Thursday, August 03, 2006


SHODDY, n. (vulgus) A term that expresses the status of a large part of our society, and furnishes a weakly page of matter to many of our time-serving dailies.

2006 Update: adj. Unprecise. Made in haste to be suffered at leisure as war, peace, love or lexicography.


Miz BoheMia said...

Shoddy... the state of things in the world today when a bohemian actually manages to be first, FIRST!

*laughing hysterically, pulling out her hair in glee, the bohemian has a happy fit, FIT I SAY*

Minka, hold my hand and take a bow with me! FUNKIFIED!

Anonymous said...

dear Miz B, i would think shoddy would refer to the dental work you've been subjected to of late! (tho' i wish it wasn't so!)

shoddy: level of wit sans caffeine, first thing in the morning.

TLP said...

Shoddy: Planned obsolescence.

Which of course includes human beings. Obviously "God" didn't plan for us to last forever. So, I'd say that we are a shoddy product. Sometimes sh*tty too.

Anonymous said...

Shoddy = blogger.


Miz BoheMia said...

Puppybrose, so true! 8 months of work on one tooth is quite suspect! Shoddy... the luck that accompanies those who dare move away from San Francisco to a tapa-filled hell called Spain... HELL I TELL YOU!

I must keep my voice down lest a tooth pop out... again. Oy!

Mutha said...

Shoddy: below par, less than expected. Also see: crap.

Doug The Una said...

Hermana, what are you doing up in the early afternoon?

Good point, Puppybrose. Cream and sugar?

TLP, you and that damned apple.

Jenna, this has been a bad blogger week, hasn't it?

Brian, I remember in my ranch hand days someone talking about how the big market was for jeans with holes in the knee. I was looking forward to the day ones with the crotch ripped open would be the rage.

Miz B, at least you like oatmeal.

Haha, Mutha. A simple synonym can mean so much.

Anonymous said...

You're a tramp, you're a treat
You will shine to the death, you are shoddy
But you're flesh, you are meat
You shall have every breath in my body
Put me down for a lifetime of success
Give me credit, I'll find ways of paying

Rio de la Plata
Florida, Corrientes, Nueve de Julio
All I want to know

Stand back, Buenos Aires
Because you oughta know whatcha gonna get in me
Just a little touch of
Just a little touch of
Just a little touch of star quality

Anonymous said...

Oh I have Evita in my head. *sigh*

I don't like blogger. No, no, no, I do not but to change over to something else exhausts me so I will stay with this shoddy blogger program, cursing it when it does not fully load my page, causing much palpitations at 6 am.

Oh lawdy, Brian, we aren't going to discuss my shoddy jeans here are we? *a sad sigh escapes* I do so love those jeans. Dang.

Sar said...

Doug, let me get this straight. You were a ranch hand. Your jeans had the crotch ripped out. Am I to believe you had shoddy jeans or were they of the Brokeback brand?

Jake said...

Shoddy... American automobiles; Chinese lamps, clothes, electronics, wait- all things Walmart; Indian telephone support; Arab toilet paper; N. Korean missles; and anything issued by the Army.

Logophile said...

No original thought today, so here...

“If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies... It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it.”

Albert Einstein

TLP said...

The apple was tasty, no? So was the apple shoddy, or was your judgement shoddy, son? (There's more than one apple on the tree. Try to pick one without a worm.)

Indeterminacy said...

Shoddy: Leaving your own definition at Waking Ambrose before reading Doug's.

mireille said...

Wow, these are good posts. No shoddy thought processes in evidence here. Just the right amount of acerbic wit mixed in with attempted insult. xoxo

Unknown said...

when you wear very chic and good quality footwear, one can say you are well-shod. so i guess you can say Sar is shoddy

*ducks to get out of flight-path of SIS's pancake*

sakadwv: Sar is also known as Duck with Violets

G said...

Shoddy: A room without a view. Described as "cozy" in the Real Estate section of the Times.

Doug: I imagined the job of the ranch hand to be hard labor, but...?

Anonymous said...

so wait...Doug, are you calling me/my level of wit shoddy? golly gee whiz, that seems so shoddy of you, sir. and not at all sporting. (that's not to say it's not true, but still...)

