Saturday, March 10, 2007


Episode 10 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader.

To hear the story, listen for sunrise.

This week, in The Prattler, "Conservatism in Transition."

To read the story, use the lamplight.


Ariel the Thief said...

oh Eos, you are the sweetest thing I've ever heard. come and love ME.

G said...

Diogenes, you ole windbag - here's your chance, but no still looking for honesty.

Okay, I'll have to come back later for a stronger listen - we're off to violin. Wow, the field is still wide open - Mirielle? I'll be back, but nicely done.

Anonymous said...

ah me... that was one fine chapter, and one FANTASTIC reading. gentle sarcasm folded into such lilting tones surely created a pitch perfect reading of this week's tale, Shirley.

as for the owner of that most charming and melodious voice? hmmmmm. i don't believe it's Al. and i know for a fact it's not me. who then? who, indeed... (seriously, who is this? heh heh -- i suppose it'll dawn on me, eventually)

*CLAPS WILDLY* Well done, and BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

"What's it going to be, pal? I don't have all day." That's hard, Dawg. Very ha... (oops). Damn this English language!

Too many choices, not enough clues. Not New Yawk. Not Calgary, eh? But whoever she is, she done good.

DAWN, n. The big light in sky that snuffs out the nightmare and carries you to its cause.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. Wonderful reading. Wonderful job of remaining anonymous. I have no clue who this is.

I have attempted to post this comment twice this morning. Once about 5:30, once about 6:30 -- and now, again. This is tiresome. The "comment accepted" sign comes up, but the comment doesn't stick.

dawn the bright spot of realization just before one leaves Blogger forever.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps my favorite chapter to date...bravo to Doug and the mystery voice whose read matched the story perfectly! at 5:30 and 6:30...could it be you were checking on your fine, fine read?

Anonymous said...

Joel -- I am flattered by your guess.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, I'm sure Eos loves you every day. You probably sleep right through it.

He's a goof, G. Definitely. And Dawn has such a nice voice and rosey disposition, too. Have fun at violin practice.

Actonbell, you may be right. And I agree, the voice is grand.

Puppy, it was Al.

I like your thinking, Amoeba and the definition is excellent. Wish I'd thought of it.

Quilly, sorry about that but switching again seems traumatic. I'm glad you liked the reading, though. Not everything here is shabby.

That's interesting, Joel. You must be a Cinemax guy. Thanks, thanks.

Quilly, the lady doth protest too much.

mireille said...

I love Eos and love the reader ... bringing light to dark places. Shoulda taken her up on her offer, D. ♥ xoxo

Tom & Icy said...

Great reader.
So is dawn the start of the night for the living dead?

Sar said...

Beautifully done! Who knew our blogger buddy OC has such a melodious, lilting, and feminine voice. Oh yes, OC, I'm guessing it's you every week. One of these week's I'll be right. I'm sure of it. That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it.

Actually, methinks this lovely voice sounds familiar and if methinks correctly, it's "wondabuh!" (as my little Amazing A says) to hear it again.

(Doug, my fav line this week: "I've got three minutes left" - BWAAAAAA!)

Jamie Dawn said...

Dawn: my middle name :)

I was born around dawn on the 14th of Sept, and I gave my momma an easy birth. My brother, whose middle name is Donald, gave our mother hell when he entered the world.

Diogenese isn't very honest with himself. We all KNOW he wanted to succumb to her charms, but he pretended to be angry with her instead.
Me thinks he missed out on a good thing.

I heard some northeast coast in that voice.
My guess is DDD.
Well done!!

Anonymous said...

well, i do know Al had a cold a few weeks back, but i doubt that'd be responsible for the decidedly feminine -- not to mention seductive -- sounding voice i heard reading your wonderful story. i'm guessing her identity will become clear once that sun comes up, and we get a little more light in here.

Anonymous said...

Ok..if no Quilly (and I still suspect as much), what about Actonbell?

Kyahgirl said...

that was a great episode Doug.
Diogenes is dumber than a bag of hammers eh?
Can't really figure the reader...I only recognize Texas, Louisiana, and Massachusetts accents so am stumped.

G said...

That Eos is a sassy one, yet sweet. I ran through so quickly earlier, I didn't get a chance to compliment you on your double entendres and fine story telling. Gets better and better.

I think Jamie Dawn is on to something. After all the sun does rise in the east...I'm throwing my guess behind Joel and going with - Actonbell. After all Sar is claiming familiarity with the voice and she's met Neva - who's been up already, I don't recognize me in that storytelling, so that leaves the Pez girls of the East coast, whom Sar has met. Mystery solved before the sun has had a chance to set.

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, philosophers can be a little slow in the windup.

Icy, Dawn is the start of the light of living day, maybe?

Sar, you were close. It's Al.

Jamie Dawn, is Donald's first name coffeebreak?

Puppy, prediction noted.

Joel, Actonbell has more of a cinderella-type voice.
Actonbell, of course I have no idea what I mean by that.

Kyah, then I can't wait for you to hear a Canadian accent. You'll crack up.

Shabat Sholom, G.

Minka said...

Nice, very nice!

Eos reminded me of snow white, I hope that´s ok :)

reader??? have you noticced that none of the other Pezes-besides Actonbell- have said anything yet??? *gets in line behind Joel, Jamie, Sar and G!* Anyone brought something to eat?

dawn, the Monday of Celestial movements

tsduff said...

Dawn: The most hopeful part of the day.

Lovely reading - great excerpt.

Anonymous said...

Enquiring minds...

