Saturday, December 08, 2007

Shahrazade's Wedding, Part VIII

"The Beowulf of Wedding Planning" -Actonbell

To hear the story, listen for the bird call.

Or read the story over a nice meal.


mireille said...

I've tried to stay out of the fray re FIRST! But I can't help it. I can't open the story either. But looking forward to it!! xoxo

mireille said...

Worth the mini-wait. A bit confused about the Rukh's kicking her egg out of the nest? Had it graduated from college and just refused to leave? Anyway, glad Rufus obtained The Joy of Arabic Cooking Today's favorite line: "The talons looked like oak trees tied around boulders to remind a mountain it needed something from the store." xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Very good edit, Mireille. I changed the written version to make it clearer (I hope.)

TLP said...

Very clever my friend! I don't know how you come up with these episodes, but I'm enjoying them immensely.

So, the music HAS to be the Beatles! I mean, c'mon.

Doug The Una said...

You're the boss, TLP.

Yeah, in a way he was made an omelet.Thanks, Mrs. Bell.

Jamie Dawn said...

Poor Frementios.
All he wanted was an omelette.
I'm guessing when he saw that huge bird heading for him he cried out, "Oh, RUKH!"

OC or Q said...

JD that has to be this episode's choice comment.

It seems to me that Frumentios hatched a plot that got a bit scrambled and, ultimately, went to the birds.


Minka said...

well rounded!

"... he found that the egg had crashed through the city well and come to rest outside Frumentios’ kitchen, crushing the pepper plants." I am still laughing.

Granted, an orange in my coffee mug makes me laugh these days.

"a man with skin the color of green olives and a body like a green olive stuffed inside a hippopotamus." there are so many tongue-in-sheek sentences taht I find myself re-reading teh story looking for perls of...well, Dougishness!

Minka said...

"cheek", but you knew that?!

It was a Freudian slip conveying my Germanness. We make great sausages!

G said...

Okay it seems I have quite a bit of backreading (a couple a'three weeks anyway). Just wanted to say hi and have a good weekend - I'll be back towards the end to catch up!

For now, I'm off to go roller skating.

Anonymous said...

well... if ya wanna make an omelet, ya gotta break some eggs. or, in this case, "1st steal the egg, condemn the cook to death, and, um... sauté a few onions." i'm guessing Rufus was so pleased with his creation he decided to become a vegetarian, after all! (who says you can't be a "man" and still eschew red meat???) ; )

tasty episode, Doug -- tho' now i can't help but wonder what, exactly, is inside that "boulder"?

Doug The Una said...

Jamie Dawn, you were making a pun of "Oh, look!" right?

Which came first, the omelet or the chef?

Minka, I've never had ground German. Thank you.

Hi, G. Remember the pads.

Oh, I say so, Neva, but I'm no anatomist. A baby rock?

OC or Q said...

Why do I even bother to comment? If I want to be ignored I could just talk to OC!


Doug The Una said...

Quilly, you weren't ignored. "Which came first" was addressed to you. I left out the "Quilly, " part. Here it is to make you feel better...

Quilly, which came first, the omelet or the chef?

TLP said...

Hi Quilly. Everybody say "Hi Quilly!" Poor ol' Quilly. Stuck in paradise with the love of her life. How could you not feel sorry for her?

And your comment was very clever Quilly. As for Doug's reply, "Which came first", that was just rude. Plus none of his business.

tsduff said...

Bravo!! فاخر, ممتاز, متفوق, متقن, بديReading today's story found me completely and thoroughly enchanted. When reading the original One Thousand and One Arabian Nights as a child, the Roc (good picture) fascinated me more than any other character. I have to say that I do not understand the part about the chef's body looking like an olive stuffed into a hippo... who's ever seen THAT?

OC or Q said...

TLP -- thank you. I knew I could count on you.


Lila said...

I'm with TLP. Where do you get these ideas? And the Beatles are always a fine choice.

Cooper said...

I again reaped the reward of your talent.

Everyone seems a little competitive here today so I'll just say thanks.

Unknown said...

Great story, especially the part about the enraged giant bird with eggs the size of ox-carts. The only thing that could have made it better is if I really could have dined on the meal pictured while reading it!

Doug The Una said...

TLP, I'm chastened.

Terry, that's not surprising, somehow. As for me, I've been waiting for a Roc episode since this whole thing started.

Quill, it's not wise to grouse in the presence of Rufus.

Sis, I stare at a blank page Saturday in fear that TLP will leave a comment before my story's up. Necessity is the blogmother of invention.

O, you're welcome.

Lily, I found that photo googling "Omelet." It's a Midnight Oyster Omelet and the recipe is online (next to that picture.) Looked good to me, too.