Monday, August 21, 2006


JOVE, n. A mythical being whom the Greeks and Romans ridiculously supposed to be the supreme ruler of the universe- unacquainted as they were with our holy religion.

2006 Update: Chief of the Roman pantheon, lord of lightning. Wisdom was born when he cracked his own skull.

"Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down, oh, yes, Lord
Sometimes I'm almost to the ground, oh, yes, Lord" -Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen, traditional.

While Minka and Puppytoes are sorely disappointed in me, their own fault due to impossibly high or medium expectations, Shayna is treating me dandy at her Music Highway Project. More on this later (when it can be up all day,) but it's the work of a warm heart. Thanks, Shayna.


FelineFrisky said...

By Jove!!! I'm first! hehe, sorry Minka! Wah hahahaha! D

Minka said...

the post was up for two seconds!
I am not palying anymore!

Minka said...

Jove, a gas giant about a handful away from the sun. Reflective of that size matters even to Gods! Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system!

Minka said...

Jove, n. Jove->God...The ability of mankind to give new names to old phantasies.

hah...three in a row! How do you like them apples?!

Lila said...

... sounds suspiciously like "Jehovah" to me.

Doug The Una said...

FF, typical cat.

Minka, I thought it was all in how you orbit.

Brian, like the deities on Mount Olympus we like our fun to be wholesome.

AP3, It sounds suspiciously like Java to me.

TLP said...

Oh my Jove. You folks get up so early just to be first on Doug's blog. *whimper, pout, whine*

I can't be too jove-e-al this early. Java does sound good.

Anonymous said...

Jove: 8 April 1897?

plnffuk: plappern funk

The Violent Vixen said...

So, I decided that's it's not fair... I was so here before everyone... including Doug :( 6 am is way too early... Java is good then, it gets me through my 8am class. Anyway, my take on Jove (since I am in a Mythology class) he's a wimp... he decided to eat the mother of one of his kids because he was SCARED the kid would kill him... doesn't sound like king of the gods material to me.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Is that why whenever I get an idea a light bulb flashes over my head?

The amoeba said...

JOE, n. Coffee.

JOVE, n. Espresso.

And I don't even drink the stuff. Ground burnt beans. Yeck.


Ariel the Thief said...

when Romans'd stolen Zeus, they decided to call him Jove. he didn't mind.

G said...

By Jove! I thought that was Underdog - Lord of Lightning.

Anonymous said...

by jove, O'C, you're a tea drinker, right?

Doug, jove is even more obscure than some of the words you used last week... at the rate my brain is working, i may have something for ya by Thursday.

Tom & Icy said...

I'd hate to be a poet with that word, it just won't rhyme with love or dove or move... my crack is on the wrong end, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Bon Jov-ee

Charlene Amsden said...

Jove: a) sufferer of Excedrin headache #1. b) inventor of asprin

Miz BoheMia said...

A high Spaniard trying to say the word Dove but well, thick accents that they have Jove is all you get!

"Loook! Looook at de Jove fla-ying khigh in de es-ky!"

Sounds better I tell you! Especially when I do it BY JOVE!

eexcltn~ Exclaimed Tina! Who's Tina?

Ok, BoheMia out!

TLP said...

Journey of Virtual Enjoyment. J.O.V.E. Also see Doug's blog.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, have a mug on me.

Haha, Puppybrose. Making fun of me is a great way to start.

Solace, we don't pick our Gods, they pick us. In Jove's defense, he was himself eaten by his scared father whom he ran off. I blame it on a bad childhoos.

Indie, when you started that site lightning went off around the world.

O Ceallaigh, a nice algae broth?

Ariel, I believe he said "Merely, callest me thou not late to dinner."

G, I loved Underdog.

Puppybrose, you're blaming the wrong guy. I just open the book. The page and line are chosen from on high.

Haha, Icy, maybe you can just sing then.

Joel, the minorest of deities.

Quilldancer, I prefer the old method by Haephestus' axe.

Miz B, you're reminding me of Carlos Mencia's "How to get a yob"

Well, that's sweet and jovial, TLP. The coffee must have been just right.

FirstNations said...

Jove: the location of all lost causes in 19th century britain "You d----d heathens! We'll be back by Jove!"


Rye Howerexis....inventor of the cheese typewriter

Charlene Amsden said...

O Ceallaigh -- kudos

Doug -- getting hit upside the head with an ax -- even one so famous -- is not my idea of a good time. Besides, wisdom would not poor forth from the chasm, but sarcasm, and while that does appear to be a valuable commodity here, it is not in short supply.

Doug The Una said...

First Nations, sometimes they come back. My favorite use of "By Jove!" is by Saeed Jaffrey in The Man Who Would Be King. Just in case you were wondering.

