Saturday, September 01, 2007

Diogenes At Delphi

RABBIT, RABBIT! Now, here's
Episode 35 of 40 in The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Merci beaucoup to this week's reader.

To hear the story, mail it in.

This week, in The Prattler,

To read the story, confuse a philosopher.

There's still one (1) episode left unassigned. I don't have to let someone new do it. I was trying to be nice.


Minka said...

I predict a wonderful September for you: rabbit, rabbit!

Anonymous said...

ditto, Minka. ; )

in other words, i predict happiness in September, as well. (at least i know that's what we'll have in our household this month!)

Rabbit, rabbit!

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit dougie dawgie.

Good reader. Great story today. "edgy whine" I like that!

Minka said...

I like today's installment, the reader (Mirelle???) was wonderful and the story great...from Moses, through the concept of sticking with your first wrong impression all teh way to your definition. Well done.

foreshadow: there are five more episodes to come!
(use your brain, do your math and deduce...and you too, shall be a worthy oracle!)

G said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Poor feverish Diogenes - his own worst enemy. Good installment and this reader has read before. I thought it might be Quilly. Now I'm confused, but not feverish.

Enjoy your long weekend, the last official of summer - sigh.

Doug The Una said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Penguin!

Neva, predict meat products. Be well this month. And trouble free.

Wasn't the reader just fine, TLP?

Thanks, Actonbell. Great voices in that one voice, aren't there?

Minka, that's a smart guess which might just turn out to be right. Why do you think it's her? Could be Al.

G, I think you're feverish. I would be too if I had kids this weekend.

tsduff said...

RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT... (Dang things keep multiplying...)

I think Diogenes sounds just fine all crusty like that. And the Oracle too, just as one should, calming, soothing... nice voice and great reading. Imagine getting to rest in a place reserved for prophesies?

Foreshadowing: A herald of things to come; The shade of the boot that crushes the ant.

javajazz said...

bunny, bunny
and a happy autumn to you.
the sound of the airshow jets in the air
signify the turning of yet another season
here in our little city...

Anonymous said...


Can't say the "R" word in Hawai'i, they're banned. They aren't too happy about the mongoose, either. Or the cats. Ah, the cares of stewardship ...

Mirelle, huh? Nice work, writer and reader. But I'm getting worried about Diogenes. Septic fever is no way to go. 'Course, you did mention "deuce of the wrong suit", Dawg. Trick ending?

mireille said...

thanks for being kind about the reader. it was an honor to relay this writer's words ... AND also an honor to channel Ariel (with her marked resemblance to our own) xoxo

Ariel the Thief said...

I enjoyed the reading so much, Mireille! she and I do have one thing in common, we both love the smell of sandalwood.

Ariel says, Diogenes is one of the silliest men she's ever met but she's impressed with his persistence she hasn't seen in a mortal before.

I say, it's funny that Diogenes became a prophesy of a priestess of his biggest enemy even just for one day. :-)

Minka said...

*laughs at Terry's multiplying joke*

TLP said...

Mireille! You have a beautiful voice!

Good for you.

Jamie Dawn said...

Wonderful reading by Mireille!!!
I like her rendition of Diogenese, so when this series is made into a movie, make sure Mireille overdubs his voice.

I'm feeling sorry for Diogenese because he is ill.
I foreshadow that he will need the assistance of a medic soon or at least someone who has the brains to pull out that wretched thorn.

Doug The Una said...

Haha, Terry. That's a fine definition, too.

JJ, it still feels kind of summery here and brutal but happy autumn to you. Days like this every Californian wishes they were in Canada.

Amoeba, we'll see. Mongeese.

Mireille, and you did it with style, as expected. Thank you. Diogenes has never smelled better, either.

Served him right, didn't it, Oracle?

Minka, I agree. Crows are silly.

See, TLP?

Jamie Dawn, I agree. Mireille should play Diogenes in the video.

Anonymous said...

Foreshadowing is often recognized after the fact and admitted with the words, "I should have seen it coming!"

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, more often with the words "Um. I knew it!"

Anonymous said...

d'oh! i meant to get back over here yesterday in order to compliment you on the tale AND this reader on her interpretation! and i really did think (and hope) it might be Mirelle. so: my bad/well done/WOWIE, and all that other stuff! seriously, great job, Mirelle. you were -- like a fine/fragrant perfume -- trés magnifique! ; )