Saturday, December 16, 2006

What Really Happened

Story #73, the true tell-all story of Doug's vacation.

To hear the story, wander down to Barr, a winemaking village below the Vosges.

To read the story, stop in Prague, birthplace of Franz Kafka..

Prattler will return next Saturday. To read the other version of my vacation, click on the photo of Budapest and the Danube, below.


The amoeba said...


"Yeah, dude?"

"You see a story here?"

"No. Should there be one?"

"Says so."

"And you wanted to make sure it wasn't just Microsoft being Microsoft, that it?"

"No, I wanted to test the principle that Macs Always Crash. Dude. But he said he was going to tell the 'real story' of his trip to France. I wanted to read it."

"Maybe you are."


"Maybe Doug went to France the way we went to Maine last April."

"We went to Maine last April?"

"Didn't think you'd remember. Maybe Doug's just a character on Walela's computer, and Walela went pack-hunting to San Diego and turned his box off for two weeks."

"Hoo. That's a thought. But who was that sneaker with Ariel then?"

"I just hope Ariel knows ..."

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug -- I have nightmares like that, too.

The amoeba said...

"Hey, dude! There it is!"

"How many times have I told you, you gotta dump Internet Explorer?"

"For Safari? No sale."

"Read the story already."

"I did. Sheesh. Maybe you had the better idea after all."

"What's he got 'gainst Indiana? Better not be consigning it to any more perdition, Indian goddesses or no Indian goddesses, until O Ceallaigh gets his daughter outa there."

"Chill, dude. He's just a curmudgeon. Harmless. If a little reeky. Garlic, y'know."

"I know, I know, I know ..."


Lila said...

Wow, now even the comments are starting to be intimidatingly clever and creative!

Another charming story, Doug. So glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

Errata sheet -- embellishment, by any other name, still smells like garlic scented fabric softener.

great improvement on the story-- even MORE great to have you back! now just start feeling better, and *all* will be right with the world. (more or less...)

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, Pascover. You seriously expect us to fall for this load of crap? Really, Ariel, and Budapest? Ha!

TLP said...

It was a good time, it was the best of times, it was a party....

Someone DID clean up, right????

Doug The Una said...

Dudes, apologies. I posted without the content. Again.

Quill, that's just how it happened in this story. Honest.

OC, garlic is harmless to a blogger.

Thanks, Sis. Good to be back. Interesting BASIP.

Thanks, Puppybrose. Embellishments R us.

Al, she said she was Ariel. How would I know?

TLP, are these yours?

Sar said...

Is it wrong that I thought the most entertaining embelishment to your story wasn't the yelps or the growls, but the stuff nose? Or should I say duppy node?

I don't know how I missed the story thread you had going but it's fun to jump in and hear it now.

Sar said...

Dammit, make that stuffy nose.

More coffee...STAT!

Anonymous said...

You are the king of embellishment my friend.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, and some thera-flu for me, thanks.

Alice, how can you say that after you nursed me back to health feeding me from your own flesh?

Anonymous said...

third time I've tried to comment....a pox on google/blogger anyway.

Both stories are fabulous Doug. It sounds like you also ran into Cheesmeister in Budapest!

Anonymous said...

Talk about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. But I must admit, it was a good time while it lasted.

Feel better - are you dosing up on your cure of echinachea and bat's wings?

Signed, G who can't seem to remember to log in.

TLP said...

Of course they're mine! Diamond earrings, right?

mtvoyvei : MTV, oy vey!

Anonymous said...

You know you're in for a memorable experience when they come at you with butterfly nets. Did you check your head for feelers?

Alana said...

So the new rules are that we are supposed to guess whose voice that was?? Er, Doug doing his Rudolph impersonation? And I thought this was gonna be hard!

Seriously though, hope you feel better. Garlic, hot tea and board games really should do the trick for ya!

Doug The Una said...

You're right, Kyah. Have you ever seen Cheesemeister and Ariel at the same time? Didn't think so.

G, the Rite Aid was out of bat's wings.

TLP, ok I'll send them to you once I get them back from the appraiser.

Exactly, Joe. I use a rating system of one to five butterfly nets on every experience.

Square, first of all, the new order starts in 2007 and second of all that was a Lugosi impersonation. Who's Rudolph? Third, thanks.

Unknown said...

Douglas, I bet you didn't go anywhere at all. I mean, except for inside your head :P

nafvjsgw: no, favourite jigsaw

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think you need to check the expiration date on that medication! It could be slightly fermented at this point.

Mistress Anna said...

I think the dude at the end of your story may have been Vlad Tepesh(Sp?)disguising himself as Humphrey Boghart (Sp?)..hmmm

Minka said...

Who is gonna buy this stuff?!
I want the truth and I want it now!
Ariel, a vampire? Now that I buy!
You sound horrible, dude! get any hot liquid and add a spoon full of honey into it ...

And you so were not in Icleand, security would have alerted me! There are rituals for first timers :)

Minka said...

So does that mean that there are weird chanting people in Indonesia looking for you with a tranqualizer and a huge butterfly net?

And if so, do the pay well for a hint?

Hope you feel better soon!

Doug The Una said...

Karma, that's a pretty cavernous place. Lots of room for movement.

Iggie, I prefer to think of it as "peaking."

You may be right, Anna. I forgot to check ID. Was Vlad a pretty avid scrabble player?

Thanks, Minka. My blood honey level is pretty high right now. Grylla stamped my passport, check with her.

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug, I will feel more comfortable with your "honest" pledge if I didn't already know that you agree with my writing philosophy that one should never spoil a good story for the sake of the truth.

tsduff said...

Wow Doug - I never realized you had such an exciting life. Must be that beagle in you.

Anonymous said...

I think more happened to you in the last two weeks than happens to most people in their entire lives, including reincarnations.

Mistress Anna said...

Hmmm hard call Doug. He was more into heads on stakes, but that doesn't necessarily mean he has bad vocabulary.

FelineFrisky said...

Oh, Doug! Now that's imagination!

The details of your trip are top secret? You must be an international spy. That explains Spade. A contact.

Anyways, how do WE know you actually WENT anywhere? You coulda held out in the basement for 2 weeks!

Love the tale! Still glad to have you back! D :)

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, I suffer that you would question the truth of this story. Stuff like this happens all the time.

Terry, bow wow.

Indie, see what happens when I skip work?

Well, Mistress, the scrabble was for high stakes.

Diane, nothing on a blog is top secret. Simple facts.