Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Mediate, v.i. To butt in.

2006 Update: To distract from provocation, for example, with a fatuous smile or a little pink paper umbrella.


ariel said...

mediate, a fart during sex. (see Ovidius' romantic poetry.)

Minka said...

mediate,n. a wise guy between two opposing forces, that has the forsight to wait and see which party has the winning argument and than picks his side.

Sar said...

Clear the state
Now radiate
A perfect state
Food on plate
The Earth's own weight
Designate your love as fate
At ninety-eight we all rotate

Try not to hate


Tom & Icy said...

Doug's peril when there's only one bone left after supper.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Mediate,v.i., to practice a lowly virtue achieving a success of mediocrity. See twisted Bierce definition of mediocrity.

Doug said...

Ariel, it's right to start the day with romantic poetry.

So, Monika, the guy behind the bully?

Sar, I'm surprised you didn't go with "Flank 2 position."

Icy, that's why I have a hacksaw and a hatchet. It's also why I keep them where the dogs can't reach.

TLP, I like your definition. Bierce has one for mediocrity?

Sar said...

Doug - "Flank 2 Position" Aaah!

Good doggie!! *pat, pat, pat, pat, pat*. :)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Whoops! Sorry 'bout that. I misremembered. His definition is for Perseverance. But, hey, I said that I twisted it. I'm afraid that I misremembered it badly enough that you won't recognize it. Old age is ugly.

AP3 said...

Mediate -- one letter shy of something useful... put a "t" between the "i" and the "a", and then you have a worthwhile verb.

Anonymous said...

Mediate. Hm. Isn't that what my mom called it when my brother & I were fighting and she'd pull out the Wooden Spoon from The Drawer? The war would end and we'd scatter until the next time.

Thanks for bringing up that memory.

Jamie Dawn said...

A counselor's job: referees the crying & yelling.

mw said...

neat concept. JD sent me.

My dad wears a black and white striped jersey when he mediates.

Doug said...

Sar, I needed credit.

Ah, TLP, perseverance, still clamoring for that one, huh?

AP3, where does the "I" go?

Jenna, I'm hoping to help you get back in touch with your inner child. The cynical one.

Jamie Dawn, my patron, at least they don't ever have to deal with remorse.

Welcome. MW. Any friend of Jamie Dawn's is a pal of mine. Sorry to hear about your dad's imprisonment.

pia said...

Sar's getting too good at this; I must mediate upon it

What Doug slips me virtually, oh no, mean medicate

Anonymous said...

I have an inner child?! Good grief. How did I miss that?

Anonymous said...

Mediate: Usually done in the lotus position while invoking guidance…oh wait!

Wrong word…I often find myself easily distracted by fatuous smiles and paper pink umbrellas

Arbitrarily Enabling

a4g said...

Mediate, v. To appear on television or other media. As when government thrusts itself into a labor dispute, allowing politicians to appear forcefully in control as negotiations reach a deadlock.

Often confused with medeate, which is when a politician tramples his own children in a rush to appear on camera.

tlm said...

ap3, I actually prefer putting a "c" in between the "i" and "a". Now that's something worthwhile!

Doug said...

Pia, the line between medication and mediation is getting blurrier and blurrier.

Jenna, I think you've been looking in the wrong place.

Anonymous Alter Ego, that's our stock in trade.

Medeate, a4g! Brilliant as ever!

TLM, now I know you listen to Rush too much.

Rio said...

what? little pink umbrella? im happy to be stuck in the middle with you

mireille said...

When someone, out of a misguided sense of their own penultimate wisdom, offers to help you deal with your problem by having a quiet talk with the "troublemaker" who then escalates the whole thing (passively aggressively of course) out of sheer resentment at you not devoting your own intense attention to it -- which was their goal in the first place: to get your intense attention. Does that help?

Jamie Dawn said...

Mediate: Between a rock and a hard place.
Meditate to calmly get yourself out of it.
Medicate when you realize you're stuck there.

karma said...

ariel, that's hysterical! and embarassing

Monika, those fence-sitters are cool

Sar, my SIS, i'm crazy about Hutchense. too bad he's not around

Tom & Icy, i guess that's the bone of contention

TLP, i like twisted minds

Om Shanti Om, AP3

Jenna, great memories, what?

jamie, that's a tough job

thank you, mw. Doug sent me

pia, tomaytoes, tomaatoes

anon, Doug has that effect on everyone

a4g, the things politicians do! thank goodness for candid camera

tim, you're making me learn the alphabet all over again

rio, sorry, the position has been taken already

mireille, i didn't understand a word of that. but it was good

Doug, this is not my blog is it? my butt usually gets in everywhere, no wonder it ends up getting whipped in the process

yctpucom: you cut in and push . com

Doug said...

Rio, you just gave me an earworm:
Pick me a town in any clime
Where people like a rocking time
and stay awake both day and night
'Til everyone is feeling alright
And throw me smack dab in the middle-Ray Charles

I know, wrong earworm but I'm old.

Mireille, the clinical term is "social work."

Nice, Jamie Dawn, and the person stuck is a mendicant.

How funny, Karma! Took me a minute but clever. Take over from here. And I'll never moderate as well.

actonbell said...

Great definitions!

If Karma takes over, Doug will be moderate with the mediation. Or something like that.

I would really like one of those pink umbrellas, even if I'm already distracted. Those who need to be distracted shouldn't get them all.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

to butt in to the messy business of others, with an air an neutrality, in order to help level their heads and open their minds despite the fact that you haven’t had an open mind or level headed thought in years and have enough problems of your own.

logo said...

wow, what a day on waking ambrose!
Shall I meditate, or mediate?

weirsdo said...

To help work out a dispute. Less random than "arbitrate."

Doug said...

Thanks, Actonbell. They don't use umbrellas in beer, do they?

Alice, that's because you don't have an alice to open your mind and level your head.

Logo, somehow you just reminded me of another rhyme I'm glad no-one used.

Weirsdo, and moreso than pepper spray.

Pansi, wait'll I get my hands on that cave troll.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Sounds like a great cocktail. Woof woof.

Indeterminacy said...

This word is too hard. Couldn't we put together all the definations that everyone wrote and make one?

Doug said...

Cairo, have one!

No, Indie, there can only be one winner. Last one standing, I says.


Mediate, v. To postpone the inevitable for interpersonal gain.


Comfort Addict said...

To render an experience meaningless by broadcasting it.