Tuesday, September 25, 2007


ANTIQUITY, n.  A kind of leather, probably.
Beated and chopped with tanned antiquity.
2007 Update:  The period of classical philosophy, music and architecture before The Gong Show was cancelled.
Happy birthday to the neveraging Neva!

**ADDENDUM** 'Tis better to be mocked by a genius than admired by fools, though less profitable. Y'all lookie here.


Minka said...

“How cunningly nature hides every wrinkle of her inconceivable antiquity under roses and violets and morning dew!”


Neva, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

uh... really? you're using the word Antiquity on my birthday?? along with a Gong Show reference? aieeeeeee.

that said, thank you for remembering something i'm quite ready to forget. you too, sweet Penguin! ; )

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my dear Puppybrose, aka Snuppy, aka Neva.

Anonymous said...

antiquity - The opposite of tiquity I suppose.

Unknown said...

what's with the S&M?

hip-hop-happy birthday darling Neva!!! have a great day

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday, Neva!

Antiquity: Bizarro youth.

Ariel the Thief said...

antiquity, everything since 476

Happy Birthday, Neva!

G said...

I prefer mid-century modern myself.

Happy Birthday Neva! I am sure any reference to antiquity on your birthday is purely coincidental. The Gong Show - maybe not. :)

Have a great day! And Doug, love that picture that you have linked there - excellent!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Neva

Doug had no idea that you were a Gong show lover Can go far with this knowledge

Antiquity: never Neva

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday, Neva, another lovely Libra.

Love the witches picture, Doug, but are you calling Neva a witch?

Voices of NLD said...

Just clicked through the picture. You're a man of few words and uh fascinating pictures

Nessa said...

Antiquity: You are only as old as you feel.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday beautiful Neva (though I've never seen you...as of yet).

Doug...antiquity? On Neva's birthday? That's how a man gets extinct!!

Doug The Una said...

Wow, Minka. You went, like, Chuck Barris deep right there!

Neva, it's all about you today. And, for the record, I'd have put your age in the 30s to look at you but a curmudgeon's gotta do what a curmudgeon's gotta do. Enjoy your day.

I'll second that, Brother Joel.

The opposite of Quity, I reckon, Poobah.

Karma, the S&M? I don't get it. Can you spell it out?

Al, nice one.

Ariel, just a guess but, the year the Hungarian state was founded?

G, that's my story, too.

Ah, Pia, apocrypha can come in very handy.

Nessa, certainly not!!!!! But if I were, G would be the other one. Just saying, if I did it...

Jenn, some men are destined for long lives and prosperity if they don't take reasonable precautions.

Doug The Una said...

Oh, speaking of apocypha, if you come back fore a second comment reload the page. Tom (of Tom & Icy) has mocked me well and the link was added.

Also, the picture came from Google and I should have given credit but got hasty. The photographer's site is here and worth looking at. Plus, I think we might have crashed it.

tsduff said...

Lollygaggers always miss the boat... shucks, didn't get to see the witch picture. That's okay, Tom's Doug/Willie show made up for it. I think he would have been a huge hit on the Gong Show for sure!

What is Neva's bday doing on the same day as Antiquity? Sheesh - mine would be well, never you mind. Happy birthday Neva!

Anonymous said...

ANTIQUITY, n. What the British, never comfortable with American hyperbole, or commercialism, sell in what they insist on calling a used furniture shop.

Happy 29th Birthday, Neva. Ignore that dog behind the curtain.

Speaking of dogs, Willie, did the Dusty one mean to fête you when he referred to going "back into the achieves"? Dear Sigmund ... ;)

Anonymous said...

hafta say that video was absolutely fantastic! well done Tom!

oooh, and i am such a maroon -- i figured the link from my name was to my blog, but, thanks to my NBFF, i found out it was something WAY better!i lovelovelove that picture, and am VERY glad you included a link to the photographer's site. brilliant, really brilliant. and i'm going to choose to believe that featuring the word "Antiquity" alongside a magical picture of a "witch" on my "birthday" was meant to be a bizarre-yet-mystical and, yes, well-meaning and not-at-all-backhanded "compliment". (in other words -- i think this post is awesome. and i mean that from the bottom of my fragile-yet-aged little heart!)

apparently no one else knows about my Unfortunate Appearance on the Gong Show, years ago -- probably better if we don't tell 'em. oh, and Terry? for the record, i'm older than you are, girlfriend -- just saying... antiquity is a sadly appropriate word for today. sigh. ; )

Logophile said...

Doug, you've never looked or sounded lovely than you do over on the news.

TLP said...

I was too late for the link to Neva's "picture".

But you were late to discover Tom's wonderful, wonderful take off on you singing disguised as Willie. I hear that Willie is going trick-or-treating dressed as you by the way.

Anit-quit-y: The society to stop stopping.

TLP said...

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Neva!

nsxyarpv: Neva's a sexy pervert. And I'm sure that the word verifier means that in the nicest possible way.

Tom & Icy said...

Antiquity, when your background was black.

Minka said...

Tom's a genius, no doubt...taht must take such a long time to create such a vid, let alone the background research...*applause*

There was a lot of laughter :)

Anonymous said...

Confusing genius and friendship, friendship and genius.
We think all our friends genius.
Yet real genius walks a loner's path.
Rebel searching for a cause,
Inventor mothered by necessity.
Illusion thrashed from truth.
Hand fumbling for a grasp.
Thought fumbling for expression.
Inspirational lightning cooled by rains of reality.
A lost soul finding itself, and being disappointed.

Doug The Una said...

Terry, an unfortunate coincidence, I'm sure. Are we young in crow years?

Amoeba, I'm sure he meant the underachieves. That's where you'll find me most days.

Neva, that's why the indirect allusion. Worked out, though, huh? Until you spilled, that is.

Thanks, Logo. It's good to be a redhead, ain't it?

TLP, gay dogs don't dress down on Halloween.

Actonbell, and she's one of the giftedest.

Tom, that's funny but not as funny as what I thought you meant at first. "Did Tom know my grampa Pascover?" was the second thought.

Minka, I thought it was hysterical. I think I might go make fun of Weirsdo after seeing that.

Lammy, as far as I'm concerned my friend, Tom, is brilliant. If there's something quantifiable you want to present supporting an alternative hypothesis why don't you share it with the next blind-drunk dingbat who buys you a drink at Ugly Alice's, you flooze.

Anonymous said...

ANTIQUILLY?!! Fine. i can take a hint.

Happy Birthday, Neva. May this day bring you blessings.

Cooper said...

I'm sorry, that video totally distracted me from the task at hand.

Great stuff. It was the ultimate show of respect.

Happy Birthday Neva.

I'm against quitting too.

Ariel the Thief said...

Lammy, you are too kind to your friends. I don't think mines are genius. They wouldn't talk to me if they were. However, Tom IS brilliant. And you are quite something, too...

Oh and I wonder if future's generations will learn Pascover's tales in school. With all the "he was going to say" stuff. We should be there!

Anonymous said...

Tx alot NOT Mr. Dog!!!!! I coudent under stand why Lamy was explaning to me AT LENTH how all her sichuation's were Toms fault after all I did was by her a drink!!!!!

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, some puns are unfortunate, I guess.

Coop, so was I at your age.

Ariel, it goes better if they learn what I was going to say rather than what I said.

Pansi, we can't all be terse.