Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Fifteenth Canto

This week the reading is by my mother and Enrique. ¡Muchas gracias, antiguos!  Click on the cowboy to hear a surprisingly concise story.

To read, click on the Station of The Cross.


TLP said...

He's so peligroso that you're gonna light his fuse and set him off like a Roman candle?

Great reading, wonderful writing. Very talented family.

tsduff said...

Will S is really you, isn't he? A fuse indeed... I think you were writing the story and the whimsical thought just took over at the end. I know all these cowboy stories usually end with the outlaw getting killed, and the young woman with stars in her eyes gets her heart broken. But who will do the breaking?

I always love to hear the wonderfully thick accent of Enrique, and the soft insistent voice of your Mother. Thank you storytellers for your reading.

G said...

Lighting a fuse in honor of 4th of July? I'm enchanted by your family's reading. Loved it.

Ariel the Thief said...

T, my fave stories are the ones when the beautiful young woman, usually a whore, gets shot while saving the life of the love of her life, who usually is a good guy with proper background a whore has no chance to ever get, and while dying, she tells him she has always loved him and wishes him well with that other woman with another proper background. I always hope in her next life she is going to find a real man.

Ariel the Thief said...

Terry, with "who will do the breaking" you mean who will die or who will murder? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I read it a day late/

Great reading and great story I both read and listened to it, doubling my pleasure.

javajazz said...

I love the voices...!
and finally, i can hear how
Don De Dolor
is really pronounced.
sounds like music to me.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, TLP. I belong to several.

Terry, its funny but I forget that Enrique has an accent until he records a poem. Will S. is based on the father of an old friend who lived north of Unionville.

Thanks, G. Hope you had a good one.

Ariel, that's funny. I like The Hunchback of Notre Dame for the opposite reason.

Thanks, Actonbell. That is an elegant new avatar. Looks good on you.

Cheers cheers, Cooper.

JJ, I brought in a ringer.