Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Special Guest Wednesday

This weeks special guest is Enrique Bava, aka Papi Brujo.

Enrique has defined for us:

Subversive, n. See: Bill of Rights.
A fish with legs attached to a car in Kansas.

About Enrique: Enrique is my mama's husband, my second father, a native of Rafaela, Argentina, an escapee from Buenos Aires and a refugee from Los Angeles. An itinerant malcontent, Enrique has identified himself as a good Catholic altar boy, a Union agitator, a communist sympathizer, a neo-trotskyite, a vegetarian and, last I checked, a Platonist. A Platonist, by the way, seems to be a well-meaning Oligarch without a realm or associates.

Enrique is father to a marine biologist, a tangero/architect and a clinical psychologist (in-training) and modifier to three Pascovers and a bouncer of three grandchildren on his aging knees. He is a steel-worker, an Information Technology visionary and a narrator of lengthy philosophies. He's also a brilliant asador, devoted hang-glider pilot and dedicated singer of dirges. Well, one dirge. Señor Bava has a brand new Master's degree in history which led to his job in the steel mill.

How to be a future guest on this site: Just send an email to dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after posting that week's guest, I'll send you an email with a word to define. You'll be expected to return your definition along with a graphic representing either your definition or yourself by the following Saturday. The only rules are no profanity and no novels, please. And whatever I make up at the last minute.


karma said...

i once met a blowfish that could write haiku. how sub-versive can one get?

glad to meet the growing family. how many more do you have tucked away?

Minka said...

I can only think of "submission" and your really don´t wanna open that door! Lovely to meet Dad 2. I bet if you´d get the chance, you´d like to bounce on his knees:)

Miz BoheMia said...

Beautiful write up on your Papi Brujo Doug! What a poetic dog! *sigh*

Subversive- My blog, these days an uprising against the takeover of my home, my life, my soul... Oh, how I long for freedom, FREEDOM!

Ariella said...

Papi Brujo, excellent definition!
Doug, I like your mama more all the time.
Oh, and you aren't half bad either.

Doug said...

Karma, I love it. Puns aren't beneath me either.

Monika, I don't want to open that door if you say I don't. To your second point, that would sure put an end to their aging.

Miz B, I still have your couch made up.

Thanks, Ariella. We both have pretty good AFs.

mireille said...

I'm fond of your mother. Now I can be fond of your stepfather, too. What an interesting man ... that malcontent quality is one you share, I think. xoxo

dddragon said...

I'd like to get one of those fish for my van, too ( I think my parents may have been Union agitators, too ~ I learned "Little Boxes on the Hillside" from a Union record they had when I was a kid.

Great definition, and thanks for the intro!

ariel said...

ROTFL Monika! I guess that'd be the end of the faboulos life of Papi Brujo...

striking definiton.

weirsdo said...

Good one, Papi Brujo, and nice to meet you.

Monika: Too bad Paul didn't think that way: "Wives, subvert your husbands. . . ."

Doug said...

True, Mireille. In our case the graft didn't fall far from the apple.

Wouldn't surprise me, Dddragon. Plugs are welcome.

Thanks, Ariel. At least the walking and the bouncing.

Weirsdo, some things go without saying.

AP3 said...

Another fun guest! I like the definition... those Darwin fish are fun.

Anonymous said...

For a malcontent, Enrique is one of the kindest, most gentle souls I've ever met. Pretty glad my son gets to bounce on his knee every day.

Lil Fresh

ariel said...

I'm happy to hear! I may be unsatisfied but not malcontent. :-P

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I do so love Argentineans they are hot.
The bouncing on the knee thing should be left to..say…you mama…or me as Argentineans are good at it I hear.
He seems like an awesome gentleman Doug.

Nice definition I can hardly compete with that….oh right this isn’t a competition.

Subversive – Starting a poetry recitation in the middle.

Whatever it is we need more of it.

Nice to meet you Enrique.

Semisweet1 said...

Dear Lord, I hope I never see
Doug bounce on Papi Brujo's knee.
For I predict most fearfully
That catastrophic injury
Would ruin someone's harmony
And make with utmost certainty
One real unhappy Papi.

pia said...

