Thursday, February 11, 2010


HORNET, n. A red hot meteor of many tons weight, which sometimes hits a fellow unexpectedly between the eyes and knocks him silly. It is represented symbolically, as an insect with a bald head and an influential tail, but the man who has incurred a hornet shot out of a clear sky is not satisfied with that kind of representation, and avers with feeling that an instantaneous photograph of a hornet in flight would tell a different story.

2010 Update: A winged blessing thoughtfully dispatched by the creator to provide relief from long explanations.


Ariel the Thief said...

It's Hungarian name is horsewasp. Tells everything!

Ariel the Thief said...

And LOL at your definition!

TLP said...

Prostitute's hair covering. What? You're the one who wrote "hornet." Not my bloody fault.

Jim said...

Hudson Hornets did good on the mile oval but not on our short track. Our little Ford would run rings around the Hornets. (Sting them too if we got the chance.)
Doc Hudson (movie, Cars) would be no exception.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing how this is a PG14 site...



That's a T


Anonymous said...

home of
with a much
more lethal
sting then


Nessa said...

I was going to go with a prostitute's chat room, TLP.

Doug should not tempt us so. He's leading us into bad behavior.

A New Old Fairy Tale

Anonymous said...

These folks are just to smart for me. So I'm gonna go with:


Jim said...

The sharecropper said "half a hog is better than no hog."

quilly said...


All I know is that if you cast one near a downtown street corner you're sure to catch something. Carry penicillin.

k. riggs gardner said...


2010 update redux: To blog at close range.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, "Yeah, Ariel, that about describes it. I can see why Bierce wrote in English. Your language doesn't need definitions." -the reply I wrote to you on Wednesday's post.

TLP, I think you have your tails confused.

Ah, back in the good old days when cars burned pride, Jim.

PG13, Jenn. Quit tempting.

Bear, your chicken looks dangerous, too.

Nessa, you and TLP make me feel like I have a two-track mind by comparison. Thank you.

Nice, Thom. Have you watched an episode of that lately? As a kid I thought that show had the coolest car and, of course, Bruce Lee was bad. Some episodes came on tv about a year back and I was surprised to discover the Green Hornet was about the closest thing to openly gay in '60s television. Britt? Dude's name was Britt.

Jim, your thoughts are migrating. It's the first sign.

Et tu, Quilly?

Karen, I'm not sure if that's a migrated comment or not.

Anonymous said...

the green hornet
was gay
the things
i learn here...
filed in mental rolodex
as for ms.chicken
if you are at her level
watch your eyes

bless bless

Anonymous said...

You are so right. I haven't seen one in years .. I should look it up on line :)

Anonymous said...

Quit tempting? But then what will I do?

Doug The Una said...

Thom, let me know what you find, please,

Sorry, Jenn. You're right of course.

Ariel the Thief said...

I cannot picture Bruce Lee as bad. He always plays one thing, and that is Bruce Lee, and he does that really well. :) Did they actually try to make him play a character in that show? If so, that was the mistake.

Doug The Una said...

Ah, Ariel, an American idiom- "Bad" meaning tough. Meaning, of course, "good" in this case.

weirsdo said...

So I did some research and discovered that our most common wasps, paper and mud dauber, are not hornets. Neither are yellow jackets. Now I'm wondering what a hornet really looks like, exactly.