Tuesday, March 23, 2010


OFFENSIVE, adj. Generating disagreeable emotions or sensations, as the advance of an army against its enemy.
"Were the enemy's tactics offensive?" the king asked. "I should say so!" replied the unsuccessful general. "The blackguard wouldn't come out of his works!"
2010 Update: Provocative of, or in, retreat.


Elbot said...

Offensive: building fences out of scrap robots

Mo'a said...

Offensive: Rudeness...especially in politicians.

Nessa said...

the apologies of certain famous husbands.

Tales on Tuesday - Lost in Space

quilly said...

Offensive -- the dog just escaped the yard again.

Rio said...

Offensive-- the displeasure of your chewing.

Anonymous said...

OFFENSIVE, adj. Joe Biden's comment at the signing ceremony today

Jim said...

I like the disagreeable idea, "Sir, I find that remark offensive." Offensive is BAD.

In the chess game, it is always desired to be on the offensive. Offensive is GOOD.

Guess it's all relevant?

cooper said...

Forgetting your deodorant or your Beano(http://www.beanogas.com/).

TLP said...

Offensive: describing people who don't agree with me.

sauerkraut said...

Cooper's leaves me speechless... must be a secret of hers. ;-) Most of the rest are really good, too, especially Mo'a's and Nessa's.

Offensive: nearly everything out of Glenn Beck's mouth.

Doug The Una said...

Elbot, is not recycling reincarnation to a robot?

Mo'a, why especially them? I'd rather my senator be rude than the dude behind me in line.

Nessa, any man famous for being a husband has some latitude coming- and he's bound to take it all.

And, Actonbell, offensive is nearly always defensive, I suspect.

Quilly, I knew there must be a pun in there somewhere. Took me a moment to find it.

There you are, Rio! I'm afraid I can't help myself around shoe leather.

Mildly, Thom. He wasn't wrong.

As relevant as anything around this site, Jim. Don't you worry.

Cooper, it seems both you and Rio are trying to tell me something today. 20-somethings can be so, well, like that.

TLP, it takes a real lout.

Sauerkraut, I manage to avoid almost everything that comes out of Glenn Beck's mouth, but you're right, if I had to choose I'd probably prefer his spit to his words.

Anonymous said...

Not saying he was. Just his language was.