Tuesday, April 17, 2007


DICTATOR, n. The chief of a nation that prefers the pestilence of despotism to the plague of anarchy.

2007 Update: A citizen with a sore tooth.


Minka said...


Anonymous said...

DICTATOR, n. One who gives dictation, and means every word of it. America's preferred type of political leader - until after it's too late.

Sar said...

*wonders who'll be first to offer the obvious Richard Potato (that being the PG13 version) definition. TLP? Snuppy??*

Anonymous said...

my too long comment didn't take

That person who can delete emails, can cause misery for most of a nation, and commands the eyes, ears, mouth and space between the head of the person who is supposed to be the leader.

Minka said...

dictator: leader of any group consisting of more than one person, without the soft velvet wrapping and the anointment of God

Mo'a said...

....and we thought we would never have one in this country.

Anonymous said...

hah! Sar, unless i miss my guess, you just gave that definition, yourself!

lovelovelove the update, tho' you left out a couple of things:

Dictator: A citizen with a sore tooth; a baby in a wet diaper; a dog in need of a treat/snuggle/walk. (yeah yeah, there are more, but the dictator in my brain says "coffee", and being the good citizen that i am, i must obey)

The Old Mule said...

dictator: a Platonist with a heavy gavel. A Roman with purpose. A boss with a keen sense of time.

Anonymous said...

Dictator: Chairman of the Bored.

Anonymous said...

dictator for me it is a little voice implanted in my head by my first step-mother, whom I've not seen since I was 6: not good enough, not good enough, not good enough

Ariel the Thief said...

"A Roman with purpose." - it's just too funny!

dictator: God

Minka said...

AL: brilliant!

dictator: when re-painting images from post cards just doesn´t cut it anymore!

Mutha said...

Wow, no punks in the house?

The Dictators: A great American punk band, pre-Romones. Their song "Faster and Louder" got me through my teens.

Anonymous said...

Reminds of one of my favorite "dictator" movies, Moon Over Parador (1988) starring Richard Dreyfuss. Look-a-like actor fills in for fallen dictator.

Same basic premise applied in the movie Dave (1993) with Kevin Kline except the fill-in was an accountant.

Kyahgirl said...

Dictator, benevolent: Walela
Dictator, not so benvolent: teh penguin

*runs away*


Miz BoheMia said...

Oh crap! Really? So what does more than one sore tooth,three hours of dental appointments just this week and more in the week to come make a bohemian?

Dios mio! Who knew? Hey, am I not supposed to be rich then? There is something really wrong with a poor dictator... that would simply qualify me as schizo... so, what are you saying with all this then? You think I'm a schizo? Huh? HUH?

Ha, ha, ha, haaaa! I figured some narcissism thrown in the mix might come in handy! And with that,


Anonymous said...

Quilly, I know that voice, dammit! Before I was 10, I had my epitaph all sorted out:


Speaking of lookalike actors: ?

Anonymous said...

The link is supposed to be to Charlie Chaplin. Tired of Blogger being a bloody dictator about script.

Anonymous said...

dicator - a two year old.

I'd go into detail but...why?

Doug The Una said...

Minka, nicely edicted.

Amoeba, if you want to be anointed first citizen, attack the others.

Sar, are you saying Dictator, n. Vice-president?

And Pia, Dictator, n. Special Assistant to The President?

Great definition, Minka, poetic and clever. Dictator, n. A tyrant with no tiara?

Correct, Mo'a. We thought we'd have millions of them.

Neva, I'm sure I don't know what you mean by the others. Mmmm. Coffee!

Mule, you got caught blogging, didn't you? Those were great examples. I'm partial to "A platonist with a gavel." Subtle and brilliant.

Al, great pun. I have no idea why Bozo The Clown jumped into my head when I read it.

Quilly, that's good enough.

Ariel, though shalt not take his name in vain, you mean?

Only you, Minka.

Mutha, I had a notion your past might be checkered. Now I think maybe it's all black.

Joel, I think for the sake of your marriage you might want to add Duck Soup.

Laura, can cats use a doggy door?

Hermana, vives para el colmillo, reglas para el colmillo.

Ah, yes, Amoeba. Adenoid Hynkel.

Jenna, there will be enough whys when your nephew next visits.

Mutha said...

I had a crush on a guy in highschool who wore black and white checkered Vans sneakers. I thought they (and he) were the coolest.

He played the Talking Heads for me for the first time.

So I DO in fact have checkers in my past.

TLP said...

Sar! I would NEVER think of such a thing! (I'm not clever enough. Dangitall.)

Dictator: Household member with the most severe neurosis. Can be passive-aggressive or overt.

Anonymous said...

Doug...yes, of course you're right. Nice save...please consider previous post amended.

Kyahgirl said...

definitely Doug! That's why I fit in so well with Willie and Walela!

The Old Mule said...

Mutha: Dude, I am so punk (ha). I caught that "dictator" *and* let is pass.

Doug The Una said...

Mutha, you're practically a child of the light. Van's? Dude!

TLP, what's overt like?

Joel, I like to see this site as 1/2 sarcasm and 1/2 marriage counseling. It's a fine balance.

Laura, I figured sneakiness was a part of it.

Mule, you aren't even old enough to remember the Ramones. What's the story here?

G said...

There was a naked pint-sized dictator in my kitchen this morning. What would you do if he refused to dress? I told him to drink his orange juice.

I think I just missed The Dictators Mutha - I'll give a listen from home, although I am familiar with The DelLords that one of them went on to form.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hate to admit it, but Sar's tawdry direction with this was exactly what I thought as well.
I was going to say a dictator is a tater shaped like a ..., you know what.
I will continue now with more class.

Dictator: a ME monster.

Anonymous said...

...a fine and difficult balance and yet such a necessary service! Bless you Doug.

TLP said...

Doug: the Overt Dictator is like the covert Dictator with the cover removed.

Doug The Una said...

G, that's an excellent redirect of Dear Leader.

J.D. A ME monster is classy. Thank you for overcoming the temptation.

At your service, Joel.

Actonbell, shouldn't that be reposed? It sort of makes Bierce's point pretty well, doesn't it?

TLP, I've heard of that.

AsianSmiles said...

a man who has two mouths, one ear, 2 iron fists, and a houseful of firearms & ammunitions.

he also has a wife with roomful of shoes and a tubful of swiss account deposit slips.

Anonymous said...

Your people did a very good job here

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Fourtunitly I am a President not a Dictater.

I Dive At Night said...

Dictatorship: When a people have been chosen by their leader.

Dictator: A person whose death-day will be celebrated more than his birthdays.


Doug The Una said...

Asiansmiles, your words are well-marced.

Cooper, you're the benignest of despots.

Boy, that is good news. How are your civics classes going?

UaMQrl to you, too, Morgan. I mean that.