Saturday, April 28, 2007

Preaching in Persia

Episode 17 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader.

To hear the story, come swiftly to Zeno. No, faster.

No Prattler this week on account of I'm tired and lazy. The link below is repaired. I'll be doing penance if you all need me.

To read the story, a king from the orient be.


I Dive At Night said...

Hello? First???

Minka said...

Are you kiddin´me?

Anonymous said...

I just came from "Doug Drones On." The reading page isn't showing up here either.

Minka said...

yep, the reading page isn´t showing up for me either. I guess you´ll have to hurl yourself out of bed and fix it, now won´t you?!

oh and as to the reader, I know...I know! Pick me! Can´t keep it any longer and out she blurts:

Cameron Diaz!

TLP said...

Still no written account.

Nice voice. Whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

ADD folks (such as myself) require *both* written and audible portions of stories, in order to A) read/comprehend and B) not be so distracted in trying to figure out this week's reader that one is rendered incapable of actually paying attention to the story.

Cameron Diaz is splendid guess, Penguin! certainly better than any ideas i've got at the moment.

whatever -- great read/great voice/great story (at least i think it's a great story. i won't know for sure until i can see it for myself)

Doug The Una said...

Good morning, Morgan!

Minka, I wouldn't kid you, you're barely a goat.

Sorry, Weirsdo. The link is fixed now.

Minka, close! It's Princess Fiona.

TLP, fixed, fixed, fixed. The reading link is fixed. And thank you on behalf of whoever it is.

Neva, you can read now.

TLP said...

Well, it's about time. I was counting the minutes. Ooops! No counting....

Diogenes can't count? Sad. Really sad.

Good story. I need to read as well as listen. I'm just not that wise. But I am a native.

Sar said...

I would be wise to ignore your addage 'To live is not to count!' as least until the semester ends. ;)

I have no idea who this week's reader is, but her voice has a beautiful tone and Minka's right, she really does remind me of Cameron Diaz. Well done reader!

(No Prattler??? Slacker.)

mireille said...

*ponders image of Doug hurtling himself out of bed* *goes back to pondering that image* *cannot get away from that hurtling image*
Um. Penance? My a$$. (Which of course is not profanity due to creative use of symbols. Much like those you use yourself.) ♥ XOXOXOXO

Minka said...

wise, being the second mouse to get the cheese!

still no clue as to who this weeks lovely reader is, but the similarity to Cameron Diaz is uncanny!

I love the last line in this weeks installment by the way.

Unknown said...

your wonderful story, Douglas, is yet another brick in the wall

stxqp: stick with the quips

Doug The Una said...

TLP, that's the accountant's interperetation. Diogenes just has to avoid the sun.

Sar, you better hope I don't find "Fearless Grief" at the top of your bog.

Thanks, Actonbell. I kind of think philosophy and thievery go together like art and alcohol.

Funny, Mirelle. I haven't done much hurtling today outside of your imagination.

Minka, I guess that's how it goes in a noisy restaurant.

Thank you, Karma. It's nice to hear from you. By the way, y'all, Karma posted!

The Old Mule said...

who is that? well done...

G said...

"To hear the story, come swiftly to Zeno no faster" - now that is a hint for sure, but to whom, to where?

The writing stellar, the voice lovely - now who?

Let me guess anyway? Cameron Diaz? Don't think she stops here, with all due respect (mostly because it might be above her head). Ummm, Mirielle is it you?

Lila said...

Great episode, nicely read. Let me guess: Madonna?

Anonymous said...

No guess. Lovely voice. Great episode. Waiting patiently for the revelation.

Doug The Una said...

Mule, 'tis the East and Juliet is the sun.

G, sorry, it's actually I hint to the original Zeno's Paradox, not related to the story (much) or the reader (at all.) here, enjoy!

Aral, hardly. New money. Pfft.

Quilly, the reader is keeping us waiting, isn't (s)he? Playing to the base, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the reader sounds pretty square to me.

Okay, it was me, and I guarnatee, I sound nothing like Cameron Diaz in real life...


TLP said...

Nice job Squaregirl!!!
Thanks for not making me waiting until Monday to find out who you are. I don't wait well.

I read the story again Douglas. Good dog!

Minka said...

hihihihi....square, I figured it was you, but I wasn´t that certain and I didn´t wanna look stupid infront of the others. But well done!

Jamie Dawn said...

Good job, Squaregirl!

What's more important, the part or the whole?
The whole doesn't exist without the part, and the part is weak without the other parts.
The answer varies:
When it comes to food, I vote for the whole.
When it comes to a wall, I vote for the whole.
When it comes to running a marathon, I vote for the part.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Square -- that was a very well-rounded performance!

Doug The Una said...

Square, thanks for doing a great job and I'll certify that when I received your recording I didn't recognize the voice. In person, you sound more like Father Guido Sarducci.

Thanks, TLP. Milkbone?

Minka, look around. Clearly you're the scholar-penguin-queen.

Hahahahaha, Jamie Dawn. I like to spread marathons out over a decade. Great comment.

I agree, g Or q. Or whoever you are.

The Old Mule said...

squaregirl...nice. Q took my joke about roundly done.

Any way, you beat Alec Baldwin any day.

Anonymous said...

damn! had i found my way to a computer earlier today, i would absolutely have guessed Squaregirl! (i swear that's who i thought it might be)

well done, you clever girl, and thanks Doug, for hooking us up to the written version of this week's fine chapter! counting is vanity? philosophy is vitality? who knew?? certainly not me... (what else is new?) i'm also pleased to finally know the real story behind Zeno's "teaching" career. unlawful drinking and/or dating of the Shah's palms has led to the undoing of more than one poor soul, i suppose... Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Yet one commenter is as significant individually as the group of commenter's is as a whole.

A quandary no doubt for the Dog.

Anonymous said...

argh -- I am having a bad day -- a heck -- a bad weekend. I don't know who I am, so how could you?

Doug The Una said...

Mule, true but Squaregirl's a LOT meaner.

Neva, had you got to a computer earlier in the day, you'd have been right. Next week we'll see more of the harm that philosophy can bring.

And me without graph paper, Cooper. You've doomed me.

Sorry to hear, Quill. Will sarcasm help at all?

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for the kind compliments. It had a blast doing the reading. Can't wait to get back to guessing next week though.


G said...

Thanks for that explanation Doug and nicely done Squaregirl!

Anonymous said...

Doug, with me, sarcasm always helps. It is one of my favorite arts.

TLP said...

Yeah, yeah, enough with the sweetness and compliments. Put up today's post already. Geez.

cotyxpz: Coyness pays. Not that I would know.

Doug The Una said...

Anonymous, that's a pleasure I can only imagine. Thanks for making me cry.

g, think of me as your own personal Shell Answer Man.

Quilly, I was starting to suspect.