Hi Papi Brujo--Doug's description of you makes me want to know everything you have ever done--now

Feels like you're the Argentenian Studs Turkel, or maybe Doug's the Calfornian Studs; and you should have been a couple generations older so you could have been in the Abraham Lincoln Brigrade

Subervise but not malcontent Americans joined it to fight facism

Oh no, now I'm becoming non-linear in comments--because I'm naturally subervisve

Jamie Dawn said...

Enrique seems to be a fun, interesting man. Dedicated singer of one dirge... that sounds pretty dull, but everything else about him sounds wonderfu.
Please tell him to be careful hang-gliding. I know a guy who broke his pelvis doing that. OUCH! He may want to consider wearing a chastity belt when hang-gliding.
His definition is funny. Well done!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Hola Enrique! Great definition.

Subversive, n.,
One who has a revolutionary spirit and acts on it.
See:A spin on the emphasis of who suffers next.

(Aside to 3D: Yep. Niks helped organize the Social Workers Union in L.A. Co.)

Omnipotent Poobah said...

very subversive - A fish with legs swallowing a fish with no legs, swallowing a fish with legs...on a car in Kansas.

Fred said...

Great guest. Hey Enrique - if you ever hit the guest speaker curcuit, let me know. I'd like to be the first to book you.

Love the Master's in history, too. Well done.

Miz BoheMia said...

I adore you Doug! It is impossible not to. I cannot even be subversive about it. Nope. Impossible.

Doug said...

Well, Ariel, the unsatisfied should be itinerant too.

Thanks, Alice. Yeah, he's a good guy. I love your definition, too.

S, that was awesome. *bowing*

Pia, I'll ask Enrique to post his resume as a comment on Courting Destiny. And, yes, you are.

Jamie Dawn, I always request that he sing Stefania on my way out the door.

TLP, I think that's now SEIU local 660, if you wondered.

Why, Poobah, that's pornography.

Fred, don't let him charge you by the word or the minute.

Right back at you, Miz B!

Sar said...

With apologies for my inexcuseable delay (not to be confused with the other inexcusable DeLay), very nice to meet you Papi. I got a kick out of your definition and Doug's write up about you as well.

Subversive: This blue gal in a red state

(Semi - that was funny!)

actonbell said...

Hi, Enrique! Nice to meet you an enjoyed your definition. You have a most wondrous resume--Doug's mama has impeccable taste:)

being quietly subversive is writing a pacifist children's book during WWII. Ferdinand the Bull (Munro Leaf) proved that cows can be subversive, too.

karma said...

with all the mamas and papas here i can only be California Dreaming

Doug said...

Sar, you're always right on time.

Actonbell, please forgive this, I'm trying to hold it back, I can't, can't keep it in, Imsosorryforthisbut YOU'RE SO REFINED!!!!!! oops.

Karma, it is a winter's day.

AP3 said...

Ha ha! It's about time you told actonbell she's refined, Doug!

Jamie Dawn said...

I think my daughter is being subversive by refusing to put word verification on her blog. She needs to follow the blog masses and conform! She's bucking the system!

Doug said...

I feel terrible, AP3, but I kind of think I was provoked.

Jamie Dawn, I knew one of your kids would turn out that way, but my money was on Taylor and I never imagined either kid would take it that far.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Welcome from Buenos Aires. So your a porteno. My mommy speaks spanish so she teaches me a few commands. Woof woof. Who is th good looking dog?

Kay Richardson said...

That picture scares me. Enough with the picture.

actonbell said...

*sticking my tongue out*

Doug said...

Cairo, the good-looking dog is Alfredo, the most feared subversive in Oregon. Enrique's kids are porteños. Good dog!

Look away, friend Kay. Cover your eyes.

Actonbell, I'm sorry! The memory of Ferdinand inspired in me the gallantry of the matador. *sticks own tongue out*

Kyahgirl said...

I meet such nice people on your blog Doug. Glad to meet Papa Brujo!

Doug said...

Thanks, Kyahgirl! It's nice to have a nice person join the crowd.