Friday, October 08, 2010


GYMNAST, n. A man who puts his brains into his muscles. The word is from the Greek gumnos, naked, all the athletic exercises being performed in that shocking conditions; but the members of the Olympic Club make a compromise between the requirements of the climate and those of the ladies who attend their exhibitions. They wear their pyjamas.

2010 Update: An athlete gifted with all the talents of an assassin but burdened with none of the responsibilities.

Regarding the post time: It seemed awfully quiet.


Anonymous said...

silence is golden...
could not resist

now will read post

Anonymous said...

in todays' environment
multi task ability
ever changing rules
constant devaluation
of money ,people...

water fetish

Anonymous said...

GYMNAST, n. - Mary Lou, Olga and Nadia :)

Nessa said...

here is a Jim Nast, Student, at Warren Wilson College studying sports.

TLP said...

Those guys used to do their exercises naked?

I miss everything.

(Great update btw.)

tsduff said...

Gymnast: Me, at age 9 when I was a member of "Leslie's Lovely Little Lavender Leotard Ladies League".

It was awfully quiet around here this a.m.

Cooper said...

Your definition says it all.Really what more can one say about a gymnast?

Flip said...

Good morning.

Doug The Una said...

Bear, silence is in fact golden.

Thom, those are the ones I remember, too.

Thanks, Nessa. Who knew there was a real Jim Nast?

TLP, did you miss it by much?

Sorry about that Terry.

Cooper, there might be plenty but I'm no weight-lifter.

Good morning, Flip.

Jim said...

Thanks for the reminder, Doug. It's on my 'in my head' list but not on the paper one.

I need to shop for summer pyjamas now as I hear the fall sales have begun. Last time I shopped for those PJ's I got two pair at $1 each at Walmart.
Thanks, again,

Doug The Una said...

Jim, we're here to serve.

k. riggs gardner said...

Jim, do you need the Walmart advertising flyer from Sunday's paper? They have a real good sale starting tomorrow. There's no pyjamas for $1 each, but they have flannel shirts for $4.99 each.

k. riggs gardner said...

Oh wait a minute. Flannel shirts for $4.99 each is the regular price. The Walmart Rollback price is flannel shirts for $2.34 each.