Thursday, January 05, 2006


Outrage, n. Any disagreeable act, considered from the viewpoint of the victim of it. A denial of immunity.

2006 Update: The smallest coin of trade in the market of piety.


ME Strauss said...

The twin sister of righteousness. They travel as a pair doing mean things in the name of good for all humankind. Their driving force is adrenaline and opinion with a touch of closed-minded principles thrown in. This is true because well-founded outrage evolves quickly into outright pure anger without mised or muddied emotions such a jealousy, insecurity, or self-aggrandizement attached.

Or did you mean outage? blush

mireille said...

That evinced by mine owners when queried about their greed and negligence. xoxo

Sar said...

Well someone had to be the first to say it, may as well be me...

Outrage: The collective response to reading Doug's planning to shut down Waking Ambrose, along with learning it was said in jest.

Are we still fishing for attention?
*pat, pat, rub behind the ears* Good boy!

*sigh* This is hard work. But we're making progress.

Doug said...

No, Liz, I did mean Outrage as in the muse of ranting. Perfect definition.

Right, Mireille, or pretty much any vermin with their foot in a trap.

Ah, me. A little to the left, Sar.

Manchego said...

What?! Doug's shutting down Waking Ambrose?
What?! Doug's NOT shutting down Waking Ambrose?
What's going on around here?

It is an OUTRAGE that I haven't been here in so many days! As John Buchan suggested, it is "an outrage alike against decency and dignity."

Happy New Year!

pia said...

I am trying to use Doug's meaning in a sentence and am outraged that I'm failing miserably

Kay Richardson said...

OUTRAGE - less than ten people reacting.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Outrage, n., Why bother defining it? It's dead. Like charity. See all out of rage. It was all the rage for a while. Now it's passe. Demode.

LeesahEm. said...

outrage-overabundance of hot air with no pressure valve.

dddragon said...

I'm with Pia. So my word for today must be frustration.

Miz BoheMia said...

Outrage~ Overpowering sense of murderous rage at 3 individuals that are stuck to my a** and now that I try to sit and type something of even slight worth and substance will NOT STOP TALKING TO ME! SHUT UUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP! I DO NOT GIVE A CRAP WHAT CREAM YOU THINK I SHOULD USE! SHUT UUUUPPPP!

I want to jump into your blog and live here, in the comments and hang out... I don't want to go home anymore! Can I hang here, can I?

So, how's that for some outrage?

Minka said...

I am with you Miz Bohemia...
outrage: overpowering sense of murderous rage against former boyfriend. He had the nerve to make a list on his blog about the last year. So he wrote about the best things and the worst things and far, so good.
Under best breast of the year, he named another girl´s breasts and under most sad thing of the year...he wrote ´oh my team played badly soccer this year´. I am furious let me tell you. I should have thought that a 3 year long relationship should have had more impact on that retarded halfwit! Nutter...
Sorry about that you guys...I just needed to let my rage out!
*Making breathing exercises and calming gently down*

weirsdo said...

Righteous indignation or (pl.) the acts perpetrated under its influence.

dddragon said...

Miz Boh: you should go back and read the posts about TLP's sister Bonnie visiting last summer ... they'll make you laugh.

Outrage: trying to post something and Blogger not cooperating.

Doug said...

Manchego, if I'd known you'd be back, I never would have entertained the notion. Drop a fella a line.

Pia, I'm pretty sure you can use outrage in a sentence. Go visit a political website and come back.

Kay did you try threatening someone famous? Not Sponge Girl, by the way. She's nice.

TLP, you're thinking of Elvis. Outrage is doing fine. Remember the war against Christmas? Santa's pissed!

Masil, great job and I like the new picture. You are way avant-garde.

Dddragon, ok, define frustration.

Miz Bohemia, I'll make up the fold-out. And take Dddragon's advice. That was an excellent suggestion. Try to find the "Owen" posts too. The moral for you is: Find a route to your vehicle that avoids all the in-laws.

Monika, feel free to use this space to let it all out. Next time, try to use more colorful language. You have special permission from the administrator. Also, though, remember how "I don't care" is translated.

Weirsdo, another fine definition.

Dddragon, I had that problem yesterday trying to edit the guest post. I feel your definition in my gut.

a4g said...

Outrage, n. Among the inhabitants of the Lanaganamo islands, the seating of seven or 12 guests at a banquet table when the moon is in the waxing phase. A serious affront to common decency, it is typically punishable by a swift execution, or, subject to the mercies of the monarch, banishment.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I'm outraged for Monika! What a skunk the former boyfriend must be! OUTRAGEOUS behavior.

Note to Monika: stop reading his blog honey. Nothing good can come from that.

tlm said...

Our liberal leaders in Congress are experts at showing mock outrage. (Note how Pelosi's ultra-Botoxed brow furrows ever so slightly when she mentions the word Republican.)

Minka said...

Oh TLP, he called me and asked me how I liked his entry!!! The nerve of that bastard. Then I mentioned that I wasn´t very impressed by it and he did not understand and asked why. I said I couldn´t bother explaining it to him. A little twist: The girl´s breast he so admittedly admired are those of a married woman he was kissing behind closed doors with her fiance in the next room! Sometimes I wonder why I did go out with him in the first place. But alas: ´to ´err is human to forgive devine´ Thank goodness I never had aspirations of becoming a godess!

weirsdo said...

Why not e-mail a copy of the post to the hubby, Monika?
Speaking of outrage(d).

logo said...

I am too tired to be outraged.
Can't even managed enraged.

Sreekesh Menon said...

an extreme sport!

mireille said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Minka said...

