Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Special Guest Mutha

This week, I'm proud to have Mutha as my Wednesday guest. Mutha was asked to define Survey.

SURVEY, n. A look-see, whether it be of the landscape (extent, boundaries, position, because good fences make good neighbors), or in an effort to pick the brain of the masses (as in the likes and dislikes of the herd, moo). Also, the stuff of game shows and inspiration to the pop-culture battle cry, “Survey says…!”

About Mutha: Mutha writes She's A Real Mother and has eyes in the back of her head. A published writer, a teacher and apparently a mother, she started her blog as an outlet for her writing that wouldn't require the extra stress of selling her work. Some the recurring features on her site are reviews of books and movies selected around a theme, Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood a great feature in which she interview people who do the work we depend on. Criminal Defense Attorneys, for instance. Another recurring feature is I ain't no dog tied to a park car. Named with a Lou Reed Lyric, this feature describes the challenge of marriage and is of particular value to those of us convinced that you pick your battles in marriage or choose peace in bachelorhood. In between, Mutha posts anecdotes, stories and journal entries. In this latter group, the memories of her childhood are particularly interesting and all are well told.

Mutha is intriguing in the way that measured voices can be. Her descriptions fill with object more the narrator and her stories are gently told. One of the things I first appreciated on her site were the surveys of neighborhood people. The compulsion to set up a blog and interest in the people near to hand don't always share a spirit. Mutha has been playing here for a few months, but welcome to the Wednesday Guest limelight and thanks for a job well done.

Miz B, let's hear you say "Bohemians LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE measured tones!"


Indeterminacy said...

Heay Mutha! It's a nice surprise to see you here. You forgot to tell Doug that you're also an assistent couch for little league baseball (which you revealed to me). You can probably bake sa cake, too.

Mutha said...

Hey Indie! I do love baseball and act on that love in all sorts of ways. I don't bake very well, but can decorate cakes, big time. So, Betty Crocker is my friend. She's hip once you give her a chance.

The amoeba said...

SURVEY, v. To seek new life, new lands, new opportunities. Seen most often in those bearing evidence of recent escape from confinement. SURVEYOR: Jailbreaker.

Teenage boys do grow up eventually. If they're given permission. Yeah, Doug, what you said about bachelorhood. If only ...

Sar said...

Survey: Popping over & scoping out Mutha's site (I left you a comment too!).

Nice to officially meet you Mutha! On more than one occassion I've seen your blog name and was hit with this earworm:

Mutha don't want to go to school today
I think I'd rather go outside and play

It's from Extreme's debut album in 1989. Sorry, Doug, seems I've unleashed my inner '80s chick again.

Mutha said...

I'm sure the fences thing is cultural. I have lived most of my life in the North East and, like Frost, we love our walls and fences.
And you know Sar, I was in college in the 80's -- so no apolgy necessary for me. I was there too. I met a guy the other day, a grown-up looking guy, who was BORN my Junior year. Now that's harsh.

Anonymous said...

Cool definition Mutha.

Surveys are those annoying phone calls that come in the middle of my supper where they ask for my opinion but they really don't care, but heaven forbid you ask them the same questions in return.

CozyMama said...

Hi Mutha - Isn't this a great being a guest? I was back in April!! I am on my way to check out your blog now.

Logophile said...

Logophiles love teacher/writer/mothers.

I'm glad your in my neighborhood, mutha!

The Animaniacs had a sketch in which there was one of those mall survey people
"Do you like beans?"
"Would you eat beans with George Wendt?"

I know no one else is going to think that is funny, but I thought I'd share it anyway, I am a giver like that.

Anonymous said...

Selfish and Survey: "What do you think of my new dress?"

Mutha - you seem like a cool chick - I have been over to your place and we exchanged some muscial chit chat.

Congratulations on the spotlight and have enjoyed any post of yours that I have read!

P.S. Those eyes in the back stay open even when you're sleeping I bet.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooooweeee! Indeedy they do but more importantly they loooooveee you!