Sunday...9:23am est and no revelation? Sup?

Doug The Una said...

Minka, I guess that's OK, but Snow White was such a tart. I hope it's OK with Dawn.

Thanks, Terry. And the definition fits both Dawn and you.

Joel, I'm surprised no-one's stepped forward to claim that fine voice. The answer may be closer than you think,

Lila said...

Another great installment! What a soothing voice. I can tell you all, that's no Pez family voice. Who is it??? She sounds wonderful.

G said...

Okay, heading out of the canyon - just northeast of Pez and southwest of Puppytoes, you'll find a lamp in the window, pull her chain and you'll find the answer...

Aw shucks, lies are for day and night - twas me. Thank you all for your kind comments and indulgence of my storytelling efforts. Was a bit of fun and I was only too happy to be added into the Pez family if only for a day.

Anonymous said...

G -- you did a wonderful job of reading and keeping us in the dark. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Your lamp burns brightly G - very well done!!! That said...let's talk about keeping us in suspense overnight young lady.

Ariel the Thief said...

poor Diogenes, how could he know a lampshade can be more dangerous than serpents and dragons?

G said...

Quilly, thanks the keeping the lights low may have been the most fun part.

Joel, it had something to do with Daylight Savings Time! I swear :)

Ariel, he is getting a bit obsessed in his quest for honesty, it's skewing his vision.

G said...

By the way Joel, where did your blog get to? It's not showing up today!

Anonymous said...

i loved this. It uncovered some keys to life for me
“Why must a man who has suffered in the flesh suffer also in the mind?”
“Actually, it’s kind of cute. Those who have enjoyed themselves the night before have the regrets when I arouse them. Those who wake up to misfortune when I arrive are the grateful ones.”

As to the owner of the voice I haven't a clue

Kyahgirl said...

great job G!

Anonymous said...

Teach me to expect New Yawk from New Yawk.

Nice work G. If I recall you did drop a hint about this on the Snark a couple of weeks ago. And I didn't pay attention ...

G said...

Pia, it's ME, G!!! Right here (turns light on). Have to agree, I really loved the story.

Kyahgirl, thanks buddy :)

Amoeba, Ooh did I teach YOU something today? Then my work here is done. Skips around. Thanks OC, I did but that was astute of you (surprise) to pick up on it.

Oh and on expecting NewYawk from New Yawk - it's getting harder to find that accent with the melting pot that is us.

Okay all, I've got an hour's time to make up for which is never good if you're me who is typically already an hour behind schedule (what is this scedule you speak of?). Enjoy your daylit savings Sunday and thanks for playing along.

G said...

Oh and Amoeba, didn't I mention - I'm originally from New Joisey! :)

Anonymous said...

she's a clever one, my NBFF. and as lovely/charming in person as she is in voice (for any and all who wondered). again i say well done, G, and BRAVO!!! you too, Doug ~ this story keeps gettin' better every week...

*claps wildly a second time in as many days*

Lila said...

Nice job, G! :-*

Anonymous said...

I think this was the best so far. I had to read it because I am not where I usually am, and for some reason I have no sound no matter what I do.

I enjoyed the reading of it though.

Dawn: It never dawns on me to be up by it.

Either way Emily Dickinson was rather fond of it.

The Old Mule said...

Well done, G!

I love: "I'm looking for an honest man..."

Sar said...

Aha! It is indeed wondabuh to hear the Lovely Lampy's voice again! Nicely done Joisey goil. :)

Did it Dawn on anyone else that Doug's weekend word just happened to coincide with Daylight Savings weekend?

/futile attempt at clever comment

G said...

Puppybrose: Thanks NBFF! Aw shucks, takes a bow and motions to the dawg in the canyon...applause!

ap3: thanks so much :+]

Cooper: I loved this installment too. Dawn does hold such promise.

OldMule: Thanks Old Mule - yours was a very tough act to follow but you set a nice stage. Yeah, I like that too.

Sar: Aha! It will be wondabuh to hear your lovely voice again too! :) Thank you.

Well drop an anvil on my head - but it did not occur or duh dawn on me! How clever are you!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Aral, and you have a very good ear for Pez voices. Turns out, you made a good guess.

G, there's just not much as dependably rewarding as pulling your chain. And great job with the story. Thank you.

Quilly and Joel, I agree.

Ariel, a philosopher should be open to possibilities like that.

Pia, thanks but if you're learning from Diogenes I hope you aren't ambitious. The reader is now revealed as the blogger you brought into the world.

Kyah, it sure was. Thanks for saying so.

Gosh, Amoeba. I missed her hint, too. Men.

Neva, your NBFF is a clever one, definitely. And a voice talent, too.

Thanks, sis.

Alice, I think it's good for you to keep just a little distance between yourself and Emily Dickinson. And thanks.

Thanks, Mule.

Sar, that was a happy coincidence and you did fine. That was a clever clue, yesterday, too.

G, that was fine moderation to go with your fine reading.

Minka said...


You sligh thing!

Throwing us off track that way...*removes lightbulb for a second to teach her how it feels to be left in the dark*

That was wownderfully done, on both your parts!

also: Happy Monday everybody!

Doug The Una said...

Happy Monday, Minka! "removes lightbulb for a second to teach her how it feels to be left in the dark" is very funny.

G said...

Hey who turned out the lights :)

Al said...

Shame on me for making weekend plans! Great continued story, Doug, and nice work reading it, G. Could just barely detect a central Jersey accent in there... :-)

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, Al. Are you cheating? Thanks.