Thursday, August 06, 2009


GRIME, n. A peculiar substance widely distributed throughout nature, but found most abundantly on the hands of eminent American statesmen. It is insoluble in public money.

2009 Update: Precipitate of purpose.


pia said...

I feel so unwitty, so not clever. Grime is finding its way through out America and it's not pleasant to hear people take such violent aim it

Jamie Dawn said...

Grime: also known as gunk; it is caused by global warming since of course, everything bad is.
Greasy Spoons come to mind, as do Gretchen's pigs.

the amoeba said...

So what do you call someone who's coated in that precipitate of purpose?

A griminal, of course ...

Karen said...

Which science class are we in?

Nessa said...

Take a bite out of grime. Nip a politician in the butt.

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TLP said...

Seems to me that grime isn't in nature at all. That's just honest dirt. It takes people to make grime.

Tom & Icy said...

Bathtub rings show that none of us are always clean.

cooper said...

Murphey's Oil Saop works wonders.

Or the genre of garage rock that was scrapped off the floor.

Karen said...


I know it's not my place to ask because I hardly know you - but are you usually so glum?

Murphy's Oil Soap is useful beyond the garage - it works wonders on kitchen cabinets and floorboards in general.

quilly said...

Amoeba stole my comment. Why do we think so much alike?

Nessa's comment is priceless and I couldn't top it even if Amoeba hadn't stole my comment.

And Karen has confused me.

I spent the day mucking out closets. Don't want to talk anymore about grime.

Unknown said...

sorry for being away so long. i guess my name is mud :(

roted: past tense of 'to rot'

Doug The Una said...

Pia, don't let it soil you. There will always be unconsolable discontents and you should rejoice that you're no longer one of them.

JD, Gretchen's pigs weren't caused by global warming, were they?

Amoeba, Grimace is the father of modern griminals.

I think we're doing chemistry right now, Karen.

Funny, Nessa. I might train the twins to do just that.

TLP, I have to agree, I think.

Who wants to be, Ice?

Cooper, I'm a fan of Murphy's. I don't clean much, but I like the smell so my dining room table is the cleanest thing in the house.

Karen, Cooper plays glum here. On her blog she's more often indignant.

Really, Quill? Because you missed a spot.

Karma, thy name is destiny.

Minka said...

grime, n. est London is responsible for inflicting those urban sounds upon the existing music styles. It also produced prepared to be slaughtered...which is pretty much is also a mess!

Unknown said...

And I thought money doesn't stink

Doug The Una said...

Minka, London grime also produced black moths, according to Darwin. Seem's as relevant.

Nicole, there are stenches most people would for perfume.

weirsdo said...

Grease companion.