I got a mention! *BLUSHETTY BLUSH*

Mutha... survey says... bohemians everywhere just looooveeee your funkay self fo sho!

Great definition! I'm with Jenna on survey alhough I must say that annoying does not apply in the land o' bohemia. They normally tend to hang up on me... I guess some people just cannot handle bohemian-style fun! Sizzlin'!

Anonymous said...

How can I not like someone who refers to herself in third person.

Doug The Una said...

Brian, you are welcome
To post at crack of dawn
And leave some verse
Or something worse
If you and Minka get along.

I recognize your verse is original. The above was written by Edgar Allen Poe.

Indie, thank you for introducing Mutha and for the scoop. Tell us, though. Has she ever written anything scandalous on your site?

Mutha, glad you can attend your party. I meant to make you a cake but since you offered...

O Ceallaigh, I have a very low capacity for wisdom so that's how I spend mine. I bet I won't be the last to say your definition makes me think of Star Trek.

Sar, my earworm is "Mutha do you think they'll drop the bomb?" proving that I am both older and cooler than you are.

And cowgirl, I can't look at hobbles nor stand fences either, although I should point out that you're in the wrong part of the country for that. From the Rockies West fencing is mostly done with mountains and springs.

Mutha, I think just liking Frost locates you.

Jenna, why do you think they don't care? How do you make policy or sell stuff if you don't know what the little blue pill likes?

Hey, Jodes! Welcome, alumnus and thanks for helping to welcome Mutha.

Logo, that's hysterical to me. Did you ever see Special Ed's survey on crank yankers?

Ginah, I bet she has ears like a cat, too.

Miz B, you got a mention but spurned my plea. What's up with that? Curmudgeons LOOOOOOVVVEEE disobedience.

How could Alice not like someone who refers to herself in the third person, he asks.

Anonymous said...

Doug! That was my earworm! Mutha's gonna keep us safe and warm!

Anonymous said...

Sigh. They never ask me the right questions, Doug. Apparently the questions I want them to ask are "inappropriate" and "against company policy".

Look. I just wanted to know if the guy on the other end of the phone was (a) hot (b) single (c) in the right age bracket (mine) and (d) liked to "dabble" (will not go into that as this, as you keep reminding me, is a "family site").

It's not like my survey was hard or anything. Yeesh.

HEY! My name is in the verification. Sweet!Oh sure it's mispelled but I did an internal survey and decided it was close enough.

The Village Idiot said...

survey - to boldly go where no man has gone before and explore the frontiers of over-acting...

And this week I was lazy in picking a topic for you five tunes you would have to have with you on a deserted tropical island, sooo..survey says: First person to post their list gets to choose the topic for the day!

get to it

Mutha said...

I must say, I did not vote that I liked Frost on my survey only responded with the answer Frost when asked:
Name a New Englander poet...(ding!)
Name a guy who was all for fences...(ding!)
Name a poet who inspires the same feeling in his work as the definition of his name...(ding!)

But enough of that -- I've got to get busy thinking about those songs and get over to VI's.

Anonymous said...

And there's also the look-see that men over 60 use whenever there's a problem with anything...

"Let's just have a look-see at that engine to see what's making that there noise."

Oh, that's just my dad? Okay then.

Jamie Dawn said...

Survey says... Mutha rocks!

I'm off to visit Mutha's place. I hope she dusted the place and baked some cookies for me.

Doug, it would be interesting to take a survey of what percentage of married men wish they were single, and what percentage of single men wish they were married.

Mutha said...

You know, I am a little shocked that no one has mentioned Richard Dawson...I found a surprising amount out there on the web about Richard, including a site that had a had a restricted section for photos including "sexual content."

Holy Crackers.

Jamie Dawn: Thanks for the shout out, but I'm promising nothing concerning the dustiness.

The amoeba said...

