Wednesday, July 25, 2007


In each of us there lies a dog,
Biter, barker and wagger;
And each of us contains a cat
Indifferent to our neighbor;
In every soul there flits a fly
That buzzes to annoy;
And a churlish, pink-nosed rat
Lives in every girl and boy.

Our memories are of running free
And hunting on the prairie
Though we spent the time we thus recall
Stock still in the dairy.
We introduce as red-toothed wolves
Whene'er we meet a mouse,
And this is why we love the zoo
But feel awkward in the house.
-Darwin Miyamoto

SEVERAL, adj. Reconsidered.


Anonymous said...

there were "several" ways this could go.

this is ONE of 'em.


Minka said...

several stages of appreciation:

a) great poem

b) Darwin Nakamura ? Isn't he supposed to write something by his own on Wednesdays?

c) DARWIN Nakamura? What an odd Japanese name!

d) Darwin! evolution of species...
hence and dogs and mice and all those crawlers...

e) Nakamura???

what are you doing to me???

identity crisis, this morning?!

Anonymous said...

didn't Darwin "Nakamura" Atari invent Donkey Kong?

or am i thinking of some other evolutionist/poet/gamer?

Minka said...

puppy. upstairs computer, ey? You little minx!

Anonymous said...

Gee, Doug, you have described me well.

several the exact count of my personalities.

Anonymous said...

SEVERAL, adj. A total cut-up. Several candidates on this page, including at least two cohabitating in Connecticut. Now I can tell my mother that she can blame New England's unseasonably cold summer on Icelandic royalty. :P

So tell me, Dawg; is this Darwin Nakamura a Jung man?

TLP said...

I'm missing the Nakamura. Did you reconsider the author's name?

I need to watch the game more closely. I've missed several plays I'm sure.

Who cares? There's still chocolate in my house, so I don't feel awkward at all.

TLP said...

I've reconsidered my remarks several times, and came back to say that I really do like this poem. Even better than various others you written.

Anonymous said...

Actually, TLP, I was just going to suggest that, with respect to Nakamura, the Dawg reconsidered. Or else, today's poet has several names, to which Walela & Co. were going to introduce us severally. Perhaps the next name to be revealed is Darwin Wii - in your honor.

Ah, yes, evolution. The game of life. Makes me wonder how many creationists / intelligent designers have ever owned (or permitted) Nintendo ...

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've reconsidered something else. Minka can't possibly be a several as I suggested earlier. If she were, Diogenes would have died a hero ...

Sar said...

Sever Al??? I protest this discrimination against our blogger buddy of the NYC variety!

Doug The Una said...

Sehr gut gemacht, Neva!

Minka, still the menagerie. I just made up a name. It will be ok.

Neva, Donkey Kong was invented by Shigeru Miyamoto, according to the internets.

Minka, she can't be out of reach of your voice. It's just one house.

Quilly, you dropped one?

Jung but Adlered, Amoeba.

TLP, let's say I received volunteer editorial assistance. And thank you.

Amoeba, wii not? You raise an excellent point, by the way.

Sar, not posting has consequences.

G said...

Whichever names you're using, I've missed the connection. That's okay, I loved the poem.

Why just last night, we made up a name of a creature combining several - a mothssum (combo opossum/moth). We couldn't go out in the yard with that roaming free and instead our thoughts were turned to bedtime. Okay maybe not several creatures. You can see where hyperbole has a place.

Anonymous said...

please tell me you knew where i was going with my "Donkey Kong" reference. i mean "Darwin" + Japanese surname (zuerst Nakamura, then Atari)?? yeesh, not only was that supposed to be funny, it was downright clever.

sigh. i've said it before and i'll say it again, join me inside my head, won't you? there's loads of room and a good time can and/or will be had by all. ; )

Minka said...

several, re-attempting failure

Doug The Una said...

G, is that in the elephone family?

Ja, ja, Neva. I got it and it was downright clever, if you ask me.

Minka, you have a role model for that one?

TLP said...

I came back to see if you had reconsidered again. Several comments don't make sense because of your several changes.

And anyway, most cats aren't indifferent to their neighbors. They either hate them or want to eat them.

Anonymous said...

What happened to my comment.


Minka said...

what do you mean? role model...*ponders* I like noodles! Does that help? uh...and strawberries and fresh cherries...where were we?

Anonymous said...

several- two too many guests at my perfect party

Doug The Una said...

Opaque comments, TLP? Here? Heaven forfend!

Actonbell, I'm counting on my fingers and I'm a little concerned.

Sorry Cooper. Maybe your inner cat put it behind the couch?

Ah, Minka, right where we are.

Vino, amen brother or sister.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I love that poem.