Actonbell, that's ironic since "Jupiter" is a contraction of "Jove Pater." Don't be impressed, I did some googlery just now. The coyote pup has been there a week or two. One morning, the little fella came and sat on the hill on my back lot and chattered with Willie and Walela and I got to my camera in time. I actually tried it out as an avatar but it felt so disloyal I changed back and put the little predator in the header.

Quilldancer, I think you should read up on The Paradox of Value aka the Diamond-Water Paradox. Here ya go. Enjoy. I love teaching economics.

Brian, I think Socrates was more likely to decorate in mauve but nice rhyme.

Unknown said...

By Venus! I think you got it

bhbtg: by Hercules, by the gorgonzola

The amoeba said...

BY JOVE, phr. What the good gentleman in Her Majesty's Brittanic Empire spoke, when what he really wanted to say was HO LEE [deleted]. But then, the historians all tell us that the Victorian English were prejudiced against the Chinese.

Tea it is, puppyneva. And I guess for quilldancer too. Either that or she loves espresso.

Tea, and occasionally a bit of miso soup - speaking of algae broth, there, Doug. Thought you had me, didn't you?


Anonymous said...

my mistake. I was going to say Jupiter not Jove, and so my comment is only slightly related. is that a problem on this site?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jove...I got nothing. Jove damnit.

Tea? TEA?!? No, no, bubbly crack. Because, y'know, I handled it so well last week.

Kyahgirl said...

I'm with you Jenna. I got nothing. Except of course 'hi Doug'.


The Village Idiot said...


Small Island a little south of Java, obliterated when Krakatoa erupted

Doug The Una said...

True, Brian. You're talking about a different hemlock now.

Karma, I have so missed your verifiers. I'm still chuckling.

By Jiminy, O Ceallaigh. I never think I have you. The breadth of your knowledge exceeds my horizons and aspirations.

Ariel, if irrelevancy was a problem on this site I'd have to delete it. Besides, Jupiter is a synonym for Jove (see my comment above to Actonbell so I can get credit again for my googlery.) Oh, and anonymity is ok, too.

Jove dammit is cute, Jenna. You did fine.

Hi, Kyah! *arf*

VI, wasn't that story the basis for the film, Jove, North of Java

Ariel the Thief said...

oh Doug, do you think any of us figured Jupiter out without Google? (if so, my depest respect to the person!)

TLP and Actonbell both made me laugh, so funny comments!

am I the only one to think that Karma's verifiers are getting special new meaning with that naked ass next to them?

Anonymous said...

Ariel! i think you're on to something with Karma's verifiers (which are always exceptional). and without Googlery and/or Wikipediocy, how would i have known Jove/Jupiter was the original namesake of Thursday? (which is why my earlier comment was more clever than anyone realized. at least in my *head* it was!)

O'C: i, for one, am a big fan of miso soup! lovelovelove it! there's also a swell line of chapstick marketed by a company called Miso Pretty but, by jove, i guess that ought to be saved for another conversation on another day!

Indeterminacy said...

Jove: The non-musical past tense of jive. Made so to rhyme with Rove.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, I like to think I'm as smart as Wikipedia and almost as accurate.

Puppybrose, that's impressive but don't you mean Wednesday? Help me out, Minka.

Nice, Indie. I would vote re-elect if I could hear Karl Rove scat.

mireille said...

Karl Rove IS scat. Oh. Pardon me. ♥ xoxo

Minka said...

nope... puppy is right, it is Thursday. DoUGLAS, DOUGLAS DOUGLAS! *SHAKES HEAD*
There goes my whole belief system of you being as smart as Wikipedia. *sobs*

Anonymous said...

since i'm nothing, if not a Wikipediot:

"The name of the god was also adopted as the name of the planet Jupiter, and was the original namesake of the weekday that would come to be known in English as Thursday"

just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

ha! minka... i didn't see you there! but yay for Wikipedia, eh? xox

Kyahgirl said...

aw poor Doug, are the penguin and the TT picking on you? bite 'em!!

Minka said...

I studied this at school ;)*showing off and being perfetcly fine with it*

Douglas, if you look at Latin based languages:
you can see the names for Thursday all derive from Jovis Dies which is "Day of Joves(Jupiter)". Now that was the internet talking though. *blushing*

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, I think the heart may be the wrong dingbat for that sentence.

Heroes die hard, Minka. I've warned you all how easy it is to overestimate my intelligence.

Puppybrose, that makes sense since in Latin-derived Spanish, Thursday is named Jueves. Thank you for the education. Just to explain myself, Wotan/Wodan/Odin is the Norse equivalent for Zeus/Jupiter/Jove and the English name Wednesday honors him. Still, folly is folly and one day, there may be a Foliday named after me.

Kyahgirl, thank you. The scorn of my friends is a burden I carry lightly.

Minka, by Jove, you found a way to teach me some Latin. Thank Thor for you.

Anonymous said...

