Saturday, December 30, 2006

Vegas' Trail

Story #75, one last true story.

To hear the story, call Vegas.

To read the story, cozy up.

One last matter, during my recent reincarnation, I've noticed that I also lost the list of who has agreed to read for the stories next year. I more or less think I remember but if you volunteered and don't yet have your episode, please email me again so I can make sure I haven't forgotten anyone.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here: wolf_silhouette_md_wht


Minka said...


Charlene Amsden said...

stamina 1. the character flaw that makes one too stupid to quit when everyone else does; 2. that which keeps you at your friend's side no matter how long the trail

Vegas sounds like he was a great friend, Doug.

Anonymous said...

good story like the ones friends get together for.

if I had to make a statue for courage, it'd be a small, lion hearted dog.


Minka said...

ok...*snickers* was in relation to me being first, before having read anything. *hits head with palm of hand*

Wow. For such a little poodly dog, he sure had the heart of a lion, the determination of a bulldozer and the knowledge to not take anything lying down.
Brilliant dog!
I hope the two of you shared many mor ewonderful, maybe less deadly, moments together.

A wonderful story to finish this year on!

bravo *claps hands*

and yet again...loved the first paragraph!

Anonymous said...

Minka's right, this was a thing of beauty -- a joy to read -- and, whether her snickers were as a result of being first (nice to see *that*) and/or the punchline of this tale, well-deserved!

i loved the first paragraph, the imagery of that little pup infused with such stubborness as to manage keeping up with you all day on that difficult trail ("stamina" born out of stubbornness is the very definition of little dogs with big hearts) and the idea that a well-intended friend set the whole ordeal/adventure into motion in the first place! (and, hey -- that picture of you & Vegas ain't half bad, either...)

*claps alongside teh Penguin*

The amoeba said...

And here I thought you were offering Doug chocolate, Minka. Even if a rather poor American version of it ...

STAMINA, n. The strength to endure the outrageousness of your friends.

Anonymous said...

Very winsome story, Doug. Thanks, and have a Happy 2007.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...

"Stamina:" Now available in tablet form at your local pharmacy, but, if it lasts longer than four hours, should be referred to your local emergency room.

Charlene Amsden said...

OC -- on behalf of Minka and myself, I think I am offended by your definition of stamina. Of course, I wouldn't be if it contained less truth.

Al! Shame on you. I almost hurt myself when I fell off my chair laughing.

mireille said...

that was wonderful. Vegas would have loved Asta ... two proud, stubborn little souls. xoxo

Anonymous said...

stamina is the ability to keep up with Doug

Another great story. Vegas sounds great, and like a proper Doug dog

Doug The Una said...

Well done, Minka. Live it up.

He really was, Quill, and lived a long life without even finding a house that could hold him.

Ariel, that would be the perfect monument to courage.

Minka, no need to do violence to yourself. I think by now we're all looking for you in that position. And, thanks.

Thanks, Puppybrose. That's cut from one of three photos I have of that period of my life so it gets used a lot.

O Ceallaigh, are pedants supposed to make candy bar puns? Whatcha got for Mr. Goodbar and Mounds?

Al, I know there's no such drug because I haven't been offered it at 50% the tested price in my email yet. Happy ought-seven to you too.

Quilly, I'm sure he didn't mean you. Maybe Minka.

Mireille, Vegas was stongly attracted to the criminal side, though. Maybe the anti-Asta.

Pia, I wouldn't work to hard trying to keep up. Ask Vegas, I'm not actually going anywhere.

Icy! Bow wow to you, friend!

TLP said...

Vegas is my new hero. Sweet story.

Al: *snicker* See what can happen if you use that stuff? Doug tries to put you on a horse.

Anonymous said...

This story really brings Vegas alive, and makes me wish I'd known him!

Stubborn? Naw, it was LOVE that made him do it. And I think you may have come up with the only dysphemism there is for stamina:)
Wonderfully told *clapping along with everyone else*
Happy New Year!

The amoeba said...

Whatcha got for Mr. Goodbar and Mounds?

Tell me you didn't mean that.

Nothing's safe in this English language, I say. Nothing!


Anonymous said...

Kyah says 'way to go Vegas!'
She jumped through a screened window once in order to be out in the yard with me while I cut grass. Some dogs take their 'companion animal' title very, very seriously Doug. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww. I loved this story!! But I like spunky little things.

What a tale to go out on '06.

Happy New Year, Doug!

Alana said...

Stamina: The foolish insistance on going down with the ship even though you're not even the captain.

I've been known for my foolishness, I mean stamina, at times.

