Saturday, March 31, 2007


Episode 13 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader.

To hear the story, reason with them.

This week, The Prattler is on vacation due to back-ache and excessive cussing. It should return next week.

To read the story, reason with him.


Anonymous said...

reading in a minute -- just wanted to be... first!

backache? cussing? hmmmm.... then your week has gone well, afterall. ; )

Anonymous said...

do i detect a lovely Canadian accent in that reader's voice? why yes, i believe i do! i know you (as well as the rest of us) have a few fabulous friends from across our Northern border, but this one has a lilting and happy familiarity, causing me to guess none other than "Catwoman" (as she's known among dawgs & penguins) herself, Kyahgirl!

love the way this week's story ends in a "cliffhanger" (or ankle clinger, as the case may be)

another terrific episode, made all-the-more-special by this wonderful reading. well done! *claps*

Anonymous said...

Kyahgirl was my first thought. And she has a lovely voice. I enjoyed listening.

Sorry to hear about the backache, Doug. I hope that didn't happen because of your recent confederacy with Catwoman and a Penguin. Were you toting too many souvenirs for them?

Minka said...

confederacy:n. shortage of weapons, territory and/or sleep

Anonymous said...

perfect lines:
True. Assassins are probably the only altruists, but that’s what makes the contract work. Society is a lattice of needs held together with vines of assistance. A great global gazebo.

This was my favorite of all the stories--looking forward to the ending

Minka said...

By the by...a very lovely reading, made those crawling reptiles almost sound soothing.
Well done!

*almost stops shaking and wipes sweat of forehead*

Kyahgirl said...

ah dear puppybrose...its kind of hard to fool you when we've had the pleasure of chatting on the phone, eh? :-)

dear minka, I'm terribly sorry about the snakes, did I say snakes? just pretend they are really big worms with an unfortunate dental anomaly!!

Doug, you weren't cussing when I was there. What has the penguin done now? She didn't make you go back to Disneyland did she?

Anonymous said...

Kyah, not that you heard anyway :)

Yes that was my guess too and I guess also as I've had the pleasure of chatting with Kyahgirl once...and there was that "exercise video". Anyway, nicely done in both the writing and the telling.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm using the soundless laptop, but based on the guesses of others, I'd say it is Kyahgirl doing the reading. I sense that this is a correct guess. :)

I thought for sure those snakes were gonna sink their fangs into Alice's ankles. Boy! What a nail biter!!

Confederacy: Against the feds

TLP said...

Nicely read. Nicely written. Confederacy of Dunces comes to mind.

Doug The Una said...

Neva, all I need for a stream of cussing is my back to go out and all I need for my back to go out is to do something stupid which requires waking up. One week is the same as another. I liked the reading, too and it does sound Canadian, eh?

Quilly, I'm good at the diamond hitch. This just happens. I agree about the voice.

Minka, necessity is the mother of peace and the soul of wit?

Thanks, Pia.

Minka, you need antivenom?

No, Kyah, I really threw my back out all on my own. If I find a way to blame the penguin, I will. Great reading, by the way. About the reader: In person she's more sarcastic than I am.

Thanks, G. And good point, we were very careful about cussing in front of Kyahgirl. It's like drinking in front of an alcoholic or spending with sailors.

Yew knowwit, JD. I bet I can find out how your appointment went if I click the right link, can't I?

I still need to read that, TLP. I feel like I'll find a brother.

Anonymous said...

I too would have guessed Kyah had I not been late to the party - really. Nicely done Kyah aka Catwoman!! Excellent installment Doug (as per usual I might add). Sorry about the fun.

Kyahgirl said...

aw geez, I really am sorry about the back Doug. That has happened to Ron a few times...wake up from an uneventful sleep to find yourself crippled. It usually takes a trip to the chiropractor and substantial amounts of cussing to cure it.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about my voice. Like most people, I think my OWN voice sounds ridiculous so am relieved to hear its ok, Canuck accent and all. :-)

(Doug, don't think you'll get away with your slander. I caught that. You'll pay.)

Anonymous said...

I too guessed Kyahgirl, but I spent most of the day switching from a hotel room to a guest room, so didn't get to spend too much time online. Nice reading, catdog... :)

Can anyone tell me how come it's so hard to get a sandwich on the Sandwich Islands? Hmmmm??

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

I love the reader's accent! She does sound Canadian to me too... Another great installment and reading.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, Rabbit. or, in keeping with the Snake Messiah's good(ish) fortune... Rabbitssss, Rabbitssss. (okay, so maybe that sounds more like Gollum. sue me.)

Doug The Una said...

Joel, almost right is pretty good in your line of work, isn't it?

Kyah, if you were still here in person I'd be truly afraid.

Cabana next, Amoeba?

Rabbit, Rabbit, Sis!

Rabbit, Rabbit other Sis!

And rabbit, rabbit, Neva!

Anonymous said...

Did the rabbits eat your links to the story, Dawg? I mean, it's poisson d'avril and all, but still ...

TLP said...

The links work, the pix just don't show today (for me.)

Just dropped by to say Rabbit Rabbit. And to give you a Get-out-of-jail-free card for telling some big 'o lie today.

Anonymous said...

Okay, who stole the cobras? I do hope the assassin is okay. I'm rather fond of her.

Logophile said...

YAY, my canadian twin is FABULOUS!!
Well read!
Well written!
Doug, you have been tagged.
I did it very gently though, so as not to hurt you at all.

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, I'm not sure what happened there but the links work, the pictures are gone.

Thanks, TLP. I wouldn't lie.

Quill, I think she took up her cobras and left.

Hi, Logo. Your Canadian twin is fabulous. What was that? You lagged me? Logo, you're always miles ahead.

tsduff said...

I did enjoy the snakes as well, whilst they were there.

Always a pleasure to listen to other accents - Thanks Ms. Hen :-)

Best wishes Doug that your back is on the mend. I have found however, that cussing does nothing to east the pain. Try a nice hot pad instead.