Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday of The Bohemian

My guest this week is la hermana del mundo, Miz Bohemia. Miz B was asked, with every sincerity, to define OCDish.

OCDish, n. partial abbr. When the desire to run straight to bed after a rendezvous with the toilet (with no distractions along the way as distractions are not in the master plan and will make one run right back to the toilet for things to be done right, as they very well should, and that being that from said rendezvous with the toilet you go straight to bed dammit or else hyperventilation, heart attacks as well as panic attacks shall and will be in order I tell you) is faced with a flawed and foiled reality called life (and that being one of turmoil with the backdrop that are two shrieking and verbalicious lil' bohemians) where compromises must be made for the sake of peace and sanity to reign (if ever such a thing is possible, let alone plausible, in a bohemian household), thus adding on an -ish to the much cherished-and-so-why-can't-I-hold-on-to-it label of OCD...

So yes, listen up cause it's all in the -ish...

Yes, you heard it here first...

About Miz Bohemia: Miz Bohemia is the beautiful-like-an-old-statue-of-Venus-but-not-so-quiet-even-though-she-lives-in-a-Mediterranean-paradise-with-a-beautiful-family-and-might-be-happy-but-can't-be-quite-because-of-Spaniards-and-she-really-wants-to-be-in-San-Francisco-which-is-Spanish-but-not-Spanish-sister-of-mine-adopted-formally-by-my-father-having-earned-our-affection-with-this-post-and-having-already-been-a-generous-host-to-this-rogue.

Since her guest appearance here, Miz B has pushed the envelope (I bet when she needs to mail a letter, it has to be hand delivered each time) by making a practice of video blogging. In her videos, we've had the privilege of meeting the woman behind the hyphens. It turns out her fabulous knock-off handbags have the job of accessorizing true beauty. If you keep up with her videos, you have met her whole family including her husband, Lovaboy, her daughter, the talented artist, Lil' Bohemia, her son, Lil' mischief (who earned his name eating pasta, it seems to me,) and the family's pets, a cat and a spider.

So, take my advice. Invite Miz B into your home, but not onto your hearth. Gracias a mi hermana linda en España. That's all you get.

How to be a guest on this site: To be anointed, I will need your email address and permission. So, were you to send an email to dpascover at mac dot com and say in the subject line something like "OK, ok I'll do it," that would definitely work unless I thought it was spam and deleted it. On an upcoming Wednesday, after posting that week's guest I would then send you an email with a word not in The Devil's Dictionary which you could then spend the next three days writing a definition for and return to me with a graphic or two of your choosing. The only rules are no profanity, no novels and anything else I make up. If you've done this before, I may ask you again if you're around a lot. If you've done this before and not been heard from since, just let me know that you want to be a guest and then disappear again.


Minka said...


ok, the last exclamation mark was a bit muchish :)

Charlene Amsden said...

Yay, Ms. B! Whoooohoooo!

OCD-ish checking the net first thing every morning before doing anything slse.

Anonymous said...

OCD: Setting the alarm clock in order to comment on a certain site first. ;)

Minka said...

OCD: here is a short story from my life, or let´s say an incident I just canæt wipe out of my head.
I used to have (notice the tense!) a faroese friend here in reykjavik. One evening I went to her place to borrow a tape we had to view for class next day. She opened the door, did not ask me in and brought me the tape in a plastic bag, neatly closed with a pin. Needless to say I wondered where the tape case was. "Did you lose the tape case?" i asked.
"No, I have it here." she replied.
"Can´t I borrow that too?" I asked puzzled.

this is her reply, I swear to God, cross my heart and hope to die!
"No, ´cause it would ruin my shelf alignment!"

What the heck?

On another occasion I ate a desert at her with an incorrect spoon...that and many other incidents lead to the tense above! :)

There is such a thing as excessive....
I am so glad that our Miz B is a Bohemian at heart.
Well done, dear sistah and whoever picked the pictures to go along.....they are breath taking!

Doug The Una said...

