Monday, October 27, 2008


DISINCORPORATION, n. A popular method of eluding the agile liability and annexing the coy asset.

2008 Update: The alternative to nationalization in a down market.


Anonymous said...

DISINCORPORATION, n. A way to Buffett financial storms.

TLP said...

uh, shouldn't Monday's word be easier?

Disincorporation: disestablishment. I'm antidisestablishment myself.

Anonymous said...

disincorporation: the state of being drunk

Jamie Dawn said...

Sounds like a Bushism.
I can hear him using "disinorporated" in a sentence, can't you?

Disincorporation sounds okay to me, but nationalization does not sound good at all. The less the gov't does, the better.

Anonymous said...

DIS_INCORPORATION..................a revisit to supreme court decision of "Nature Rights"to CORPORATIONS...Dis-Incorporation,helps nature balance....As the GOP says,RESPONSIBILITY ...Peace Always

Cooper said...

If it's anything like dismemberment I'm all for it.

Tom & Icy said...

Just hope Mickey Mouse isn't falling apart.

Doug The Una said...

Nice, Amoeba. Wish I'd thought of that.

TLP, the word selection is a September song in October.

Now, how would you know that, amhsirak? Happy Diwali.

JD, I hear you. I can't hear Bush.

Peace, Brother Bear.

Me too, Cooper. We need fewer members,

Icy, I heard he just had his ears lifted.

Actonbell, you don't remember?