Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Special Guest Wednesday

This week, I'm proud to introduce, Dorene Lorenz. Dorene was asked to define Seward's Folly.
Seward's Folly, n. not getting a 25% handling fee when brokering a shady real estate transaction.

Just prior to the war, the United States agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $1.4 million. Secretary William Henry Seward needed to prevent England from breaking the blockade and declaring her sympathy for the Southern Confederacy. Seward dropped $5.8 million arranging for the Russian fleet to come to New York and San Francisco, a little muscle flexing that worked. The costs were rolled together, and a check for $7,200,000 was made out to Russia for "the Alaska purchase." Nobody was the wiser. Only difference between Tony Soprano and William H. Seward is that Soprano doesn't forget to make worth his while.

In January, Dorene posted this story on the topic.
About Dorene: An august dignitary gracing this site, Dorene is a member of the Seward City Council, mother of Casmir, an artist, a model and a fast poster. An Alaskan since 1965, at least fifteen years before she was born, Dorene writes about life, passes on jokes, talks politics and shows us pictures of her land and family on her weblog. Another site (click here) gives us her online biography, some of her artwork and photos of her and friends.

A few of her posts I especially enjoyed are here, here and here.

Don't miss some of Dorene's paintings here.

How to be a future guest on this site: Just send an email to dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after posting that week's guest, I'll send you an email with a word to define. You'll be expected to return your definition along with a graphic representing either your definition or yourself by the following Saturday. The only rules are no profanity and no novels, please. And whatever I make up at the last minute.


dddragon said...

I really enjoyed those "especially enjoyed" posts, too. The one about Global Words was particularly enjoyable.

Sar said...

Nice to meet you Dorene. Your paintings are impressive and so colorful; I think the horse was my favorite. I have family that spent many years in Alaska and hopes to return one day. No folly there.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Hi Dorene,

Good definition. I haven't checked the links yet.

Jodes said...

HI, thanks for contacting me, you will hear from me soon. Domestic is gonna be fun.

Indeterminacy said...

Am I the only one who has alway been fascinated with the idea of living in Alaska. Now add one more reason to the fascination...

Doug said...

Dddragon, that was one of the first of her posts I read. It's fascinating and fun, right?

Sar, I agree. Primary colors are good for the soul and voting.

TLP, how about you get on that, huh?

Thanks Jodes, suspense is over-rated.

No, Indie, you aren't. When I was applying to colleges my dream was to go to UA Fairbanks but I put the wrong address on my request for the application. And I thought the SAT test had condemned me. How's 'bout it Dorene? You have a barn?

ariel said...

Hi, Dorene! in that picture of yours Alaska looks like a magic forest with fairies in it.

Doug and Indie, buy a ticket for me, too.

dddragon said...

Indie, I have to warn you that my Uncle Owen lives in Alaska. Check TLP's past blogs to find out him.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Doug, was that an ultimatum? Don't be such a harpy.

I did check some of them out in spite of you. Pretty interesting.

3D: your Uncle Owen might be Seward's biggest folly.

a4g said...

Seward's Folly, n. The 19th century version of Bush's Folly.

History does not smile on the timid.

Doug said...

Ariel, I bet there's a lot of room in Dorene's barn.

Dddragon, I'm guessing there's plenty of room in Alaska to drive around a sleeping man on a lawn.

Funny, TLP. I can't help myself.

a4g, I always figure the 51st state should have oil. Otherwise they get expensive. The timid smile on those who are history.

Minka said...

Seward´s folly?
I decided not to google this one and come up with European ideas of what this could possibly be:

a) an intelligent-lacking man called Seward
b) a boat going in the wrong direction
c) title of a book published by Seward´s borther Landguard-who always assumed he was the brighter one of the two, having spent most of his life like a fish out of water!

Any one of these even close?

Cowgirl said...

I like Dorene's definition.
Lovely paintings.

Have you always lived in Alaska?

actonbell said...

Hi, Dorene! Lovely artwork, and that lawn mower is a keeper.
I like your definition, too!

Doug said...

Mink, B isn't so far off. At least if Iceland is the destination.

Good question, Cowgirl and thanks for the kind comment.

You too, Actonbell. Like clockwork but with less predictable timing.

Mrs. Weirsdo said...

This is actually quite meaningful to me. In the late 1960's my grandfather, a geologist and oil speculator, disappeared mysteriously from Seward (a presumed suicide). Then come to find out a good portion of Dr. Weirsdo's family come from Seward's sister "city," Seward, Nebraska.
Cheers, Dorene.

karma said...

warm welcome here to the beautiful and multi-talented Dorene! nice use of colour. and words

Jamie Dawn said...

Hello, Dorene. I'd love to go to Alaska some day. I enjoyed seeing your paintings.

Doug: Howdy Doodie Patootie. That's all.

Janet said...

Seward's Folly? I give you credit Dorene.

All I have to say is I'm glad I went last week.:)

Doug said...

Mrs. Weirsdo, I didn't know that. I'm glad for the coincidence.

Thanks, Karma

How now, Jamie Dawn

Janet, I always kind of stick it to the last guest of the month. Thanks for the warmth. I imagine an Alaskan in March is ready for that.

cooper said...

Nice to meet you Doreen. Nice definition.

I've visited and lived in a lot of places but I have never been to Alaska...........I was close enough to smell it once though.

I will check out the links because Doug often chooses interesting reading.

Miz BoheMia said...

I am impressed! Great def Dorene and oooooweeee on the art! Talented ladies become beloved beings in the eyes of bohemians! Nice to meet you!

Dawgy Doug, thou art an impressive curmudgeon with fantabulous taste in people... bohemian sistahs everywhere are proud of you!

Ooooweeee and WOOOOHOOOOO!

Seward's folly.... to attempt anything close to a definition would result in a disaster forever to be remembered as the BoheMian's Folly...

AP3 said...

Great job, Dorene! Doug, you sure do attract some interesting, cool readers.

Doug said...

Thanks, Alice. I bet Alaska smelled clean, right?

Miz B, I make it a policy to forget all Bohemian follies.

Aral, I soitenly do. Dorene being one example and the Pezes being 6 more.

Minka said...

Well, Doug!
Iceland is actually a side-thing that happened while a boat went astray! The original destination was America. Or so I have been told. Than many years later, Ingolfur Arnarson came and named it, after- yes- he was pissed off because it was so bloody cold and he was stuck here for a whole winter! Lovely stories!

Doug said...

Minka, I've heard that story. I love that Greenland got it's name to lure settlers.

carla said...

Seward alaska is the most beautiful place on the planet.Its the only bay that doesn't freeze over,which allows a moderate temp in comparison to the rest of the state.Dorene is an asset to her community and friends.Keep up the good work on the council. Carla

DoreneMLorenz said...


you did post the comment on doug's blog, I am pulling the comments over because most of the people who read my blog are barely tech-literate but enjoy the banter. (I have had two emails requesting it already)

I am also putting up pemanent live links to all the commentor's weblogs so that they can link up without getting lost. You'all are frickin hilarious by the way.

I have a large barn, that has a wood stove in it that isn't hooked up - and a number of downed trees and an axe - have at it!

Doug said...

Welcome, Carla. I don't doubt a word you said.

Dorene, thanks for doing this and I'm glad you had fun. Frickin hilarious is what makes a barn a home, after all. That and a good wood stove.