Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Besondere Gaest Mittwoch*

*I think

This weeks guest, at long last and in due course is The Ice Queen, mädchen Monika. Monika was given the word Polyandry. Here is her response:
Remember January 4th, 2006? No?
Well, it was the day the host of this blog decided to threaten us with a shut down. I was two months younger and believed many things, so he kinda black-mailed me into doing this. Now, here I am, rewarding his bad behaviour. But the guy seems to have trouble coming up with definitions on Wednesdays, so I felt we oughta give him a break. Besides, he has puppy eyes!

The word I got?
What in the name of Thor...?

Doug mentioned that word to me once and I thought it had something to do with Pollyanna. I should have known better!
Let´s think about it: poly=more than one
Ladies, need I go on?

So here it goes:
1) absurdly, less common than polygyny. Which just makes me mad and reminds me of days back in Highschool. When a guy is busy playing the field, he is a stud. When a girl does it, she becomes a lady of monetary affection.
2) the Old Testament says: It is OK!
3) An alternative to many short-comings
4) the only quick way to receive multiple “Yes!” (es)
5) or what many call a Saturday night in Reykjavik

If you are interested, I advise a trip to Tibet, Zanskar, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Yunnan in China!

For me it is just a lot of Homogamus!

And might I just add: It has been such an honour just to be nominated amongst those of you who haven´t special-guested yet, but to win the Wednesday post this week has truly been orgasmic!

About Monika: Monika virtually approached these shores way back in the olden days when this site was white-on-black and no-one could actually read the words. When I realized I had been read by someone from Iceland I went to her site to beg her to sign my guestmap, knowing I would then have the coolest one. This was the start of a long and beautiful friendship, leading to her adoption by my father a mere week ago.

Lovely in words and pictures, Monika is merely stunning for the openness of her heart. After sharing so much of her candor, trials, tribulations and joys it wasn't hard to start calling her "Sis". Monika started life in the former East Germany, the oldest of seven children of a single mother. From there she found a new and truer family with her adoptive mother, Sabina. It's a wonderful story and no wonder she aggregates family so fast. Under the expert tutelage of Miz Bohemia, Monika's been vamping up nicely as suits her new single status if not her new big brother.

How to be a future guest on this site: Just send an email to dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after posting that week's guest, I'll send you an email with a word to define. You'll be expected to return your definition along with a graphic representing either your definition or yourself by the following Saturday. The only rules are no profanity and no novels, please. And whatever I make up at the last minute.

Oh, and March Hare, March Hare!


pia said...

I have no idea how to define the word;-)

But I'm glad to see Monika showcased here! She deserves it, and her new spruced up website. Oh right Dawg Doug already said that!!!!!!

Nothing new to say

dddragon said...

In the name of Thor, indeed! Great definitions, Monika, love them all, can't improve.

Kaninchen, Kaninchen!

karma said...

Minka honey we are all so proud of you! Shine on, little one, and may your life be full of husbands. or boyfriends. and never mind if big brother is watching

polyandry: trying to tackle a huge basket of dirty clothes. but you musn't wash them in public

karma said...

oh, and March thar, too

Minka said...

Thank you guys, so much! I wasn´t sure if this post would be too offensive, but if you are given a word like Polyandry: what do you expect!

Doug said...

She certainly does, Pia, and no idea seems like you're hiding something.

Hase, hase, Dddragon!

Great definition, Karma, and, yes, we're all proud to know Ms. Minka. I'll thank you to not undercut big brother's authority, though. Young women need protection from scoundrels and chocolatiers.

Monika, as Miz Bohemia's protege the day may come when you push the bounds of outrageousness. That day is not yet and not soon. Thanks for doing a great job with this (and I love when you make fun of Icelandic girls.)

AP3 said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Monika's great. It's so nice to see her here as a guest, especially now that she's temporarily offline. She did an awesome job, too.

AP3 said...

Oh, wait... Monika commented? Is she back online? How nice!

Sar said...

Very impressive, Monika! And how great you won guest Wednesday! That is too sweet, just like you my pretty German Icelandic sistah (though to clarify I have no familial relation to your big brother, as there'll be no big brother watching this gal and that includes my favorite blog dog).

Polyandry - Polly and Ree, suggested nicknames for Monika's birdies as the actual definition is not one that I'd associate with the future wife and mother of the century that is our Monika.

logo said...

YAY for Monika!!
YAY for internet adoption!
YAY for polyandry!
Oh, wait...

mireille said...