Weirsdo, it might help. But I think the poor guy does not understand what he has done wrong. He had a category of best grilfriend last year and I won. Considering the fact that he had only one, I wasn´t to pleased "winning" it. I think that is why he called and asked me to read his post. He thought I´d be pleased...
Thank you Mirelle! It is tempting, but do I really wanna get down to his level? I must admit I have thought of letting his favourite soccer shirt dissapear and claim not to know about its whereabouts afterwards. Maybe a little open fire in the garden? But I don´t really wanna hurt him, his only fault is- not understanding me.

actonbell said...

outrage-often assoc. with vending machines. Here comes your ice, here comes your soda, and now here comes your cup! If I'd had a dog with me, someone would've been happy!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well, Monika, since he called you and suggested that you read it, I'm OUTRAGED! He's a jerk. Creep. Peckerwood.

Mireille, who is this Doug you speak of? And why would he think he could have anything to say about the comments here?

This is a private conversation between us girls, no?

Jamie Dawn said...

I am outraged that I paid $8 a pair for undies that claimed to cause NO panty lines. Well, that claim turned out to be pure crapola! If you say there will be no panty lines, then there should be NO panty lines. I can pay $4 a pair if I want panty lines.
In response to Tim above: I find political outrage to be humorous. Both sides of the aisle are SO outraged over stuff, until someone in their party does a similar thing, then they find a way to justify it. The ones I find to be most entertaining are Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Ann Coulter & Howard Dean. They get really worked up and OUTRAGED!

Doug said...

a4g, now I know you read Bierce. The Lanaganamo Islands!

TLP, that's good mama advice. Monika, you listen to TLP, now!

TLM, Both sides do that well. Hastert's other chin quivers just as suggestively. Come to think of it, our conservative followers in Altadena are getting kind of edgy myselves.

He's an orifice, Monika. Send him over here if he needs that defined.

Weirsdo, I like how you think. Does the other Dr. Weirsdo know how you think?

Logo, try sarcastic. It helps me sleep.

Whoa, Sree! And on topic! Well done!

Mireille, I don't delete much. I am restraining my response, however, trying not to make any one of the two dozen jokes that came into my head reading your comment. Ah, me. TLP?

Monika, fire always helps in my opinion. I actually think your suggestion and Mireilles work well together. Best Flaming...

I sure woulda, Actonbell. That only ever happens to me when I have exactly the right amount of change and a powerful thirst.

TLP, I'm not listening. Please continue. I understand why this isn't happening on Monika's blog. By the way, I resent your bringing peckerwoods into this.

Jamie Dawn, I hate when that happens. And I agree with you. Sanctimonious, hypocritical, idiot outrage is our last nonpartisan institution.

Sponge Girl said...

Oh Doug, if you're faking your affection then please don't stop. I'm feelin' all fuzzy inside...

Kay threatens not me but the basis of my mental stability. And I desire him all the more for it.

MizB, if you ever need to escape, I've got a spare room for you. And you can use any cream you like.

Kyahgirl said...

ARGHH-outrage-my dial up has disconnected three times while trying to post a comment!!!!

I always get such a kick out of the comments on your blog. :-)
And, I like your new photo so much better than the previous one. Forgot to mention that.

Janet said...

Outraged is a form of outrageous. Remember when Lionel Richie used to go around screaming that all the time?

And yes, I'm afraid random pop culture references is all I am good for.:)

sugarcornpop said...

Hi Monika,

It pays not to read an
ex-boyfriends blog.

"Out damn spot or blog or something like that"

I think I'll start a best penis blog. Any takers for my first Wednesday guest?

Just thought i'd take advantage of no censorship day.

Doug said...

Sponge girl, you're easy to please. I admire that.

Thank you, Kyah Girl, I'd just had my ears done.

Nonsense, Janet, you also write well and many a spotless virtual diner. At least.

Enjoy, SCP. I shouldn't be, but I'm having a pretty good chuckle at your comment. Outrageous.

Sar said...

It's outrageous that I should find all of this out so late! Monika, say the word, I'm still armed and ready (not to mention now highly motivated) with the stiletto.

Okay here's what I think. Monika should heed everyone's advice with my little twist (you know me and TWIST!). Monika, you should draw a picture of your ex on toilet paper, roll it up so it looks like a penis, then light it on fire in the toilet. Then flush the remains of this prick down the drain literally and metaphorically!

*Ah*, I feel better already.

Miz BoheMia said...

I'm a comin' over Sponge Girl!

Monika! I am outraged enough already and would like to channel it into something productive. Kicking a** might help. Give me the ex's address and I will pay him a visit.

He, he, heeee!

Sponge Girl said...

Why thank you, Doug. Although as a general rule you shouldn't believe everything you read on public toilet walls.

MizB, excellent! Would you prefer to start your mornings with Earl Grey, chai, juice or coffee?

And sorry, I don't have any see-through mugs. I hope you don't mind.

Doug said...

Sar, just admit it. You really just want to smush something.

Miz Bohemia, administer the scoundrel a kundalini beatdown.

Sponge girl, how do you know which ones are true?

Miz BoheMia said...

Chai is great... I'll bring some soy milk... as for see-thru mugs, I am vehemently against them so all's good!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Wanted to check in early to see if we're all going to Iceland today to kick a$$.

Guess I'm just off to the mall to walk. Darn. Kicking is good exercise.

Oh, Doug! Hi!

Day by Day said...

I am outraged that my husband denied me the chance to go to Memphis to celebrate "The King's" birthday... YES, OUTRAGE!!!! ;)

weirsdo said...

Doug: Fortunately that kind of thinking has never been relevant to my relationship with Dr. Weirsdo. Perhaps because he does understand how I think.

Doug said...

Miz Bohemia, glad it's settled.

Hi, TLP. Nice of you to think of me on the way to the mall.

Day-by-day, the reprobate!

Weirsdo, not every lamb knows what to do at the abbatoir gate. He's a keeper.