Tuesday, November 06, 2007


PARRICIDE, n.  A filial coup de grace whereby one is released from the fingering torments of paternity.

2007 Update:  A temporary evanescence of taciturn resentment and benign neglect, locally newsworthy.

I'm clerking a municipal election today so be cruel to each other while I'm gone.


Miz BoheMia said...



Anonymous said...

i SO wanted this word to be about parrots. (just saying... that might have been funny.)

one day i fear our kids will put me out of my misery, even tho' they're the ones who cause it, in the first place. ; )

and yay for BoheMians who are rarely first to comment, but always first in our hearts. : )

Unknown said...

Parricide???: killing a parrot by pulling out its feathers, one at a time.

chica, would love to pull out your feathers too, for beating me.

Is that cruel enough Douglas?

xhpesm: THE PEST ISN'T HERE ... TIME TO PARTAY!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

oh crap the puppy beat me too

Jamie Dawn said...

Parricide is when a parrot kills itself usually by one of two methods:

1. Drowning
2. Eating crackers until the stomach explodes

I will refrain from being cruel to the other commenters. I wouldn't want to add any more fat to their hearts. May you enjoy your day of clerking, and may all forms of cruelty escape you. Selah.

G said...

Parricide: Another thought to weigh when asked for the car keys.

Mutha said...

Doug posts a Greek tragedy word and then skips blogsville...Interesting -- especially since he is the Daddy of this here blog.

heh heh heh

TLP said...

Side dish of a popular fruit.

Hey Puppy and Mutha! The dawg's away so we can play. There MUST be a dirty definition for this word. Bueller? Anybody?

Miz BoheMia said...

Dios mio! Step out to teach a class and return to find a parrot massacre!

Can we say *GASPETTY GASP*???

Unknown said...

TLP, can i play too?

parricide: Paris Hilton bares her side

haha chica

Anonymous said...

PARRICIDE, n. Proof that, in swordplay, a good offense is the best defense.

Anonymous said...

PARRICIDE n. what happens every time I play golf.

Anonymous said...

I am certain that that pun was cruel enough that everybody is now cringing -- which means my work here is done.

Mutha said...

I am game and the Paris Hilton bend appeals to me (although Puppy's definition yesterday will be VERY hard to beat).

Parricide: What one does to one's "carrer" when one gets sent to jail and then claims enlightment...did I mention you need to be born dumb?

Mutha said...

"carrer"? Career!

Ariel the Thief said...

Parricide, a man that wear a condom.

TLP said...

Of course Karma! And Ariel is doing well, I must say.

Parricide: Britney showing her pair inside as she steps out of a taxi.

(It's all okay. Doug can delete these comments. He should know better than tell us he was going to be gone all day.)

Anonymous said...

Parracide: death by boob job?

just saying... giant knockers could really do damage to someone like, say, Pamela Anderson, should she go out running sans bra. or am I the only one who thinks those gigantic things look scary? ; )

The OE said...

Parricide: An official cause of cultural death caused by a trip to France

Anonymous said...

Parricide: enabling the tree to fall far from the apple. or is it the pear?

Partridgicide: death by Shirley Jones/David Cassidy/Danny Bonaduce & Company.

aieee. i had sushi for lunch, not sure i can be held responsible for anything i say today! thinking i might be suffering from "temparracide" (spicy crunchy tuna roll) oy.

tsduff said...

Oh, Neva - that just got to me. I think I love you. I've got to say sushi never made me spout about Susan Dey and crew... ha ha ha. Yikes! I think you just might have the word of the day though with temparracide. I'm going to try it on Friday and let you know.

Minka said...

parricide, n. the way of the parasite

Anonymous said...

Uhm -- I was just wondering, has anyone heard from the Dawg's parents lately?

G said...

Quilly, that's an interesting question...election day clerking? That what they're calling it nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Ifyour local election is a crowded as ours you'll have had a fine 17% turnout.

parricide: Though I've read much of parricide I think rarely of it. One of those terms which seem to pop up during the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

[Doug's dad] Alive, well, and hiring body guards

Doug The Una said...

Regressa, hermanita!

Neva, misery is a circle with an arrow, isn't it?

Thank you, Karma. That was swell!

Thank you, Jamie Dawn. Amen. The raving Ann Coulter-looking conspiracy theorist/doctor/voter didn't show up yesterday to insult the precinct boards as representatives of the evil of stuppid government. That made the day nicer.

Right, g. Or when deciding who washes and who dries.

Mutha, do you hear footsteps?

TLP, you're such a naughty girl.

Gapsetty gasp, Miz B. Sigh, I guess not.

Karma, that's just sick.

Subtle, Amoeba. Well done.

Hahaha, Quill.

Not to fear, Mutha. I was.

Ariel, you sure have taken the spirit of the day.

You're right, TLP. I should have. And you should have known better than to think I'd rescue you with censorship.

Nope, Neva, You aren't the only one. As a child I stared under my bed for monsters, but when I grew up I put away my childish things and stared at Pamela Anderson for the same purpose.

OE, you secret agents have all the fun.

That's funny, Neva. I knew those kids were up to no good.

Wasn't that good, Terry? May your Friday Sushi be almost as raw.

Actonbell, the holidey season is upon us, after all.

Minka, that's just true.

Excellent question, Quilly. *burp*

G, it's a fine dysphemism.

Cooper, try 9%, not counting absentees.

Pop, you haven't checked the closet yet, have you?

I Dive At Night said...

Doug, stop that! If we all spent our days in selfless acts of civic duty for the welfare of other what kind of world would this become? ... Jail guards and military leaders would plug up the unemployment lines. Strangers might meet. The media would have nothing to report.

Doug The Una said...

Morgan, for my work as a precinct officer, I get $50 for 15 hours of work. If everyone followed my example unemployment wouldn't exist.