Shoddy: assumtion of superiority

RC said...

shoddy: the green stuff you lay in your lawn after your face is swollen from a bad dentist appointment.

--RC of

Anonymous said...

Slipshod - shoddy on the sly?

Doug The Una said...

Shayna, good to see you here. Good lyrics, too.

Brian, if I was speaking ill, it wasn't of the Little Blue Pill. Unless I said "Trollop!"

Oh, is that what that was from, Jenna? I could tell it was all Argentine.

Sar, I will not be gay-baited by a midget.

Anomie, I just saw an article about the shuttlecocks. Avian flu seems so distant until it starts affecting people's badminton.

Jake, you left out Lou Dobbs' oratory.

Logo, Einstein needed to relax. Nothing wrong with bad sausage.

Thanks for the tip, blogmama. I'll look for a temptation without blemish.

Ha, Indie! What was mine?

Mireille, our standards for cruelty our very high and rigidly enforced. Pfffffft!

Karma, better run before she trots out the food for fodder.

G, climbing off and on horses all day is tough on the Levi's.

Brian, your standards are too high.

Of course not, Puppybrose. If you'd taken the coffee you might have understood that.

Welcome, RC. Good introduction.

Maybe, Joel. I try to keep my shoddiness in full view of the public.

G said...

Aha! All makes perfect sense now!

G said...

I'm laughing, I did not see Sar's comment earlier (excuse me Sar didn't see you there :)

The amoeba said...

I'm supposed to be packing and driving. But I couldn't resist this one.


Yes, kids, there really is such a thing as shoddy. It's a fabric made from recycled wool fibers.

The noun became the familiar adjective during the early years of the Civil War because, Jake, Union Army uniforms were made of it. And everyone discovered in short order that the uniforms made of shoddy were, well, shoddy.

Doug The Una said...

G, you were better off.

O Ceallaigh, I would estimate that 10-15% of the population of this state is still packing.

G said...

On no Doug, it may have been you who was better off, but certainly not I. hahahahaha.

Miz BoheMia said...

Wait! So was my being first not a cause for celebration? And I was sooo ready to dance the dance electric (yeah, so sad, no caps... quote shoddy) but...

'Tis a shoddy party without all things electrified and much needed rejoicing but oh well!

And it is not like I wanna be here you know! YOU GOT THAT? *Oh sob me a river indeed! Boohoo and all that...*

Kyahgirl said...

Hey was that supposed to be 'weekly' not 'weakly'?
Maybe Ambrose has gone over my head again. A common occurence. Blame it on my shoddy education! heh.

Doug The Una said...

Brian, or something like them.

G, I see your agenda now. You're just waiting for a gay fireman movie so being married to a hairdresser won't seem so weird.

Miz B, go on and baila. There must be something around here I can shake.

Kyahgirl, my guess is that Bierce was building some shoddiness into his definition, like I did with "Unprecise."

G said...

Doug, you see right through me!

Minka said...

look who's back! :)But I must be off now...many things to do, like take of my shoes and wake my birds!

Minka said...

and remember how to spell properly!:)

Sar said...

Karm - it's not the flying pancake one need worry about. It's the flying stiletto. But fear not my SIS.

However, way gay old fart cowboys who call me midget should be afraid...very afraid.

Sar said...

About damn time you got home Minka!

Anonymous said...

shoddy: The kind of supper I made after spending doing lawn work with my dad!

Anonymous said...

naw inde that's brave.

Kyahgirl said...

Minka's back! Now that's not too shabby-nor shoddy.

Doug The Una said...

Lady Lampshade, your translucency is one of your best features.

Welcome home, Minka.

Sar, didn't make you cranky, did I? Little people are so sensitive.

CJ, besides volunteer what do you do?

Cooper, Indie is Mr. Courage, Ms. Courage.

Good news, right Kyahgirl? And you're around too. How did I know my shoddy day would be a good one?

Minka said...

sar and Kyah! thanks for the warm welcome. Good to know one had been missed;)
I missed you guys too!
Kyah, aren´t you supposed to be still on blogging vacation???? ;)

Doug The Una said...

a4g, that's why most government contracts require three bids.

Minka, Kyahgirl keeps showing up. My surprise and delight always give way to that question.