Hahaha, Minka.

Quill, you can see why I needed a good definition. I have one nowish.

Brian, I guess full OCD would be staying up for it.

That's quite a story, Minka. Faroese, huh? I've heard they were like that. The year before Semi-sweet1 were roommates in college, he shared a dormroom with a good friend of us both who might have had a touch of an OCDish condition. I remember being told that on one of their first nights in the dorm, both had gone to bed and Semi heard from the bunk below him "Are you just going to leave those like that?" "Leave what like what?" "Your shoes." Stan looked at his shoes, placed evenly side by side with the toes aligned at the bottom of his closet. "What's wrong with them?" "They're untied!"

The amoeba said...

OCDish, adj. and n. A form of pedantry, most compellingly exhibited in the person who insists that words be spelled (in the UK, spelt) correctly.

Inspired by the image of the Ice Queen eating a desert with a spoon. Any spoon.


Anonymous said...

OCD: the sinking feeling you didn't do something you were supposed to do exactly the way you were supposed to do it even though you did it over and over and over and over and why can't you get it right and maybe if you try just one more time you will.

BRILLIANT guest to end the year on, Doug. Can't imagine anyone i'd rather see sharing insights and/or woots to the hoots with us all than the fabulous Miz BoheMia! 'twas and 'tis a delight all the way around to see her name/words/your intro/do i need to go on?/please tell me i do not/i need to stop now/but oh how i love that girl! (well done and BRAV-OH!)

Anonymous said...

or should that have been "Bravo-ish"? damn. now i'm going to obsess...

Anonymous said...

eh... as long as i'm obsessing...

too funny that the anything-but-meek Miz BoheMia is doing a guest turn today following *yesterday's* word. just sayin'... it's a nice contrast. and a funny one. but i already said that, didn't i?

brace yourself, this is may be a long day...

Minka said...

OC, I wa stold to eat it with a spoon! I just didn´t pick the right type, you see?! But ia m glad, I still inspire you to new heights ;)

Doug, that was hilarious and maybe even worse then mine. A touch of OCD? Maybe its poster-child!

Anonymous said...

OCD-ish: In a world that's fastidyish by day and fetish by night, this is twilight.

What a surprise to catch MizzyB here today! The she-can-blog-like crazy-from-anywhere-but-her-bloggings-from-San-Francisco-are-the-very-best MizzyB!

I'm feeling very whoop-dee-doo-ish now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great guest...great post! Nicely done Miz B...same to you Doug.

OCD: From the people that brought you "The OC." Drama like you've never seen it before...only on Fox.

OCDish: An apt discription for the majority of inhabitants within a certain household in which I reside. Sshh...don't tell anyone I said that.

Anonymous said...

Dios mio! did i just define OCD and *not* OCDish?? where are my manners and/or what's left of my brain??

OCDish: Obsessing and/or compulsing over Fiesta dinnerware. Just the right colors, put together in just the right way, thank-you-very-much. They're dishes, for goddsake, how can a beautiful-yet-discerning-BoheMian be expected to eat on anything *less* than specific plate/bowl/cup combinations for any given meal on any given day?

(what makes you think Joel was talking about me?)

Anonymous said...

OCDish: I can't define OCDish, I know it when I see it, such as when I'm placing things just so in a newly cleaned room and step back to admire then go back in to realign something on display, step back, realign, step back well you get the picture. When I fall over the vacuum after one too many step backs, the room is finished.

What a funkified way to end the year FO SHO! Great post/great pics/great guest! Because I turn my light up extra bright when I see such a guest so that I don't miss one word or nuance or picture. Is that OCDish or just praise? That's all you get! Lights out!

Oh and neshikot to you my dear Bohemian amiga ;) xox

Alana said...

Hey, we all have our ishues...

It's the ish that provides a fine but very important line.

Anonymous said...

OCD: something I have never personally experienced.

