Tuesday, August 08, 2006


ACEPHALOUS, adj. In the surprising condition of the Crusader who absently pulled at his forelock some hours after a Saracen scimitar had, unconsciously to him, passed through his neck, as related by de Joinville.

2006 Update: Democratic.

ACK! Happy Birthday, Mama! Today's word was not inspired by you! I thought today was the 7th!


Jake said...


Anonymous said...


And um...of course Doug...your definition makes perfect sense.

*looks to Jake...shrugs...whispers* I think he made that up...

Jake said...

acephalous: 1) adj. describing the horrendous result of a victim of cranioendorectal syndrome where his/her head can no longer be found. 2) adj. describing the typical source of protein of a SERE student's diet, specifically referring to various types of worms.

Anonymous said...

who are you, Washington Irving? i thought you channelled Bierce around here! i'm thinking this word is better suited for Halloween. oh wait, there's a primary in Connecticut today...d'oh! nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Alas poor Yorick,
I knew him Dawg,
he was a Democrat.
In that most excellent
of places.
That most hallowed of
cess pits: the capitol
of Acephalous.

Anonymous said...

Today, everyone will scramble like acephalous chickens in hopes of coming up with something clever and/or funny for WA.

Miz BoheMia said...

Acephalous... George W. Bush

Anonymous said...

The legend of a certain acephalous horseman resides just a stone's throw from here in the quaint little villiage of Sleepy Hollow.

Mutha said...

Are we in the Lightening Round now? I think the words are getting harder....(whimper)

ACEPHALOUS: To be without a leader -- but only if you are one of those people who believe all leads use their heads.

Sar said...

(I second MizB & Mutha.)

Acephalous - Democtratic, eh Doug? Right! It all makes sense now. Howard Dean lost his head with now his infamous Dean Scream.

Anonymous said...

a *less* refined person might say the word acephalous conjures visions of a knife-wielding Loreena Bobbit...

Tom & Icy said...

nice doggy

Mutha said...

Puppbrose, I'm glad you said it...I got too racey yesterday with my "lay judge" comment...but I second that vision.

G said...

Was it the syllable count that got to you?

acephalous: a highly contagious disease limited to politicians, first symptom - the continuous need to lie - or lay - or get laid. Mutha, couldn't resist.

Unknown said...

i tried to swallow this definition but it got stuck in my acephalous

Anonymous said...

Goodness me what a word!! I did adore the Democrat update... that was good.

acephalous: describes the ghost of the headless horseman in Washington Irvings tale that took place in Sleepy Hallow.

TLP said...

Good god gertie! Where is Douglas and what have you done to him?????

Boy, Puppybrose! You're too clever by half today! VERY good!

I'm too acephalous today for this site. Obviously in over my headlessness.

Has this site gone to the dawgs or what? Very high IQ dogs.

Doug The Una said...

Well done, soldier!

Jenna, I follow the book. The words on this site are not necessarily in the vocabulary of its author.

Jake, cranioendorectal syndrome has the ring of military jargon. I like it.

Puppybrose, vote early and often.

Brian, first verse of a sestina?

Puppybrose, that was a pretty good start.

Miz B, I would have bet that would have been in the first three, and whatever will Sar do now?

Sure does, Joel. I guess you've been?

Mutha, I think acephalous can be applied to anyone who assumes leaders think with their heads.

Anomie, that sounded plausible to me. I notice they took the bag o' beaks off their menu.

Sar, I meant in the sense of popularly elected. I was pretty sure you were on la hermana de todos' side.

Ouch, Puppybrose. Clever, but dang.

Arf, Lammy.

Ouch, Mutha.

G, we really need to get you air conditioned, don't we?

Haha, K. I was expecting you to go with Ganesh in transition.

CJ, and the only thing you haven't yet volunteered to be.

Sorry, TLP. I really pick the words at random. Blame Ambrose.

Sar said...

Whoooeee, Puppybrose! You've got my vote for clever comment of the day.

Btw, Doug, stop by The Brawl when you get a chance the caption contest picture is finally uploaded.

Ariel the Thief said...

acephalous, a man without his manhood?

Happy Birthday to Doug's Mom! women cannot afford to be acephalous.

G said...

Pathetic I know, yet here's the thing - the a/c is cranking, now I'm left with only myself to blame.

G said...

Your Mom's birthday? Well Happy Birthday to her I say!

Anonymous said...

Acephalous: a son's condition upon forgetting his mother's birthday. ACK! indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gasp! You forgot your mom? Doug. You'll be needing Arbitration. Ack indeed.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Mama!

100 lashes for your son for forgetting

The Village Idiot said...

