Friday, October 01, 2010


CREDITOR, n. One of a tribe of savages dwelling beyond the Financial Straits and dreaded for their desolating incursions.

2010 Update: A previous patron turned parasite, such as a silkworm after harvest.


Anonymous said...

introduced as a loving friend
only to be revealed
as a snake oil seller

TLP said...

Creditor: Owner of a "casting couch." Also see, Jerk.

TLP said...

How could I forget to say Rabbit Rabbit? I remembered it at 12:01 AM. So I'm safe.

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

Sounds like a man-eating dinosaur ready to pounce on you and rip your flesh from your bones.

Anonymous said...

CREDITOR, n. - I rather be that than a debtor. But such is life :) Rabbit rabbit!!!

k. riggs gardner said...

Thief Thief !!!

k. riggs gardner said...

Kilmer Kilmer !!!

k. riggs gardner said...

Boobsquid Boobsquid !!!

tsduff said...

Rabbit Rabbit!
Creditor: Those nameless phone calls I don't bother to answer anymore.

Nessa said...

tsduff: If I didn't get those calls, I'd get no calls at all. :)

k. riggs gardner said...

Tibbar Tibbar to Actonbell!

Doug The Una said...

Bear, that's what friends are for. To borrow snake oil.

TLP, that one took me a sec. Right.

Rabbits, Ariel.

Plenty good enough, TLP.

Nessa, Chasemanhattasaurus?

Thom, I would have preferred that, too.

Terry, and the letters I don't open.

Nessa, there are always the charities trying to make donors of debtors.

Yes, Karen, happy birthday to Nessa.

Rabbits to you, Actonbell.

Well done, Karen.