Monday, October 18, 2010


BACON, n. The mummy of a pig embalmed in brine. To "save one's bacon" is to narrowly escape some particular woman, or other peril.
By heaven forsaken
By justice o'ertaken
He saved his bacon
By cutting a single slice of it;
For 'twas cut from the throat,
And we venture to quote
Death, hell and the grave as the price of it.
S.F. Journal of Commerce
2010 Update: The portion on which a hog may sleep and a man might dream.


Omnipotent Poobah said...

bacon-Foodstuff of the Gods.

TLP said...

Bacon smells wonderful when cooked, tastes wonderful when eaten, and serves as a good metaphor about commitment.

When you eat an eggs and bacon breakfast, the hen was involved, but the pig was committed.

Anonymous said...

BACON, n. - Whose bringing it home? LOL

quilly said...

Sir Francis?

k. riggs gardner said...

The Southern Fried Scientist blog had an annual Bacon Blog War a few months ago. A bunch of oceanography doctoral candidates were tweeting back and forth like madmen for about a week. I returned @SFriedScientist's tweet and I said that Sir Francis Bacon was also a scientist. No one disputed that Bacon was a scientist. The Great Wikipedia also agreed. "Bacon has been called the father of empiricism.[2] His works established and popularized inductive methodologies for scientific inquiry, often called the Baconian method or simply, the scientific method. He was one of a mysterious group of scientists who were killed by their own experiments.

Weirdly, my word verifier is kinesses which could be construed as a misspelling of kinesis which is a movement or activity in a cell or organism (such as an Amoeba) in respose to a stimuli.

indeed :) this is true :) LOL

k. riggs gardner said...

I forgot to say that Sir Francis Bacon, the 1st Viscount Saint Alban, was born on 22 January 1561 and died on 9 April 1626, so he was 65 years old. During his (pathetic) lifetime, he was a scientist AND an English philosopher, statesman, lawyer, jurist and author.

k. riggs gardner said...

One time Sir Francis Bacon said, "A bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner."

pia said...

It's not Kosher but I love it! Oh I'm not Kosher--forget that detail
My word ver is gobed--which I think is telling me something

Anonymous said...


Hm. I actually have some bison back bacon in the freezer. Know what I'm having!

k. riggs gardner said...

Another time Sir Francis Bacon said, "Natural abilities are like natural plants; they need pruning by study."

Jim said...

Nocab is bacon spelled backwards. :)

k. riggs gardner said...

Sir Francis Bacon continued, "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est."

cooper said...

A salty fat widow maker.

Sir Francis Bacon said...

"Discretion in speech is more than eloquence."

Anonymous said...

oh dead pig
proof of life after death


Ariel the Thief said...

"oh dead pig
proof of life after death"

Yes!!! You can see it happening at a pigsticking, and like any miracles, it can be difficult to handle.

Doug The Una said...

Poobah, bacon is more than good, isn't it?

An excellent observation, TLP. To the pig!

Thom, the dogs.

Quilly, he'd be a fatback, yeah.

Karen, very enlightening.


Thanks, Karen, for saving us all a trip to Wikipedia. From what I recall his married life was food that he chewed without swallowing with crushed ice for desert so I'll skip his advice before supper.

Pia, I'm not sure what you're being told but listen.

Jenn, that's intriguing.

Indeed, Jim.

Cooper, not if you don't marry.

And heaven on Earth, Bear. I'm with ya.

Ariel, that was well observed.