Jamie. The answer is "yes". The grass is always greener over the neighbor's septic tank. And they probably get a higher price for it.

Richard Dawson. For Hogan's Heroes he gets a pass. Barely. But then, ack! A major reason I killed my TV. Right up there with Monty Hall.

Mutha said...

I recently saw a rerun of Match Game, that show where Dawson was always on the panel, and I realized what my ten-year-old self had not...He was wasted! Glassy-eyed drunk, I tell you!

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh my! This bohemian is just absentminded! No spurnin' happenin in the land o' bohos!

Ahem, ahem!

Here goes...

Bohemians LOOOOVEEEEE measured tones fo sho!!!

But you see, I thought that bohemian loooooveeee for Dawgy Doug would be more touching! Hmph... ;-p

Kyahgirl said...

Hi Mutha, its great to meet you. I've seen you here but never made it over to your place before.

I liked your definition and I like that you like Betty Crocker. When I was 18 my Mom gave me her old Betty Crocker cook book, a suitcase, a warm hug, and a 'good luck'. Me and Betty have been close buddies ever since. Without her, I'm a total loss in the kitchen.

I'm coming right over to check out your cake decorating. I hope those guys haven't eaten it already. I'm a bit late for the party today.

Doug The Una said...

Ginah do you think they'll try to break...never mind.

Jenna, those seem like reasonable questions to me.

V.I. I may yet travel at warp speed and see the edge of the galaxy, but the far side of Shatner's emoting is beyond my hope.

Yes, Mutha. The man needs feedback.

Whinger, we actually learn that young.

It would be, Jamie Dawn. The grass is pretty green over here.

Holy crackers, Mutha, I hope Shayna catches that. Richard Dawson has an unsavory side apart from being British?

O Ceallaigh, that's what all you married guys tell themselves.

How funny, Mutha. OK, disregard my previous question.

Haha, a4g. Love it. I didn't realize I was on a theme.

Happy Wednesday, Actonbell.

Miz B, now I'm twice-touched. Well, three-times including everyone.

Kyahgirl, did you save me any?

Kyahgirl said...

Doug-of course! It has a bit of dog hair in it now but I'm sure you won't mind. Dog's don't notice these things. :-)

Sar said...

You say you're older and cooler than me?

I say you're an old fart in a deep freezer.

The amoeba said...

Past tense on the "married", Doug. Which means I've seen the scenery from both sides of the gate. You'd think I'd be able to pick one side on the other on that basis. You'd be wrong. Age does not always bring wisdom.

And I still fail Jenna's survey on points a and c, and (having seen what goes on chez elle) would have a hard time clearing the bar on d.

The amoeba said...

one side OR the other. grr...

Mikki Marshall said...

Hi Mutha! I've checked out your site and enjoyed. I agree that The Curious Incident was a great book, cleverly written.
Nice definition today!

and also to a4g for the definition and tie-in to flirtation!

Anonymous said...

Doug, I think they might - actually, I think they do. All in a good natured way though :>

Doug The Una said...

Kyahgirl, as long as it's frosted.

Hahaha, Sar. Yeah, I guess.

O Ceallaigh, stress the vocabulary. Jenna likes words.

Thanks, Still Life. I sure agree on both Mutha and a4g.

Ginah, *applause* And I invite them here every day to do it.

Anonymous said...

Jenna LOOOOVEEEEEs words. ;)

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooooweee! You go Chief Naughty Sexpot! K-kish Baby, K-KISH!!!

Doug The Una said...

Jenna, it's written all over your skin.

Miz B, you supprt that perversion? Who am I asking?!?!?

Minka said...

Wow, what an amzing guest. I sure missed something being away.

survey...the thing I hang up the phone right after that word is mentioned!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, that'll teach you to go off and enjoy yourself! And on a WEDNESDAY :O

Minka said...

I know! It won´t happen again. Well, not for another week at least! And you know, although I go away for a little while, I´ll alwasy come back...just like the people that do surveys never die out!