Very cute story! Our family dog used to find ways to get out of the house to follow us when we were all leaving and once even jumped off a second story balcony. It wasn't until the third, yes third, time she got clipped and injured by another car until she lost her stamina and decided she might as well stay home.

Jamie Dawn said...

Great story!
Al's definition got me all befuddled, and I can no longer remember my definition.
Oh well... we will all need stamina to ring in the New Year with a bang! (I am NOT referring to Al's definition when I say that.)
Break out the champagne and have a ball!
Oh, good Lord! The sexual references just keep on coming. I better just shut up now or I'm screwed.

Anonymous said...

Vegas sounds like a fine hero for a movie. Mutts are smart dogs - we had a dog growing up named Groucho who walked with us all over town. She was a little mutt and smart as the day is long.

Anyway, a truly nice story and the cowpolk picture is suitable for framing.

Happy New Year.

Stamina: There is no greater picture of it I believe than my own little JJ (a/k/a ChooChoo and it is not for nothing that he had that moniker attached to him).

Doug The Una said...

TLP, that was funnier than the original comment. I'm cracking up.

Thanks, Actonbell. Everyone who knew Vegas loved him, although he was a little bit affection impaired in return. Willie's a big upgrade in terms of spreading it around. My brother and sister still complain that Vegas never loved them. It's a funny twist on the dysfunctional family.

Of course not, O Ceallaigh. How old do you think I am?

Don't I know it, Kyah. Vegas wouldn't even let me drive tractors alone. It got a little nervewracking when he'd trot along between the hay rake and the tractor. I'm not admitting how many irrigation pipes I ran over making sure he didn't end up in a windrow.

Happy New Year, Jenna! May the werewolves come home.

Squaregirl, Vegas was just too lucky. Willie learned compliance the same way your dog did.

Hahaha, Jamie Dawn. Happy New Year. You watching the big ball on tv this year?

G, he was Benji in the flesh. Thanks and Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

What a great story about a great little dog! Excuse me...I have to go give one of our dogs a hug.

Lila said...

Aw, great story! Vegas sounds like my kinda dog.

Happy New Year to you, Doug!

Doug The Una said...

Joel, a bone would probably pass muster too. We all have our creature comforts.

Aral, you'd have loved Vegas. Its only for want of opposable thumbs that he didn't play shortstop. Happy New Year to you, too. And not such a busy one.

TLP said...

Happy New Year Doug and dogs.

mireille said...

yes, yes, I'm with TLP: Happy New Year! to Doug, Willie, Walela, and the whole Waking Ambrose coterie, um posse, um affinity group, um disjointed group of wordie wannabes, um dysfunctional blog family, um ... xoxo

CozyMama said...

happy new year!!!!! come on by if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Aw sweet Vegas and his sweet master.

Happy New Year Doug and Dogs.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from all of us to you Doug. I hope I have the stamina in 2007 to keep moving up that mountain. It is indeed the perfect story to end the year with, as like a pack of mutts, we have been chasing you all year without success. :)

Have a safe and fun evening.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Doug! May 2007 be filled with as much peace, love and joy as you can stand. xox

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug, Happy 2007. May it meet all of your needs, most of your wants, and just the right amount of your expectations.

And Happy New Year as well to all the denizens of this cyber dawg house.

Anonymous said...

Doug, Happy New Year - best to you and yours and the Waking Ambrose crew in the year ahead. ~ G

Anonymous said...

Doug...the happiest of New Years to you!

Anonymous said...

Feliz Año Nuevo hermanito! Que sea un año de puta madre! (That's a good thing!)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Doug, officially speaking, even in PST. Waiting for the sudafed to kick in, I'll probably be asleep when the first Word drops this year. So, say good morning to Minky for me.

Best always,

TLP said...

Happy New Year and Rabbit Rabbit. Notice I'm not nagging about Monday's post? I've turned over a new leaf. I'm bein' nice 'n all. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Doug The Una said...

Same to you, TLP and spouse!

Mireille, I like to think of us as an identity cluster. Happy, healthy and relocated 2007!

Thanks, Jodes. I did. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to you, Alice. From Doug and his sweet dogs, currently living and previously.

Brian, you can't catch what doesn't move. Zeno and all that. Happy New Year to all of you, internal and external.

Puppy, I just hit my limit.

Same to you, Quilldancer.

G, a year of glad tidings and happy change to you and yours and your blog.

Joel, same to you, friend.

Miz B, it sounds like a good thing to me, but I'm kind of Spanish that way. Iguales!

Al, thanks. I was just getting up when you went to sleep. I guess that's the difference between downtown Manhattan and Santa Clarita. Happy New Year.

Rabbit, rabbit, TLP.

Logophile said...

Aw, that was a great story.
I know some people like that too.