I am feeling obscure today:

Acephalous: A marine mollusk, minus its pod

Miz BoheMia said...

OOooweee! Karma is kinking it up fo sho! FO SHO! Say acephalous and get spanked! Naughty boy!

Happy birthday Mama! May it be sizzlin' 'n funkified!



dxzpd~ D*x Zapped! Doug! Your word verif is naughty!

mireille said...

I wish Doug's Mom a very happy birthday ... and I wish Joe Lieberman a one-vote victory in the CT primary, so that he may never again take his baronial fiefdom for granted (and also learn that he must stop kissing up to those who have no idea how to run the country). It would be wise for all those of Democratic persuasion to realize they are not Acephalous; they CAN pull their heads out of wherever they're so firmly wedged. xoxo

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh Mireille! I love it when you talk tough! Funkified fo sho! Such a beautiful non-acephalous-chick that you are! Ooowee!

Doug The Una said...

Sar, you have my caption.

Ariel, where would the mouth go?

Thanks, G.

Puppy, I did not forget my mother's birthday! I thought today was the 7th. That happens to everyone, although usually on the 7th.

Little Blue Pill, you're not the only Jenna I'll get a hard time from for that lapse.

Thank you, Karma, may I have another?

VI, I figured someone would go the cephalopod route. With O Ceallaigh out of pocket, the cephaloprophylactic was my next guess.

Gracias, Hermana.

Mireille, they seem acephalous to me, but please see my comment to Sar above. As far as partisanship goes, it would be hard to judge who has the fewest heads per capita.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Indeterminacy said...

Is that a synonym for hitonious?

mireille said...

*blows airkiss to MizB* xoxo

G said...

Would it rain on your Mom's parade if I mention that there is yet another sibling of mine celebrating a birthday? This is older brother P.

The Village Idiot said...

Yes doug, the orange spikes have bonded to my head, I feel I am undergoing a metamorphosis. Instead of a giant cockroach, I am turning into a sea anenome.


Happy B-day to your mom!

Anonymous said...

Acephalous - flat beer

Doug you really should get a calendar...Happy B-day Doug's Mom.

Anonymous said...

acephalous: popped zit

Logophile said...

Doug, you made me spit tea, dang it. I actually did get some on the monitor, holy crap, I've joked about it before but you really did it this time. The comments and replies are definitely the gold mine around here.
Acephalous, adj. Losers of keys and forgetters of birthdays, those who leave on their turn signals and forget to turn off the iron, hmmm, I guess that's most of us at one point or another.

Happy Birthday, mama, from your acephalous son and his friends.

TLP said...

Happy Birthday to Doug's Mama. Bless your heart.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, CJ.

Indie, everything's a synonym for hitonious if you're in the right frame of mind.

No, G. Happy birthday to P.

Thanks, V.I. And, hey, good luck with that.

Right, Joel. And I have a calendar. I should maybe check it. Besides, my calendar doesn't have mom's birthday. What kind of cretin forgets his mother's birthday.

Puppybrose, thanks for that.

Well-written definition, Logo. And thanks.

TLP, y'all come.

Thanks, Brian.

Anonymous said...

I believe one o' them thar STD's is acephalous.

...i'm soooo sorry, Doug. first Loreena Bobbit, then zits, now this. you'll be relieved to know i'm through for the day. (by the way, Joel's mom's birthday is at the end of this month... and the date has now circled in red.)

Sar said...

See, it's not just me that gets days and dates mixed up! That said...

Happy Birthday Mamasita!

Forgive the belated wishes; I was out and missed the update.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Acephalous - AKA, the porn star, Ace Phallus.

Lila said...

Acephalous -- you should go see a doctor about that.

Lila said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Doug's Real Mama. ;-)

Ariel the Thief said...

Sar, I too mix days sometimes but don't you think it makes guys a little confused when it turns out you don't know who you are on a date with?

Doug The Una said...

Puppybrose, I hope for some improvement in your behavior today.

Thanks, Sar.

Poobah, I sure hope you made that up but at least that it isn't yours.

With what shall I see her, Dear Aral, Dear Aral?

Ariel, speaking just for me, that's the preference.

Cheers, Actonbell and thanks.

Minka said...

I am so glad that I have a note from the doctor to have missed this lesson!

Doug The Una said...

I still want to see it, Minka.

Minka said...

I just relaized I also missed wishing your Mom a Happy Birthday!
Inexcusable, even with a note!
So here it comes late, but it does come:
Happy Birthday, Doug's Mom. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, a bit of cake and lots to laugh.
I was just awonderin':
did you get
a) a present (and was it wrapped)
b) a phone call
c) a mention on a blogsite
from the author of this blog?

There are juts some things he canæt get away with!