Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Zwanzig
To hear my sister, Jenna, read try to get between the women in the Wolfshausen market square.

Or, if you prefer to read in quiet, you might try the lego market.

The story so far is available here.
This week in The Prattler, One Nation.


TLP said...

Very enjoyable reading Jenna! I'm happy to say that you don't sound like your dad, and two brothers.

Nice plot advancement. Do the ladies in the sisterhood have a name for their club? May I suggest Frauen under cover konzern? I suppose some would use an acronym for that. They have the best intentions only.

quilly said...

Yay, Jenna!

I must say,one has to be seriously distracted to walk into a camel! They can be smelled for blocks away!

quilly said...


Doug, I am impressed. For a Dawg, you write "catty" very well!

Doug The Una said...

TLP, she sounds a little like her father and brothers. Admit it.

It probably takes a temper, Quill.

Thanks, Actonbell. We try.

Quilly, I'm a good listener. I've learned to fear not being a good listener.

Jamie Dawn said...

How wonderful that you used your sissy!!

It's 1 a.m. here, and I am dead tired.
My favorite line is when Julia says, "Were her swine once farmboys? I have two at home that will
need witchcraft to enjoy any other fate.”
Very clever and witty writing!
All this talk of Gretchen being a witch is making me nervous being that I know what they did to those they suspected to be witches back then.
Please do not have her burned at the stake, or this story will be ruined for me!!!!!!!
Julia should be pleased to be the odd one out since the "in" crowd of spy ladies are a bunch of persnickity, gossiping wenches.
Zzzzzz.... I must sleep now.


Doug The Una said...

JD, I couldn't bear to ruin the story for you (and actually had never thought of burning her before now.)