I'm PROUD to call her schwester! (And honey, we're ALL rewarding his bad behaviour. We really should be more careful.) ♥ Monika ♥ xoxo

Doug said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Aral! Monika's been neglecting the elderly to log on from work. Isn't she the very best?

Not to fear, Sar. Some jobs are too big for an old dog.

Haha, Logo. I hear things.

Mireille, bad behavior is for the rewarding.

Jamie Dawn said...

Monika is sharp as a whip and smart as a tack. (snort!)
Great job, Monika!
Good write-up on her, Doug.

Polyandry: Sheer madness.

duxfine said...

Polyandry, n, The ulitmate state of gender specific redundancy.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Rabbit, rabbit to the lovely Monika! Good job. And good write-up Doug.

Polyandry, n.,
A breeding system in which one female mates with two or more males. An example is the Brown-headed Cow Bird. Female humans usually learn better after finishing with just one.
See also: It takes a hell of a man to beat none.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooooweeeee! The guest of honor is MONIKA! I bow before you oh Queen at such a job well done! Such a pretty German-Icelandic viking and what a word you were given! You tackled it fantabulously well.

Oooh! Feel it coming on! YES! Makes me wanna partay! Joyous joyous day! Who would have guessed? COME ON AND DANCE THE DANCE ELECTRIC! Funkified!

Polyandry.... Yummy, yummy yum yums!

Doug, you have great taste in family, GREAT TASTE I say! ;-P

Doug said...

Jamie Dawn, well done with the metaphors! Bierce felt the same way about Bigamy that you do about Polyandry. He thought it should be punished with trigamy.

So, we're interchangeable, Duxfine? That's sort of disappointing.

Hahaha. That, TLP!

Miz B, call it good fortune rather than good taste.

Minka said...

Doug, I try to push the boundries, though not too far. I am too scared! Imagination is no crime. Action ocassionaly calls for punishment.

You Guys! as TLP would say. You have been so nice to me and it was not as tough to do this since I know most of you quite well.

Ap3, Doug is right: I took a 24 hour job today at work-since I knew I was on here today- to be able to comment and answer you guys. The old ones are somewhere too :)

Sar, I win everything, don´t I? Thank you for teh compliment and I think Doug has enough on his hands with me and Miz B. It would just be torture for him to look out for teh three of us;)

Yay for Logo and Ariella! Woof!!!

Zockso-love right back at ye!

Jamie Dawn: Thank you so much, coming from you that is quite a compliment. Dido!

TLP, fröhlichen hasentag!

Miz B. *queen gives appropriate indication of a boogie and shakes her hip* Love ye!

I love all you guys and thank you for these lovely comments. Would make any girl polyandrous ;)

Tom & Icy said...

You're my queen! Woof.

weirsdo said...

You are so right about unfairness, Monika. I was just telling Sar how Dr. Weirsdo would object to my bringing home a cabana boy to take care of our pool!

Minka said...

Tom and Icy, And you are my royal hounds :)

weirsdo, he did not! How dare he object to the principle of " the more the merrier" Do I need to speak with him?

weirsdo said...

No, Monika. Upon further reflection, I guess I object to that principle too.

Doug said...

Monika, you're a great host here, too.

Icy, Willie will join you in a bow-wow version of "God Save The Queen" Walela bows to nobody.

Weirsdo, I always though professors were supposed to be into that kind of thing.

Minka said...

weirsdo, yeah...the bad thing with this principle is that it is a two-way street;)

Minka said...

Doug, naturally a real Queen does not bow to others, she might tilt her head a little in acknowledgment to other, less importnat creatures;)
*queen distributes 5 bones to the surrounding dogs*

ariel said...

funny definition, Monika, The Fighter Queen, you look great and sound great. and I too like the "in the name of Thor..."!

Minka said...

Hi Ariel, I am glad you like it. If-in the spirit of a viking- I would say"what in the name of God?..." i´d be godonistic, right? ;) And that just doesn´t fly here!

actonbell said...

Bravo, Monika! That is one swell picture, too--everything reminds me of Monty Python, which is a happy thing.

You're the top! You're the Colosseum,
You're the top! You're the Louvre Museum,
You're a melody from a symphony by Strauss,
You're a Bendel bonnet, a Shakespeare sonnet,
You're Mickey Mouse.
You're the Nile, You're the Tow'r of Pisa,
You're the smile on the Mona Lisa...

