Friday, March 24, 2006


Abandon, v.t. To correct an erring friend or admonish a needy one. Of women the word abandoned is used in the sense of indiscreet.

2006 Update: To find the safety, prosperity or victory that another seeks.


shayna said...

"don't abandon your band
and leave them alone
to fend for themselves
and don't you cry for you dog
he lived a good life
and now he's running"

dddragon said...

first thing that came to mind was "abandon all hope ye who enter here."

oh, this ain't Sar's place. sorry.

Sar said...

Hahaha, 3D! That made my day.

Sorry to abandon all my blogger buddies, but I'm hitting the road. Have a great weekend all!

Doug said...

Ah, Shayna, a heartbreaking lyric.

I think you want next door, Dante- I mean, Dddragon.

Safe trip, Sar.

Cowgirl said...

Abandon - what I do when I get to go home from work.

karma said...

wild abandon: a 3-Martini lunch

Tom & Icy said...

Who let us dogs out, we want back in!

The Phoenix said...

Reckless Abandon: ignoring your mother's advice.

Doug said...

Cowgirl, forsake it all, young lady.

Karma, to me that's the definition of Naptime.

Icy, if Tom abands you just woof.

Phoenix, I really wouldn't know.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Ha, ha, Doug. Phoenix, I really wouldn't know. Let's ask yo Mama.

Abandon, n., A band on the run. Also see Paul McCartney.
v.t., To chicken out. Also see Eating out at KFC.

Anonymous said...

Abandon: that's pretty much what I do to my inhibitions after a few shots.

Whoo and hoo!

LeesahEm. said...

abandon-littering the highway of life

Doug said...

ha, TLP. It's good to have you back. Did I mention that?

Jenna, isn't it Friday in Canada?

Masil, to make or be refuse?

Miz BoheMia said...

Abandon... Am I the only one who thinks of sex?


Bohemians need to behave. I'd best abandon this definition and be gone.

Indeterminacy said...

Hi Bohemia: No you're not the only one. I think of sex, too, sometimes.

abandon: the opposite of bandon, short form of jumping on the bandwagon.

abandon: fun stuff to do with a girl/guy in a haywagon.

ariel said...

you mean sneeze?

LeesahEm. said...

Doug-both...don't we abandon and are abandonded? We are both the providers of Mcdonald's cheeseburger wrappers and often are the cigarette butts ourselves.

Doug said...

Miz B, I'm certain of it. I and the rest of my friends are far too virtuous. Well, except for Indie.

Indie, nice job with that. I like the progress.

Ariel, achoo is close. They're probably spelled the same in Hungarian.

Masil, I'm always the match.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

To abandon: something all of us here are willing to do to our credibility, all for the sake of a joke. (Or maybe I should just speak for myself.)

That Doug! I saw you roll your eyes! I do so too have some credibility. I get credit card offers daily, I'll have you know.

Cowgirl said...

The Bossman was such a jerk today I almost abandoned him in his misery. However, I did not want to desert his daughter who is preggers. So I told him off instead, and he quickly straightened out. (Go me!)

I would forsake it all Doug, but then I would eventually need to find another way to pay the bills and feed myself, the horses, and my dogs.

Masil - I agree with you. But I don't litter. They make trash cans and ash trays for a reason.

AP3 said...

Geez. I got nothin'.

Doug said...

TLP, you made a joke and kept all of your credibility.

Cowgirl, did you get your super lotto ticket? Sorry to hear of your bad day.

That's ok, Aral. It's nice to see your cyanotic face anyway.

Anonymous said...

Relinquishing one false identity for another.


logo™ said...

Abandon~ To neglect one's bloggy peeps.

Forgive, I pray you, the abandonment.

Doug said...

Anonymous, who are you going to be now?

Logo Trademarked, where you headed?

Janet said...

Reckless abandon is what came to mind first for me.

That, and that movie starring Katie Holmes from a few years back. Don't ask me why.

Doug said...

Janet, reckless abandon comes to ming first for me all the time.