesaw-thing Cathy and Chad? came with. Did the brother talk, too? If not, I would call that gender stereotyping.

We all know that women don't chat more than men, right? We're not outnumbered here in the least, are we?

So, what was good to eat at the chatfest?

actonbell said...

I meant, you GUYS aren't outnumbered here at the chat party in the least, right?

Anonymous said...

Doug: No idea but if it is turned on people can chat you up and it is often people who have looked up your email address. They also can choose not chat you up just observe when you are or are not when you have changed you aim due to that very thing and are trying to stay out of the way of stalker types.

Luckily it can be turned off -

For instance I could talk to indie and other people from countries that don't have aim access but other people can still see me on. I think maybe you can block people but I haven't looked into that.

Hey doug you should chat me up one night. ;)

Alana said...

Cute dogs and Buddha quotes is an excellent combination! Although I suppose neither of those were/are very chatty.

Still it's always good to have a chatty person to go to lunch with, that way you can relax and eat and let someone else do the talking!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh a puppytoes chat! Kewl.

I'd stay and chat but I have to go get all doodied up for a joust. Yes! I finally get my joust!!

Beware the chatty cab driver. Especially in California. They get lost...a lot. I mean...A...Lot.

Alana said...

Oh and Neva, this comment was intended for your post on YOUR site, but since Typepad is not allowing me to comment because it caught that maintenance bug that blogger apparently is passing around, I hope Doug won't mind me leaving it here (being that your his special guest and all, I'm hoping he'll accomodate):

Well I think you made a GOOD decision! I'm glad you sent the e-mail. And I can relate, I am a MASTER at doing things without thinking. You did an excellent job and you made a wonderful guest.

I like the way you chat!! Very funny!

Oh and if knowing words that aren't really words makes you sound smart, then people must think I'm a genius!

Jamie Dawn said...

I visited Puppytoes' blog and tried to comment.
I was down for maintenance, so here is my comment that I copied and pasted here:
Well, I think you did a fine job as Doug's special guest. You are queen for the day! Hooray!!
Now, THAT'S something to chat about.
Doug does get personal with all those forms, doesn't he? I mean what's with needing a blood sample? I was taken aback by that one. :)

G said...

Actonbell - We had fish tacos and some fruity type "mock"tail which quick study that I am then realized ohhhh, no alcohol, okay, I'll have one of those. So the food was delish, surroundings cool but best of all was the company. I love my NBFF. Now I am only concerned that our chat fest has forced her to beat a hastey retreat to the safety of her home in the fetal position with her puppies licking her face.

Nahhh, although that would leave something to chat about for our next "Ladies Who Lunch" fest.

I am just slightly concerned...

Not enough to lose sleep though, Good night.

Lila said...

Nice job, puppytoes/puppybrose! Another great guest post, Doug.

Anonymous said...

she's ba-a-a-ack! (sort of. for a minute. until the pizza gets here. oh, like anyone wondered where she was in the first place!) and, while i'm sorely tempted to respond to you guys... perhaps you heard about my luncheon date with a certain Lampshade ? a certain chatty Lampshade? okay, maybe i'm the chatty one here... but i'm pretty dang sure she contributed more than a few syllables to our 3 hour chatfest! (over fabulous grilled fish tacos, i might add.)

uh... where was i? oh yeah... picking up where our beloved host left off:

Gina: thanks for havin' lunch with me today! oh, and you'll be glad to know it only took a little over 2 hours to get home. (something about a tornado in greenwich...)by the way, i love you too, NBFF!!!

joel: i don't know what you're talking about...

actonbell: fish tacos. they were excellent!

cooper: chat with doug on your own time.

squaregirl: thank you! by the way, i make up words all the time...sortof-ish.

jenna: are you not on vacation?? why are you here? shouldn't you be chatting up some hunky leading man? (just sayin'...)

jamie: i didn't mind giving blood, but the urine sample seemed weird.

g: you are my true NBFF!! and one day, when we're wearing those muu-muus in hawaii, we'll look back on these days with much fondness. and laughter. and non-alcoholic fruity drinks.

ap3: you are sooooo sweet!thank you!

for the record, not only were those fish tacos great... the pizza was too. Rockstar--Supernova? not so much.

by the way: good night gina?? GOOD NIGHT??? that's it? fine. (should we have finished that cotton candy?) xoxo

G said...

Ahh, Puppy, that's my MO - act cool, I was waiting up for you, now I can say Good Night.

For all of you laugh-in fans, say Good Night Dick.

Anonymous said...

good night dick.

Doug said...

g, thank you for demonstrating both chat and conversion.

Joel, I was gonna guess that.

Actonbell, perish the thought of gender stereotyping, Not on this site! (bla bla bla wimmen's lib bla bla)

Cooper, that sounds sinister (the google, not chatting you up)

Riiiiiiiight, Squaregirl.

Jenna, sorry. Californians don't take cabs much. Your driver was probably out of practice.

Squaregirl, that one I'll buy.

Jamie Dawn, just be thankful I waived the urinalysis. I usually insist.

Night, G.

Yeah, Aral, they fall off of trees,

Puppytoes, sounds like you had fun twice. Cheers!

G, Puppytoes, good night Dick

Anonymous said...

uh...doug? you're right, "chatting her up" doesn't sound sinister. but it *does* sound kind of dirty. (just sayin'...)

Mikki Marshall said...

Wow, I almost missed out in this whole chat-n-chew! I'm sure that all of the monkeybread is gone...

I had a cousin who we called Chatty Cathy--though her name is Angela--she never spoke a word. A misnomer all around. But she was so pretty, like a little doll...a mute, pretty doll.

Whew sorry, I have unnresolved issues obviously.

Great Definition and thanks for the flashback.

Logophile said...

An excellent show miss Puppy Toes, and a great write up.
Sigh, I looooooove this word.

TLP said...'s pretty late TLP time.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who tried to "chat" with Puppytoes via her website yesterday but couldn't leave a seems to be back up and running. A Typepad data base meltdown...oh my!

Anonymous said...

hee hee he:) I love this:) La chat!

Mom101 said...

I second the notion that Neva is a five-star commenter. I love seeing her name come up in comments, and the funny friend analogy is spot-on.

Minka said...

Puppytoes, well done and funny as always- you chatty little thing you! And I mean that in the best possible way ;)
Doug, you sure you mentioned all details as to how Central Snark came about? Just sayin' ! :)

Doug said...

I know, Logo. Makes you kind of misty, doesn't it?

TLP, it's two days later now.

Joel, these tragedies keep erupting. Typepad down, war in the middle east. Alas.

Welcome, Sping and Mom!

Minka, feel free to add your own recollection.

Kyahgirl said...

Neva, I'm so sorry I missed your guest spotlight! Looks like you all had a fine time.

You did a great job on the definitions of course and Doug's write up was dawg-gone delightful!