Monday, January 30, 2006


Chemise, n. Don't know what it means.

2006 Update: Me either.


Indeterminacy said...

Chemise: a word contrived to rhyme with demise, but immediately met same.

Or it might be a word Bush made up in one of his speeches.

Minka said...

Chemistry gone bad?

Minka said...

but really, you guys should leanr to appreciate this word. If a hot looking dirl walks into one of those into your certainly will have its effect ;)

Minka said...


Sar said...

What?? A word Doug doesn't know the meaning of?!

Chemise: The word that finally stumped the wordsman of blogsphere.

Welcome to our world, Doug. We're a friendly lot.

Anonymous said...

chemise - what goes on must come off

I thought at least guys would appreciate this one. tsk...pity.

Miz BoheMia said...

Chemise~ Sexy with a french twist... unbuttoned, nothing underneath, throw on some heels... now we're talkin'!

Indeterminacy said...

I think I want to know more about this word.

Sal Banana said...

What you might lose at one of my gaming establishments.
Especially if your French.

mireille said...

I did the obvious dictionary search:
"Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, shirt, from Late Latin camisia
1 : a woman's one-piece undergarment
2 : a loose straight-hanging dress"
Those dresses were very popular in the '20s ... my grandmother the flapper *what does that mean?* wore them. Doug. I like it when you don't know what words mean. It's cute. xoxo

still life said...

chemise, (n) simple undergarment originally used as to cover is now
chiefly worn to unveil.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Chemise, n., shu'meez. shimmy, shift, slip
Usage: I wish I could chemise like my sister Kate.

Doug said...

I think you're right, Indie, I seem to remember "The election was a chamois"

Oh, those saucy dirls, Monika. I'm not saying I don't like them, just not by name. Most things I like are strange to me.

Yeah, right, Sar. I bow to your superior sarcasm for one day only.

Oh, it's appreciated, Jenna. Thank you.

Talkin' Miz B, maybe but no longer listening.

Indie, I agree. Google time. Hey, how did this become the Lecher's site? Everyone over to Synchronicity of Indeterminacy!

Thank you Mireille and yes, I know the word flapper. Flipper's cousin.

Still Life, I thought those were blue jeans.

Hahaha, TLP. I know that song but can't remember the name. Seems to be the theme du jour.

Logophile said...

you made me gaffaw
and then Sar made me snicker,
and the Miz B made me giggle,
it's been a fun lil visit.

Manchego said...

I try never to define words or wear things that I can't, at first glance, pronounce.

LeesahEm. said...

chemise-the fancy girl's tank top.

Tom & Icy said...


Rio said...

i came, i read, i thought, i got nothing, its a dress.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

According to my non favorite, but loved nonetheless, grandmother they are undershirts for sluts.

Gives prolonged scratch behind ears.

pia said...

Love Alice's ability to love both her grandmothers

Think Chemise was a popular expression in the 1920's for a flappers dress which is where Cooper's grandmother probably got that definition

Love the amount of work that went into Doug's definition -)

Doug said...

Well, Logo, you made us all grin. Thanks.

Excellent principle, Manchego. I'm that way with cheese.

Thanks, Masil. I think I'm getting it.

Good girl, Icy.

Rio, you were well ahead of me, though.

Virtuous, Alice. Bow wow.

Hey, Pia, it's Monday.

Manchego said...

Doug...are you saying that you DO wear the cheeses that you CAN pronounce?

Anonymous said...

I got nothin’…or next to nothin’…

Apparel Exempt

actonbell said...

Ah!!! Now I know why seafood in chemise made me so sick--I wasn't supposed to eat the dressing, right?

(I'm usually confused.)

dddragon said...

Schlemeel, schlemazel, chemise'll get you if you don't watch out.


AP3 said...

You got me.

Here's one thought:

chemise, n. Chemistry, which is all Chinese to me.

Doug said...

Of course, Manchego. What did you think I meant?

Cool, AE, this site is now clothing optional.

Actonbell, not half as confused as I.

Dddragon, I'm starting to blame the word.

Aral, we may be at similar disadvantages.

Jamie Dawn said...

How on earth did this word flummox both you & Bierce?
I'll bet that hasn't happened very often.
I think we ladies know quite a few words that would stump most guys.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Wish you'd let me know earlier that you'd gone clothing optional. I got dressed for nothin'. Jeez. And this is my very best chemise. I don't wear it often.

shayna said...

Well there are satin chemise, silk chemise, cotton chemise, lace chemise, chemise lacoste,
sheer chemise, bodice renaissance chemise, mesh chemise etc... I could go on but... ;)

Anonymous said...

That's good because I would never even think of visiting a site that practiced such blatant discrimination

Doug said...

All of them, Jamie Dawn. Every one.

Well, you look grand, TLP. I wouldn't have missed it.

But I still wouldn't get it, Shayna?

Perish the thought, AE.

Fred said...

Well, it's kinda late, and The Missus is calling for me. I'm hoping she's not wearing a chemise. (Did I just say that?)

Doug said...

Fred, I only caught the first part.