Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tackling History

Story #13, in which History gets a new name.
To hear the story, play monkey in the middle with the 1920s football team.

To read the story, admire my great Uncle "Hippo"

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TLP said...

Lovely story! Sweet. Maybe Ronnie lied about his age when he went into acting. I trust your grandpa. So there.

Heritage, n., Distilled rumors of the past. A man can transmit only acquired memories to his progeny. Nothing else will last.

Lila said...

Great story! Very interesting. I don't think our family had any notable athletes in it, so I'm envious. I like your and TLP's definitions, too.

Yeah, I'm with TLP. I believe your grandpa.

Sar said...

Another great family story. Speaking of heritage, my parents are in for the weekend. :)

dddragon said...

I'll make the family consensus complete (I've used that word twice today), wonderful story, believe Grandpa!

TLP's dad, on the other hand, told stories that I used to believe, but in hindsight, I'm not so sure.

Heritage: the part of your past that you want to own.

Tom & Icy said...

The motivation for societies to develop an alphabet

Anonymous said...

I agree that Grandpa was very convincing in your rendition. I like getting to know you in these tales.

LeMas. said...

We must be related, my family goes on and on about their amazing athletic skills too. Maybe it's to somehow compensate for the beer keg guts they have now.

Fred said...

My Grandpa always used to tell me stories. Over the years, I developed a system with my mother. If she winked, Gramps was embellishing or just plain making it up.

Over time, every story was accompanied by a wink. I loved Gramps; this brought back great memories.

Unknown said...

actually you guys don't play football. y'all just made up a game and called it 'football' - which confused the rest of the world which plays real football.

so tackle soccer.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, I'm sure you're right. But why would a President lie?

Aral, notability is all in the telling. Besides, what about the girl who was a little league all-star?

Thanks, Sar. Enjoy your weekend. $5 says no stilettos.

Thanks, Actonbell. And Willie and Walela say it was their pleasure. All lthree of us like a good time.

Good definition, Dddragon. The story's at least true enough to bear repeating.

Icy, that's absolutely brilliant. Good dog!

Thanks, Weirsdo. It's cheaper than therapy plus I don't have to lie.

Masil, full o' crap is a big and inclusive tribe. Can I call you sister?

Yeah, Fred, the Pascover family had no system in place. Grampa was big. Better to go on and believe.

Karma, don't make us send the missionaries back out.

Jamie Dawn said...

I loved how my grandpa had such strong emotions when he told stories from his past. He would get so tickled at himself when he told some and he'd be fighting mad telling others. Sounds like yours was the same.
I think he DID tackle Reagan, and by golly I'm sure Reagan remembered it until Alzheimer's set in.
It seems your Uncle "Hippo" larger than life, and your gramps was tired of being in his shadow.
What was the name prior to the spelling change?

Unknown said...

this is the 21st century darling. so i guess you would be outsourcing them from us ;))

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Jamie Dawn. As far as I'm concerned he tackled Reagan. Re: Uncle Hippo, I think the least plausible part of the story is that that man was a basketball legend. I got this picture from a regional hall-of-fame, though. And not much better.

Karma, we never outsource missionaries.

Cooper said...

Now I see where you get it all from.

I’m glad the story did not involve baseball in any way.

Heritage: The passed down stuff that I want to keep or in simpler terms that house in Charleston and trust fund I am waiting to get my hands on. :)

Anthropologically speaking it is a way that all human beings use to keep track of all the crap that happens over time, pay homage to it and pass it on via often arcane symbolism; these days the symbolism is more often than not more selective then all honesty would make it.

Doug The Una said...

Yes, Alice. It's all genetic.

That's a good definition. Charleston's a nice town. I bet my trust fund is huge.