Folliday? i believe we've just added another great word to the ever growing WA lexicon! (which, of course, *more* than makes up for a minor academic stumble)

Minka said...

Oh sweety, we didn´t mean it quite like that. No reason to put us on display like that *whispers in his ears: people might throw stuff!*
and I already saw you over at Shayna´s don't need to brag about it! :) Although it is very sweet of you to advertise that endearing project in which I will also feature at some point.*bragging*

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug, wouldn't your Folliday Holdiay be April 1st?

Alana said...

Minka and Puppytoes dissapointed in you? What's I miss???

Jamie Dawn said...

I like ap3's observation abouty it sounding like Jehovah.
Maybe the Romans decided to give Jehovah a nickname and use it for their main god. They certainly stole from the Greeks, so why not the Hebrews?

Omnipotent Poobah said...

I find it difficult to take anyone named "Jove" seriously as a Lord of anything, much less lightning. The name sounds like a "men's fragrance".

Anonymous said...

is that a Sadie Sadie Married Lady i see up there? welcome back, and Aloha, Squaregirl! xox

Doug: we may mock, but disappointed in you? mordez votre langue!

Anonymous said...

This is the ONLY song I know that has JOVE in it... and BTW... thanks for the plug... :) :) xoxo

Smell of good earthy herbs makes my nerves shudder but where were you that cold December
cos we were in the Grasshopper spending guilders
Central Station, charged up like Scarface Amsterdam ain't a nice place off your face, we
enter the race
Walk down, been there before, done that, no joy, if you're bored, let's go see Roy, get
fucked up with the boys
Calvin, Schmalvin, I'm well within my limit, oh hang on a minute, these mushrooms just
kicked in, think I might be finished
The ball game heads for the worse, for what it's worth I might just fall off the edge of
the earth, brain's kind of surfing now
We wander down darkened pathways in a daze, "Want to buy any cocaine?", am I paranoid? "Yes,
you're paranoid"
Charlie, darling, please save me, this is raving, take me home to my baby, two bags of
mushrooms, room's mushed up and I need a cradle

In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy
In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy

Now getting to the bar's gonna be trouble
So the Marlons'll have to be doubles
Then you drink doubles
The same speed you drink singles
Ah beautiful, the barman holds aloft the crystal glass and I'm having all that's in the
bubble in the bottom of the bottle
Then by three or four, your head's a bit mangled
Club's full, you mingle
You dance the fandango
You sing all your favourite jingles
Far gone on one, call me Baron Von Marlon
One has a monocle and cigar
Dickie-bow and long johns
My utility belt tells me it's to the bar Batman
Fat cans of that lager then it's straight to the dance-floor
For much more fancy footwork, it's adored by many amour
Don't awe me with your little sidestep technique
Gget to the beat, loosen up, it's The Streets

In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy
In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy

We eat junk food, sat drunk on the tube
Every time the train clunks I feel like puking
Wonder whether that beautiful bird'll ring,
Then it all goes hazy, these are the days we're walking up out and back to the road, talking
Well shouting actually, loads more drunk, by Jove, mind's focused, balance fucked up
Ra, ra, ra, it's all back to the Dogstar and if it's his round I'm quite partial to another
Marlon at the bar
Bad idea to start again late, should've given my brain a break
Take it easy mate, you start to think you're a state, you definitely are a state

In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy
In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy

Doug The Una said...

Puppybrose, I couldn't get into the suggest a topic comments at Central Snark, so I would like to suggest this one here: How about name a Folliday.

You know, Minka, I never asked for your admiration but now I realize how much it meant.

Quilldancer, April 1 is for everyone, like Thanksgiving. I think we need follidays for each religion, ethnicity and great leader. It's in the first category that I count myself.

HEY, Squaregirl's back. Or should that be Squarewoman?

Could be, Jamie Dawn. And Adonis might come from Adonai.

Unlike "Poobah" which sounds like a man's scent.

Yet another wound, Puppybrose?

Shayna, I can't guess.

Indeterminacy said...

Doug: With that scat comeback, I think you can move on to writing Marx Brothers sketches.

Doug The Una said...

Whatever that is, Indie, I'm against it.

Long Live Freedonia!

Ariel the Thief said...

what is there not to admire in a mind that's weak and a back that's strong? I sure do.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, you're a discriminating woman. I admire that right back.

G said...

Hail Hail Freedonia! When did you add this extra tidbit?

Doug The Una said...

G, Freedonia refers to Indie's suggestion or did you mean the part in the post. That was added when I found out it was my turn at My Music Highway Project.

G said...

Not the Freedonia part - the Minka/Puppy/Shayna. Saw your music highway song choice - loved it.

Anonymous said...

If people are mean to you just let me know, I'lltale care of them.

Doug The Una said...

G, when I realized I was up on Shayna's project right after your NBFF and Minka were enlightening me.

Cooper, I know you're true blue, lady.