Monday, August 03, 2009


GAS-METER, n. The family liar in the basement.

2009 Update: Nielsen rating.


tsduff said...

Gas Meter - That little gadget stuck to my house that spins wildly out of control each winter... tattling on my need for warmth.

Jamie Dawn said...

Gas -Meter: Sounds like a crude comparison game that boys might play.

Next weekend is a sermon. I'm not up for preaching it, but I will sure be in attendance to hear the word of our Lord... or whomever.

:-) Busy, busy times around here. I will be deposed for our lawsuit a week from today. There have already been two other lawsuits against these people prior to ours. Both of them resolved in favor of the plaintiffs. Ours will too. I've never been involved in a lawsuit, so this is new territory for me. I'll be glad when it is over.
We done stepped into a din of snakes hear in AR. We didn't need a gas meter; we needed a bullcrap meter. After all is over with this thing, I might write about it on the blog... or not.

I hope you have a better-than-good day!


Anonymous said...

always enjoy a full tank
of fuel
allows one to
travel on impulse
only to be
by the

Mo'a said...

We give our Gas-Meter free reign...always good for a laugh and contradictions.

the amoeba said...

GAS-METER, n. A device for measuring the combustibility of political utterances, particularly those supporting deregulation of the energy industries. Now computerized.

Tom & Icy said...

That guy who reads it come regularly each month like Uncle Bill and Aunt Flo.

quilly said...

What are you all talking about? I walked all the way around the house and couldn't find a gas meter anywhere. I walked all around the inside of the house and couldn't find a heater, either. Go figure.

Jim said...

Gas-Meter - I couldn't find the 'Empty' mark on mine. Come to think of it there was no 'Full' either.

Jim said...

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Was I supposed to say that since I don't subscribe to your weekend edition right now?

Nessa said...

Gas-meter: when the puppy leaves the room.

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pia said...

gas meter--what I haven't had turned on yet. Was just looking at the gas and thinking I should have the fireplace checked out soon

TLP said...

Gas meeter: Ya know when you're walking in a crowd and then suddenly you hit a fart cloud?

Cooper said...

Whatevr they are we were better off without them.

Doug The Una said...

Terry, sort of a chickenometer, isn't it?

Oh, good grief. I hope you have a better day than that sounds. Go Perry Mason on 'em.

Yeah, Bear. How many trips begin with a foot to the floor and end with a thumb in the air?

Mo'a, I bet yours features a landscape, doesn't it?

Right, Amoeba. I'm convinced that's a dignity test, actually.

Icy, I didn't know your Aunt and Uncle were around.

Quilly, in Hawai'i they probably meter your tan instead.

Jim, rabbiting is strictly optional and done for your own sake. This site is unmetered.

Funny, Nessa.

Pia, if the contractor wants to tear up your floor to check the fireplace, please say "no." No matter how many fish are on his van.

No idea, TLP.

Cooper, now you're getting the hang of middle age. Hold on to that.