Find that fun to write on Doug's blog when MIzzyB who I would take into my hearth anytime is the guest--as you are two of the bloggers who know how obsessivish and compulsivish I can be.
No ish about it

Wonderful suprise finding MizB actually writing and not seeing a video of her dental work.

I had thought about videoing mine but...if anybody had to beat me to it...

Jamie Dawn said...

Miz B's definition is very complicatedly hilarious!
Well done!
A pet spider, huh? I have a few of those lurking in the corners of our house, but I haven't named them yet. They sure are easy to take care of.

I've gotta go... I'm not sure if I turned off my closet light, and I've already checked it four times this morning. :)

Charlene Amsden said...

OCDish -- lunch with my friend who before she can eat, must line her french fries up across her plate, then eat them from smallest to largest.

Anonymous said...

Minka- You think? *sigh* Do NOT give me something else to obsess about! Dios mio! Am I not quirky enough for you? ;-P WOOH on being 1st! And you know, you so beat me to reading the post and keep in mind that the brotha warned me when it would be up! 1st FO SHO!

Quilldancer- You too??? Oooh! It must be a blogger's bug I tell you for something tells me we ain't alone!

Minka- You like the pics??? WOOOOHOOOO! For I picked them FO SHO although how I wish I could have taken them for there the true credit lies and there is no one else to thank for that but the brilliant-I-so-bow-before-him-and-have-a-full-blown-artist's-crush-on-him-to-boot-and-yes-even-Loverboy-knows-because-that-is-how-huge-a-crush-it-is David LaChapelle!

As for a listing of OCDish quirks? Dios mio! I limited it to the bathroom one for were I to get started there would be no end... let us just say that the dentist, which you know I frequent and have just this very minute returned from and the reason for the visit being a popped crown, always gets his welcome mat perfectly aligned... centered with the door and stuck to the base of the door... otherwise I cannot make it in with a clear conscience and god forbid anyone move it!!! Dios mio!

It is the -ish that prevents me from going back everyday to check on the damn thing!!!

Hermano de mi alma- First and foremost, thank you oh so very much for the beautiful words that have done my heart and soul good today, of all days, seeing that I have been dealing with popping crowns and well, two gaping holes in one's mouth does more than the job needed to make one feel oh so yuckylicious to say the least! *sigh*

And wahey! Putting shoes away neatly and making sure they are tied is NOT normal? Who`d a thunk that!

OC- FO SHO! Although the -ish in my case allows me to breathe deeply as I accept my spelling mistakes here and there as the alternative method of constantly deleting my comments to rewrite them was getting quite tedious although now that you mention it... maybe I should drop the -ish and get back to that! Dios mio! What's a bohemian to do?????

Puppybrose- And how this toothless girl loves you!!! Oh such a brilliant and right on take on OCD! I knew that if anyone would understand 'twould be you! Not to say that you are a nut, DIOS MIO, because you are NOT! But hey, after long conversations with me and certain loved ones that live with such traits well, I would bet you know a thing or two about creatures like us, no?

Puppybrose- BRAV-OH, Bravo-ish... Tomato, tomahtoe... You make the rules chica and we simply follow! FO SHO!

Puppybrose- Have you noticed the multiple entries of your name? To do one for all three in a row would be a no-no and a decrease in the number of comments I would respond to and that is just heart attacking inducing and hey, if ever I felt at home with a word... ha, ha, haaaa!

Oooh! Funkified observation and so *blushetty blush* inducing I tell you! Gracias Neva de mi corazón!

Minka- Once again... what is wrong with proper shoe-putting-away ettiquette??? I simply don't get it! *sigh* And then I am seen as the weird one in the family!

Al- Whoop-de-do-ish? I'll trade OCD-ish for that anytime I tell you, ANYTIME!

Joel- Gracias sweet amigo! As for the OC, though I have yet to watch it (and probably never will) I can say that if it is anything like 90210 and the brats on that show, I so lived it when I went to high school in, where else, but Orange County! I remember when we turned 16 a classmate complained to another rich b***c about her father and said that he was an a** for buying her a convertible BMW when he knew very well that she wanted a Mercedes instead. Yeah, dramatic indeed!