(Cole Porter)

Rabbit, rabbit!

weirsdo said...

Not the ones from Nebraska, Doug.

Doug said...

Thanks, Ariel.

Monika, something doesn't fly here?

Rabbit, rabbit, Actonbell

Minka said...

a Viking godonistic viewpoint doesn´t fly in Iceland is what I meant to say! I am´s been a long day and my sense of humour becomes more and more unaccesible :)
Actonbell, i might sing that to myself when I go to bed. Might become my future Nursing Rhyme! No, I am not to old for that sorta stuff!

Omnipotent Poobah said...

All hail the Ice Queen.

Are you sure you got the word right? It might be polylaundry, or too much laundry, which is the description of Wichita, Kansas on a Saturday night.

All complaints from Wichita readers should be sent directly to:

Monika the Ice Queen
Reykjavik, Iceland

Minka said...

OPP, you forgot: Snowroad -15


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit dahling.

I am all for polyandry. I mean the thought of mating with more than one male in a single mating season seems a good idea to me. ;)

If it wasn't for the germs that is. ;(

cooper said...

I'll get the hang of this eventually don't worry.

Moi above...

Doug said...

Poobah, I didn't know the reindeer delivered that far north.

Cooper, you're a riot. I see room for a compromise.

SquareGirl said...

Once again Doug, you have managed to find a lovely and talented guest for your site, which makes me wonder how you are able to get all of these beautiful and wonderful people to do your job for you every Wednesday? I love your description of Monika, as from what I've read in this limited time of knowing her, I quite agree that she is lovely and stunning due to her openness of heart.

Monika, I love your definitions and you strike me as the type of woman who has the strength and passion to handle polyandry. Me on the other hand, find that at times monogamy can include one too many...

a4g said...

Polyandry, n. A wicked, deviant perversion of Natural Law which greviously offends a rightfully vengeful God.

Which is odd, because it's converse, polygamy, is defined as "curiously intriguing."

Doug said...

SquareGirl, I'm glad you're getting to know Monika. You have some career highlights in common. I wouldn't bet against her.

Agreed, a4g, polyandry is exactly the kind of situation to make an atheist believe in a vengeful God.

ariel said...

does "doesn"t fly here" mean "it doesn't fit"? or "people here don't like it"?

LeesahEm. said...

polyandry-usually the second thing guys in the Seattle area lists as one of his interests. Also the last thing they often get to tell me ;P

Minka said...

anonymous, I have a slight suspicion of who you are. Not sure though. Going through a list of people who are allowed to call me is a short list.

Squaregirl, Thank you sweety! It is also a great treat to get to know you. And as I emtnioned: polyandry is a lot of homogamus to me...I am still living in fairyland with the prince on the white horse-idea:)

Ariel, "It doesn´t fly" mean it has no wings to carry it, so it doesn´t really work. maybe I made this up? I should get on the phone with the guys that hand out patents.

Indeterminacy said...

That's a great Wagnerian photo. Wonder if you ever did play a female Thor in one of those operas.

Doug said...

Ariel, whatever it means must apply to Iceland but it sure doesn't apply to this site. *Hrrrrrrumph*

Masil, that's very odd. In the rest of the country we like Polygamy. Hippies!

Monika, I have a strong suspicion Anonymous was Alice and Alice is Cooper. She takes many forms.

Nope, Indie. That's our little Isolde.

Minka said...

Little? You really wanna go down that road?
I prefer the more neutral version: vertically challenged :)
I am 1.65 and still counting, although I haven´t grown a cm in a couple of years now. Never give up hope!

Doug said...

Sorry, Monika and if your height translates to 5'6" you're 10 cm taller than the little sister whose hair I used to pull. I use "little" without reference to your stature.

Fred said...

Late to the party, as usual. Great reading. What 3D said...can't add much.

Doug said...

Howdy, Fred!

ariel said...

Monika, "doesn't fly" was a good made up then! I thought it was an English phrase new to me. we say "its throat is bleeding".

oh and I'm 1 cm shorter than you. we are sexy and don't cost much to be fed.

Minka said...

Doug, I am glad you see it that way adn I could pull your ears any day! :)

Fred, better late than never. Glad you liked it.

Ariel, cool...I streched-literally- my cms. I am 1,64.5.
Abd hey, interesting to know my height -and I call it proudly that-in feet!

Jodes said...

I have been to Monika's site too and she is great. THis is a cool thing you do.

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