Monday, October 04, 2010


GREAT, n.[SIC] Distinguished by superior excellence among one's fellows, as Hector Stuart among Bards of the South Sea, Dr. Bartlett among the Bulletin's agricultural homilists, Peter Robertson among the writers of "Undertones" in the Chronicle and Harrie McDowell among the fat boys of the Ingleside.
"I'm great," the lion said-"I reign
The monarch of the wood and plain!"

The elephant replied: "I'm great-
No quadruped can match my weight!"

"I'm great- no animal has half
So long a neck!" said the Giraffe.

"I'm great," the kangaroo said-"See
My caudal muscularity!"

"The Possum said: "I'm great-behold,
My tail is lithe and bald and cold!"

"An Oyster fried was understood
To say "I'm great because I'm good!"

Each reckons greatness to consist
In that in which he heads the list.

And Harris thinks he tops his class
Because he is the greatest Ass.
2010 Update: adj. Surmounting falling standards, as the man who, having walked down the beach at low tide and returned with dry feet is declared to walk on water.


TLP said...

Great: A word that needs a voice to determine its meaning. Said the right way it means terrific! Said another way it means, hrmpf!

I always remember granddaughter K. when she was about three years old asking me about my mother, "what is it that makes Greatgranny great?"

javajazz said...

i forgot to wish you
a happy Rabbit Rabbit
two times in a row,
at least..!

not so great...
your departure
from Blogville...

(great) sigh.

Tibbar Tibbar squared...

xo canada

Jim said...

Rabbit! Rabbit!

Dous, I don't know Harris either. Am I supposed to? For sure it won't be look in the mirror this time! :)

k. riggs gardner said...

Poor Jem might not like what he sees !

k. riggs gardner said...

Coin ... cidentally:

Karacan eyes Turkish call

Mon, 04 Oct 15:51:00 2010
Reading (soccer club) midfielder Jem Karacan has set his sights on winning a call up to the Turkey squad to cap his fine season so far. ... (Click on link to keep reading!)

Anonymous said...

GREAT, n. - Balls of Fire

Anonymous said...


spin speech

quilly said...

GREAT, Quilly the

Obviously I concur with (and resemble) the given definition. I am modest, too.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Great - A word most often preceded by the words, "Just frickin'..."

Doug The Una said...

Karen, I don't know this Vierick, and I won't assume you do either.

That's funny, TLP. I bet you've done a lot of explaining to K over the years.

JJ< you're always welcome when you arrive.

Jim, I think Harris was probably just one of Bierce's many contemporary enemies.

Karen, I would have missed that story entirely without your help.

Actonbell, explain that to mama. You don't need a voice when you have a period.

Goodness gracious, Thom.

Bear, there is no peace in AT&T park. They can't even stick with a name.

And shy, Quilly, you left out shy.

Or others to that affect, Poobah, yeah.