Thursday, April 26, 2007


ECCENTRICITY, n. A method of distinction so cheap that fools employ it to accentuate their incapacity.

2007 Update: Lipstick on a lumberjack or curiosity at a conference.

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Elbot said...

Eccentricity: acting without use of a computer program.

Anonymous said...

Eccentricity: A character trait considered charming in the first person but annoying in the third.

Anonymous said...

"Curiosity at a conference"? Funny you should mention that ...

ECCENTRICITY, n. The energy drink of the guy who showed up at church wearing kilts.

Anonymous said...

Eccentricity is always admired and looked for in books, movies, TV shows etc

Katherine Hepburn didn't last so long because she was conventional

Those who seek wisdom should seek eccentricity, she says not offering any

Miz BoheMia said...

Eccentricity? I know not the word!

TLP said...

I thought it was the stuff that lit the lights and junk.

Eccentricity: See Miz Bohemia.

Amoeba: are kilts in church are unconventional??
I gotta tell DMac at our church. I'm not sure he knows that.

TLP said...

But what if the lipstick on a lumberjack is from his boyfriend kissing him goodbye? Still eccentric?

I was always curious at conferences. Like, when do we break for lunch?

dfqredo: don't freakin' call me a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

eccentricity In astrodynamics the eccentricity vector of a conic section orbit is the vector pointing towards the periapsis and with magnitude equal to the orbit's scalar eccentricity. The magnitude is unitless.

There, not that I have Wikipedia out of the way, let me just say that real eccentricity is a teacher who insists on teaching, not testing.

Doug The Una said...

Elbot, that's just crazy talk.

Probably the second, Al.

Me too, Amoeba.

Pia, you never offer less than one.

Pity, hermana. Curmudgeons LOOOOOVVVEE eccentricity. FO SHO!

TLP, I meant on the lips.

Quilly, I wondered if someone was going to give a definition using ballistics. I didn't think it would be you. Will this be on the test?

OK, y'all, as you might have guessed I'm in a conference today and tomorrow so be vicous to one another.

Anonymous said...

Doug -- here's another faucet of me to boggle your mind: I am quite a good shot and have even entered target shooting competitions. In my previous life I owned a very impressive gun collection -- most of which was sold to finance my new life.

Plus, I spent a good portion of my life in a town where Speer bullets were made, so members of my family made their living from eccentricity vectors.

No test, but maybe a pop quiz.

Jamie Dawn said...

Both Bierce and YOU hit homeruns on those definitions.
Your lumberjack definition reminds me of that Geico commercial where Peter Graves says,
"so I put on some tangerine lip gloss and answered the door" - the imagery is such a riot!

Have a nice day. Be eccentric. Put on some lip gloss and flaunt your feminine side. :)

Tom & Icy said...

What the strange and weird call themself.

tsduff said...

Dang Al - I was just about to write my comment... something about that I consider being eccentric sort of a compliment... but now I have to reconsider or I will look like a fool trying to employ it! BOTHER.

Mother Theresa said...

Today's eccentricity may be tomorrow's normality, and at the rate that fools reproduce this may well be the case.

Anonymous said...

Eccentricity: ability to exist and/or thrive outside the box and/or circle.

EX-centricity: recovered centrist.

X-centricity: banishment of those focused on everything inside the box, circle and/or middle ground.

eh... somehow i knew this was gonna be today's word, and yet, i found myself strangely at a loss for a definition (as opposed to "words" which i always manage to find, senseless and/or otherwise)

Anonymous said...

and as for that "lumberjack"? heh -- as some of you know, i'm in a bit of a Monty Python mode these days, so the first thing that popped into my fragile mind was THIS.

; )

The Old Mule said...


1) where hippies go when the commune goes to shot.

2) how you wear your hat.

Anonymous said...

That should be facet -- though faucet is interesting, too. I spend entirely too much time blogging with only half of my attention span. How's that for eccentric?

Unknown said...

Eccentricity, n. In relation to an uncle, harmless. In relation to an high speed gas centrifuge cascade, slightly less so.

Ariel the Thief said...

lipstick on a lumberjack would sure make me curious at any conference...

Pia, you mean Ingrid Bergman, don't you? :-P

Anonymous said...

Thank you... :)

Julie Goes to Hollywood said...

Excellentricity. A really good place to plug in your toaster.

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, that brings to mind a great prank you can play on the Amoeba. Come on, it'll be funny. Who'll miss one little apple?

Jamie Dawn, I don't think I know the commercial but it is a funny if not pretty image.

Icy, which is a talking dog?

Terry, Al's comment doesn't mean anything to the unique. I'm thinking you qualify.

Welcome, Theresa and I have to say I like the phrase "the rate at which fools reproduce." On any other day, I'd elaborate.

Neva, that's centrist in recovery to you. And how is it I wasn't thinking of that this morning.

Mule, everything is how you wear your hat. Your definition about hippies brought to my mind a phrase: Differently odd.

Quilly, I think giving blogging your full attention would be twice as weird.

a4g, when applied to an Uncle, it's pronounced "Guggie." At least at my nephew's age. And when did they start giving scribadors high speed gas centrifuge cascades.

Ariel, welcome to the social services.

Actonbell, you're pretty sure Ekim doesn't lurk here, aren't you?

Congratulations again, Shayna.

Julie, I thought you'd have people to do that by now. Great to see you and the dachs again.

TLP said...

You wrote: I meant on the lips. Well, I wrote, goodbye not hello. (Janet Jackson sez you nasty boy.)

Anonymous said...

Actionbell -- pack sunscreen. I would suggest a very high SPF. You might want to take some water, too. Just incase.

AsianSmiles said...

Eccentricity: short-lived oddity. what's eccentric today may very well be normal tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Doug, I am far too fond of OC to try that prank without plenty of practice first. I am so glad you just volunteered yourself as my practice partner.

Nice, Dawgie. Stand very still.

Anonymous said...

Eccentricity. It makes the world go 'round.


Doug The Una said...

TLP, if Janet thinks that way about me, she should tell me in person.

Ha ha, Quill.

Asiansmiles, to be normal tomorrow it probably has to be flat-out crazy today. Eyelid piercings and baggy pants being examples.

Dogs don't eat applesauce, Quill. Can we try with gerbils?

Squaregirl, see my first response to Quilldancer. You, I expected that from.

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, Janet cannot tell you that in person because she cannot move her lips due to plastic surgery. they make her look like singing with Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose after squishing the poor gerbil with an apple, shooting it would be the only kind thing to do. :P

Minka said...

I lost the plot after apple sauce, what were we talking about?
oh yeah:

eccentricity: sugar-coated insanity of the rich and famous!

I am late, I know...a horse ate my goves!

It is true, too!

AsianSmiles said...

LOL Doug! I agree with you! And so with bottle-green tattooed eyebrows!

Doug The Una said...

Ha, Ariel! Plastic surgery is just photoshop for the mirror.

Quilly, you are much too tender hearted to teach children.

Brer Diamond, Minka? I knew upbringing wouldn't be his strength.

Yikes, Asiansmiles!