Friday, October 24, 2008


CRIBBAGE, n.  A substitute for conversation among those to whom nature has denied ideas.  See EUCHRE, PEDRO, SEVEN-UP, etc.

2008 Update: A social outlet for hermits.


broadcastellan said...

With its board displaying a series of holes, it's Wall Street in a box.

Anonymous said...

CRIBBAGE, n. Pre-electronic Xbox. Especially popular in canonically dour New England households (crede expertum). Or played for a penny a point on extinct railroads.

lapsing - yes that's the verifier. one for Jenn.

G said...

You could also be defining blogging.

tsduff said...

I tried to learn it so I could play with all the Icelanders in the family... they beat me soundly each and every time. Don't they know that crows can't count?

TLP said...

Baby bed vomit.

Joe said...

Nice... I think you really pegged this one. But it's more than just hermits... some of us end up in, of all places, Cribbaholics Unanimous just to try and pry ourselves out of the insidious world of the card and board.


Anonymous said...

Shortly after we moved here a big storm came along, downed 18 power poles and closed the only road out of our little part of the island. OC and I spent 3 days inside our little, third floor condo playing Cribbage. It was a rather pleasant past time.

Doug The Una said...

Right, Harry. Or with a full deck.

Good morning, Amoeba. How are you?

G, you're right. A blog is cribbage for one.

Terry, neither can an Icelandic banker, apparently.

TLP, you're trying to cheer me up.

Welcome, Joe. I liked the crash cribbage.

Quilly, I think that's a fine one.

Actonbell, that's funny. Cribbage is my scrabble.