As for the -ish... *GASP* You don't say! ;-P

Puppybrose- Ha, ha, haaaaa! And THAT is why I love you so!!! Did you know that in my first (and looooooooong) draft of this here definition the fiestaware trauma was explained in detail? Let us just say that not many people are rushed off to therapy because the colors and the sets no longer match! I kid you not!

G- Ooooh! "That's all you get" seems to be making quite the comeback! *Blushetty Blush* indeed and funkified FO SHO!

Methinks a certain Gina G knows a thing or two about being OCD-ish, hmmm? No wonder you are much loved by bohemians everywhere!

Big, huge neshikots right back at ya amiga mia!

Squaregirl- Oooh! You get it FO SHO! Bohemians everywhere applaud your insight, APPLAUD I SAY!

Pia- No -ishes about it... dental work... longish posts... obsessions... compulsions.... is it any wonder I love you???

Jamie Dawn- REALLY? *Swoon* Gracias for in my mind I am so not done with it and am still kicking myself over how I could have worded it... and reworded it... and reworded it.... and... you get the picture! ;-P

Quilldancer- Ooooh! She sounds faboo! FABOO! I must drink first and then eat my food in order of digestability... most liquids one first and then work my way up to the solid and cooked foods... anything else is simply NOT an option... believe you me!

Anonymous said...

It takes a brave OCDish person to come here, I tell you what. Chaos is usually the word of the day no matter what Doug tells us. OCDish people are also very tolerant of the chaos that is my love life. I think...I believe...holy smokesish...I'm the chaos!!!


It was rockin' fo'sho' my friend and i told you this a weekish ago.

TLP said...

OCDish: Monk. I love Monk.

(Note to Doug: I control my OCDishness by not posting daily. But I expect YOU to post daily, and EARLY.)

Anonymous said...

OCDish.. *scratches head*

Trying to think of a question every day.

Sassy Dewy


Anonymous said...

Jenna- Oh you are faboo sweet amiga and as for your love life? It would not be a proper one were it not chaotic! *sighetty sigh* 'Tis the truth I am afraid!

TLP- Oooooh! You said MONK! Bohemians everywhere loooove Monk lovers (especially when a certain someone's husband considers his wife to be a mix of Monk and Monica from Friends... dios mio!) FO SHO!!!

As for your expectations? Hear ye, hear ye!

Doug The Una said...

O Ceallaigh, that's the flavour of it.

Puppybrose, I thought you might be a fan. I checked all the sites to make sure, too. Wait, did I?

Minka, I actually have about a million stories of that guy, who is a very good guy, just a little odd, but really well-intentioned if kind of strage, (to be continued.) I sometimes feel a little mean spirited telling them, but here's one a level removed. Semi's roommate got married four or five years back (Semi told a story on me on Doug Drones On from the same event.) I am always punctual to the airport, OCDish-ly so, but I almost missed my flight to Alabama and the wedding because as I was leaving the office, a coworker asked where I was going to and I felt compelled to tell a story. She said "Wow, he sounds really wound up." I said "OK, wait'll you hear this one..." and it continued for an hour and a half until I was running way behind.

Al, that was a great definition. I'm feeling a bit whoop-de-doish my own self.

Joel, those must be some dogs. I bet they walk themselves.

Puppybrose, the fact that you and my soul-sistah could agree on a meal, mostly.

G, I know when I've seen it from every angle.

Square, Ish ain't just a river in Washington.

Pia, I had a feeling this would all be new to you. Pages 456-462 in the DSM IV-TR.

Jamie, what's that glow from the closet? Purplish.

Quilly, that would be an example, yes.

Hermana de mi alma, I knew I'd left this joint in capable hands, under a watchful eye guided by a meticulous heart.

Jenna, you're the "I" of the Windstorm.

TLP, I saw my first Monk episode a couple weeks back. If I could remember to watch tv I'd never miss an episode. Ever. Not one.

