Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Rogue, n. A species of vermin which is always plentiful where there is a good crop of fools, on which plant it feeds.

2005 Update: The aspiration of all the world's gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

Am first. Can't top yours

Rogue: 98 sweet good men in a room; one scoundrel. I walk up to him and...

TLP said...

I like your definition.

Rogue, n., A rotter. Always in vogue.

Also see, Rodent.

Unknown said...

have a soft spot for rascals, rapscallions, blackguards. and have always wanted to say, "Unhand me, you rogue!". but i've not

Tom & Icy said...

A rogue will charm you, stealing your heart, and then trample on it and break it.

Miz BoheMia said...

Doug... thank you for the special delivery to Monika. This bohemian is oh so moved by the sweet gesture! Thank you!

Rogue~ definitely not you! *bohemians do not like rogues! They are afraid... VERY afraid of these bad, bad men*

Minka said...

see post: Decmeber 19th 2005 on Waking Ambrose. I know I took the easy way out :) But I have to be at work in a couple of minutes and that is too little time to come up with something smart :)

Doug The Una said...

I know, Pia. I read Courting Destiny daily.

Yeah, TLP, the sun never sets.

Haha, Karma, try saying it with a wink.

Icy, Buster would never treat you that way.

At your service, Miz B. I fear I'll never disappoint you.

OK, Monika, thanks for saying hello and watch the old rogues.

Unknown said...

Rogue - a male that is fun to play with for a little while.


A male at the center of most teenage girl fantasies. Until reality sets in and taming is seen to be an impossible feat.

Personally, I like to look at rogue's from afar. I have learned my lesson and have found, that like the big cats at the zoo...I am better served if there is at least a two-inch thick piece of glass between myself and the nearest rogue.

Hmmmmm, interesting idea...a rogue zoo, where women can go look at all those prime examples of rogueness without a single worry...nah, they don't belong in captivity...without all their running around they'd probably morph into couch potato men and we all know their no fun to look at.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

rouge - A deep-pile, floor covering designed for the homes of rapscallions.

I know. Not so good, but I've always wanted to use the word "rapscallions".

LeMas. said...

30sf searching for...something. Must be emotionally unavailable, moving out of town soon, and roguish. If interested, ignore me...that'll catch my attention.

Sar said...

Rogue: Dumb, Dumber, Dubya.

Cooper said...

rogue: human container full of bacteria.


Doug The Una said...

Spiritdancer, couch potato men aren't fun to look at? Shouldn't someone have told me that?

Darn good, Poobah. You should use my link to Peter Porcupine's site. He manages to work it into his profile.

Masil, mine read "Migrant farm worker seeks banker's wife for short-term relationship and cash on the barrelhead. No photo necessary." That was a long time ago. I have a different job now.

Sar, I wondered how far we'd get without an example from our nation's capitol. I didn't expect it to be so cleverly done.

Hahaha, Alice. I love the wink there.


Rogue, n. Unhindered by conventions, such as morality, valor, chastity, honor, and other inventions of large dumb animals to protect them from the short, crafty ones.


AsianSmiles said...

..a lawyer that says he doesn't lie, a porno star who says "i do it for the sake of art", an engineer who cheated in the board exams, a husband who says "don't worry you're my number one" (duh?) and a president who claims that he didn't get the news abt the 2nd plane crash on time.

Ok, I did not mention Enron.

Anonymous said...

1. a subspecies more highly prized in torrid literaturea and overheated imaginations than in reality.
2. A poorly accented cartoon character with really bad hair.

In light of the company I keep here I couldn't pass up sharing this word veri- pezexg

Doug The Una said...

OK, Gabriel, so how tall are you, my friend?

Excellent restraint, Asiansmiles.

Logo, you mean from the x-men? I always kind of liked her hair, but agree about the accent.

Rio said...

rogue: you're awful...i love you

Anonymous said...

I like your definition but you're missing one thing:

"The aspiration of all the world's gentlemen....


TLP said...

Anonymous, I don't think that Doug qualifies as a rogue. A rogue is an unreliable scoundrel. I think we all find Doug to be very reliable.

Doug, you don't have to thank me. I take up for my kids.

mireille said...

bad boy, bad boy
watcha gonna do?
watcha gonna do
when she comes for you?
bad boy, bad boy

rogue: individual who enjoys skating on thin ice until it gives way beneath him. Then what does he do?

♥ xoxo

dddragon said...

I was here after Pia and I've been thinking all day since then on what to say. Everytime I come back, there are more posts that are just too good.

Rogue: the word that got away. (don't blush)

Fred said...

Rogue: An ale, brewed in Newport, Oregon. They have a dog as their corporate symbol, named "Brewdog." It's here.

Go figure.

Doug The Una said...

Rio, enjoy your trip, doll.

Anonymous, I stand corrected.

TLP, I know you have my back. UoY Knaht, T.

Mireille, in my own mind, that's my theme song. You're the first person to sing it to me, though.

Fred. Huh.

Actonbell, Fred kind of played to your strength, there didn't he. Rogue joggers are the scariest. Never seen a rogue comment, and you'll be the last person ever to write one.

Anonymous said...

Rogue: That which is found to be charming when wooing and the first thing that needs to be changed upon marrying.

Unknown said...

there are some elephants who are real rogues, and don't you ever forget that

Doug The Una said...

Haha, Princess. The fodder for a bride's ambitions.

Karma, I'm not sure I even get it but I'm laughing.

Anonymous said...

The secret soul of all past 40.