Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fire and Ice, Part II

Story #34, in which Doug discovers the cabin's secret.

To hear the story, come to the cabin

geyser_alone_md_clrTo read the story, click the volcanoish thingy.

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Minka said...

As soon as you said: "or at least Vegitarian..." I thought, you wait pascover until teh Bohemian gets here and tells you off!
And then it was about her :)
She´ll love it and you have such a talent for writing dialogue!

crone, a single currency in Iceland!

my verifier: aojlpt...Ahoy!, TLP :)

Minka said...

Hey, I am first :) Yipeeee...what a wonderful way to start a Saturday.
Hey that rhymes.
I am on fire today.
Well, nevermind that I actually sit in an island produced from vocanic ashes.
See how I rounded the whole story up?

Minka said...

I just checked Prattle out a little better. And wow, it is amazing and well set up! Good job!
I am just filling your comment section, since nobody else feels inclined to do so ;)

actonbell said...

Again, you had me going until the Bohemian line!...occult, of dark arts, or at least vegetarianism *snicker*

Fabulous, Doug--the Prada ending was absolutely wonderful. MizB will looooove this!

Sar said...

And here I thought there really was a continuation to your Guatemala Volcano adventure. Her royal mizzyness is going to LOOOOOOVE this story.

Just one thing though. Eating back purse in your hand...Doug, Doug, Doug. Don't you know, real men don't *CACKLE*!

Doug said...

Minka, thank you, thank you and thank you. Enjoy your Saturday. And by the way, it's completely appropriate for a 28-year-old woman to start her Saturday in the afternoon, bless your heart.

Thanks, Actonbell and I hope so. She's normally so dour.

Sar, real men also don't take guff off a shoe.

Miz BoheMia said...

Moi? Dour? *bats luscious boho lashes* You must have the wrong bohemian 'cause I am ready to partay!

WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! Bohemians looooooveeee being featured in a story!

And Prada! *sigh* You sure know your way to a bohemian's hippy heart! The words you choose my dearest Doug are pure magic! MAGIC I SAY!

Now go on, keep talking! This ties in to my vanity quite nicely!


PS- Glad to see everyone's looooooooveeeeein' it all up! Yeah baby yeah!

Doug, big juicy boho smooches coming your way! Dance the dance ELECTRIC!

Miz BoheMia said...

On a serious note *EGAD YOU SAY, SHE IS BEING SERIOUS?* i am soooo laughing my ass off!

The funny (or sad!) part is that you have TOTALLY pegged me!

I love, love, love, LOVE, LOOOOOOVEEEEE the story! You made this bohemian's day!

Now back to the regular programming so shake yo thangs!

Anonymous said...

Gee...he was talking about you, MizB? Huh. I missed that with the whole "Bohemians loooooove company." line. Huh.

There will be no living with her now that she's a superstar.

AP3 said...

That was really great, Doug! Inspired to turn the real story into your fictional stories about us, the readers. I'm with Sar-you had me goin' for a minute there.

ariel said...

turning a real story into fictional? I see no fiction here. this is a LOVELY real story, what else could it be? :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Historical Fiction, I like that!
I'm sure Miz B was squealing with delight when she read this. She says she LOOOOVVVVEEED the story, and I think she meant it!

Crone is one of my dad's favorite words. This definition comes from a real life experience of his that he loves to tell.
Crones: Found at the courthouse in the pool of folks there for jury duty.

logo said...

Logophiles, as it turns out, love stories about bihemians in volcanoes!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Ahoy Monika! I think you should always comment three times in your time zone. Helps to start the comment section off nicely.

Great story Doug. You had me goin' for sure. The lovely Bohemian is no crone, but she obviously loooovvvvveeeed the attention! That Miz.

So, if you're not using it, can I have the purse? I don't own any Prada. You know that the devil wears Prada...a harpy should have some Prada too.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Btw, that volcanoish thingy looks like a melting Hershey's Kiss. You can't smoke'm you know.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Or a turd on a cold day. Just sayin'.

mireille said...


Doug said...

Miz B, glad you liked it and delighted you're so easy to please.

Jenna, I created no monster today, I assure you.

Aral, it was a surprise to me too, actually. When I posted Part I I had no idea.

Ariel, the reality was in your comment last week. I never saw it before that.

Good definition, Jamie Dawn. Your dad sound like a man after my own heart even though he's young enough to be my son.

Thanks, Logo. We all love stories about Bohemians it seems.

TLP, I hope I made someone laugh today like you just did me.

Mireille, I know where you can get 'em.

cooper said...

You had me and in your grip until and then I heard the bohemian women...I started to laugh.

OMG...that seem to have perfected it.

This was funny.

crone: the only thing that comes to mind is MacBeth or Hanzel and Gretel.

Crone- cronies…both kind of ugly in their own way.

pia said...

You so have her down!!!!!!!!!

karma said...

so now you know where to keep your lipstick ;))

cooper said...

i so don't think you should have anything better to do than answer comments on a saturday night.

dddragon said...

Wow, a sequel!! This opens up all kinds of possibilities, you know.

Doug said...

Seriously Cooper, I couldn't believe how the cackle came out I could have forgotten what I was talking about, coughed, cussed or had seizure after that and I still wasn't re-recording. It was a moment of greatness.

Thanks, Pia. Our Miz B has a fairly identifiable personality.

Haha, you betcha, Karma.

Cooper, I try not to.

What do you have in mine, DDD?

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I seriously hope that 3D doesn't have TNT in her "mine." But the volcano could get deeper then. The story is already deep. I need some Prada boots.

Cowgirl said...

Didn't realize Prada made hip-waders.....j/k ;)

LeesahEm. said...

Vegetarianism is a contagious disease. Luckily I've already been exposed and developed immunity from it. I haven't developed one for desiring designer bags though.

Miz BoheMia said...

*GASP* Oh no, no, no, noooo! We are talking designer replicas! That's the way to go baby! Who knew bohemians had connections in the Chinese underground? They FEDEX it straight to your cabin too! Yeah baby yeah! We are talkin' lookin' fab for no money at all!

Dougy Dawgs know the ways of the bohemian that's for sure!


Doug said...

TLP, I meant mind, as you know. No fair making fun when I'm travelling.

Cowgirl, you're over my hips and head.

Me too, Masil. Meat is life.

Miz B, Dougie Dawgs try to learn the secret of cheerfulness, much as anthropoligists try to learn the ways of alien cultures.

Cowgirl said...

I loved the story so much, I put it in my blog.

Fred said...

Monika was first, and I'm last. I need to move to Iceland.

weirsdo said...

Good story. I did not see that coming, and then it seemed so right.

Doug said...

Thanks, Cowgirl.

Fred, better pull a second polo shirt on first.

Thanks, Weirsdo. I didn't see it coming either until I read the comments last week.