Dewy, I think you're more of a flowing spirit.

Hermana, gracias de nuevo. ¿Es tarde allí, no?

Alana said...

Oh, and while it has nothing to do with OCD:
"If you wish to wish a wish, you may swish for fish with my Ish wish dish."

Because Squares can't quote Dr. Seuss often enough...that's actually less of an ishue and more of an occupational hazard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug I had no idea.

Will read it but first want to know:

When's the movie version of the book coming out?

Doug The Una said...

Squaregirls are always welcome to quote the great Dr. Seuss, who's given name I know thanks to Dddragon.

Pia, whenever Fellini comes back frmo hell.

mireille said...

I ♥ MizB, I TELL YOU, I ♥ her!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

in my youth (which i think we've established was long ago) i had a roommate who was extremely OCDish, to put it mildly. would NEVER wash a dish and/or pan (or take out the trash, or do the laundry), but would hold a plate under the hot water for 20 minutes before allowing food to be put on it. same for utensils, glasses, milk cartons and bottles of soda -- run hot water over them, wrap everything in paper towels, and, when need be, use a straw. disturbing? uh... yeah.

she also couldn't use the top sheets off a roll of toilet paper, so she'd roll out a couple of feet of Charmin and throw it away, then use the "cleaner" sheets in the middle of the roll. i only know this because i asked her once why there were fluffy mountains of unused/unwadded TP in the wastebasket. and don't even get me started on her need to "never dip a chip" -- which resulted in bowls-full of potato chip "crusts". same for pizza toppings. she was an utter slob about her environment, but very weird about what she put in her mouth and/or used on her other end. needless to say, we all felt bad for her boyfriend. (i did say she felt compelled to wrap EVERYTHING in paper towels, didn't i?)

Anonymous said...

Hermano extraordinario que me tiene sonrojada con las cosas tan dulces que dices- *Blushetty blush* Gracias and I am biting my hyphenated-often-prone-to-vulgarities-bleeding tongue and behaving solo por ti!

Y si, era tarde aqui... SEGURO! Pero ahora es de día y es tarde allí!

Squaregirl- Oooh! You like the -ish and the Seuss? Color me impressed!

Doug- You do? Oooh! Talk about a juicy mystery!

Mireille- OOOOWEEEEE! And I LOOOOOOOVE YOU! *Blushetty Blush* indeed! *sigh* You are my girly crush FO SHO! So, how you doin'? *wink, wink*

Puppybrose- DIOS MIO! Now that's a waste of OCD if ever there was one! To have it and be a slob? Eeek! For some reason it reminds me of a non-OCDish but weird nonetheless freaky 28-year-old-virgin of a roommate I once had back when I gave Madrid a chance who gave me packaged lettuce as a Chrismas gift, insisted we each buy and use our own TP and once barged into my room, turned on the light while I slept and started yammering away about how she thought I should pay most of the utility bills as she was barely home blah, blah, blah... she knew to run out when I warned her she'd better be gone before I got up and when she saw me get up, fists clenched, she ran out the door and never mentioned that again... and later on I found out that the company she worked for footed the bills anyway! FREAK!

Why could we not have been roomies? *sigh* I would have taken such good care of the fiestaware! ;-P

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, I see not everyone brings out your drollness.

Puppybrose, it seems to me a man rolled in paper towels is, more or less, a cheese burrito.

Hermana, nothing in this world is scarier than a fighting yogi. Well, not everything. Otro vez, gracias por hoy y siempre.

mireille said...

I am MizB's GirlCrush!! *preen* ♥ xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh , I missed Mizzy B's guest post.

OCD: I have nothing really unless checking to see if the iron and the stove, the blow dryer, and the Christmas tree lights are off - twenty- seven times a night counts. ;0

Anonymous said...

Ish can be a good thing.
I am crazy-ish.
Somehow it takes the sting out of being completely crazy.
Miss Bohemia is lovely.