Friday, October 13, 2006


DRUNK, adj. Boozy, fuddled, corned, tipsy, mellow, soaken, full, groggy, tired, top-heavy, glorious, overcome, swipy, elevated, overtaken, screwed, raddled, lushy, nappy, muzzy, maudlin, pious, floppy, loppy, happy, etc.

2006 Update: Temporarily unburdened of the conspiracies of the community, the malice of miscreants foreign and domestic, the loss of great loves, the infidelity of strangers, the expectations of coworkers, the ambitions of neighbors, the envy of friends, the curiosity of enemies, family secrets, an evacuated spleen and a full bladder.

Announcement: Today I am emceeing a roast of Pia on Courting Destiny. You are all summoned to join the abuse. This marks my final contribution to the Buy Pia a Vacation Word Fund. Today, of course, Pia is the guest blogger at Sar's so you can see how urgently your contributions are needed.


Unknown said...


hlfqbhdd: half-drunk in Baghdad

Mutha said...

I just heard a South African expression for getting drunk: "Pull a wobbly"
That is a new favorite.
Ambrose and Doug -- very hard to touch these.
But the word makes me think of Dean Martin and how the drunk bit was so much of his persona. I have heard from several sources that it was a put-on, that although martin drank a far amount he was rarely publicly drunk. It was to get a laugh, the shtick he adopted after he and Lewis broke up.
Drunk: An option exercised in love, life and art.

Anonymous said...

Drunk: the preferred alibi of the socially inept.

(Very nice update, Doug.)

Anonymous said...

Drunk: wit in need of a like-minded audience, comfort in lieu of a shoulder, beauty in the absense of good lighting, and courage in search of a cliff.

you're a mighty sociable curmudgeon today, Doug... are you drunk? or just feeling lucky? (for the record, i loveloveloved your update, too)

Doug The Una said...

Karma, half drunk in Baghdad is half finished.

Mutha, that's funny. Such an old fashioned pretense.

Thanks, a. They would make a gin breath mint for shy people.

Beautiful, puppybrose. That's a winner.

Charlene Amsden said...

Drunk -- one who leans upon a liquid crutch; self-destruction one brain cell at a time

mireille said...

Sometimes a means of annihilation. Of consciousness, of valued relationships. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow Puppybrose...that was an amazing definition! I'm thinking my best play here is to simply point out that we are related...basking by association as it were.

I will add this trivial contribution, however...

Drunk: A successful career for one Foster Brooks. His one and only schtik fed the family for many years...may he rest in peace.

The amoeba said...

That so, mutha? In Australia and New Zealand, "pull/do a wobbly", at least when/where I heard it, usually meant "throw/have a fit", usually in anger. So you might want to go easy ...

DRUNK, n. One who has become obliviously fond of the fruit of the vine, the exhalations of the still, or the adulation of the electorate.

Anonymous said...

Drunk: Mel Gibson's excuse for everything

Drunk: I am drunk with delight at the thought of Doug roasting me--uh, not like that

Yes the fund is much needed as evidenced by my post. I wssn't drunk, but how often does the editor of a large alternative paper call to see if you have died?

In my case, bimonthly, but...

Anonymous said...

Drunk: A sudden quickness of wit, a spike in bravado and a keen command of foreign languages.

G said...

If it aint' drunk, don't fix it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...the update was pretty darn clever. You also forgot about the uncoordinated suddenly decided they're the best dancers in the world. Scary. Actually...spastic comes to mind. Isn't that how the Macarena came to be?

Minka said...

Well, if this word doesn´t fill the comment section to new heights, I don´t know what will.

Puppy...wonderful in all its blurriness!

(I know I used this before, but it seems only appropriate:)

beauty in everything, is in the eyes of the beerholder!

Doug The Una said...

Quilldancer, curse all the incrementalists.

Mireille, belated prevention?

Joel, is his liver in a museum?

O Ceallaigh, is that the vocal equivalent of "having a blue?"

Thanks, Anomie. Cheers!

Pia, that belongs on a top ten list of Piaisms. This really is your day.

Mule, always at the expense of the native one.

G, my version would be "if it isn't wagging."

Jenna, I was pretty sure you'd complete the definition.

Minka, it's the great unfairness of this world that beauty is in the eye of the beerhold and flattery on the tongue of the teetotaler.

Minka said...

be warned, I have an odd sense of humor!:


A drunken man staggers in to a Catholic church and sits down in a confession box and says nothing. The bewildered priest coughs to attract his attention, but still the man says nothing. The priest then knocks on the wall three times in a final attempt to get the man to speak. Finally, the drunk replies: "No use knockin' mate, there's no paper in this one either."

teetotaler? You made that up, didn´t you?

Jake said...

drunk: a common, yet unspoken means of human conception.

Kyahgirl said...

I am so shocked to see that Pia has stolen my phrase, right out from under me. I was going to say I'm drunk with delight at the thought of roasting our little Pia. Well, I'll just have to soberly go over there and throw some fuel on the fire.

As for drunk, my Dad used to have a word for it which I thought was kind of appropriate (for some people, who are not nice when drunk); polluted. I've never heard anyone else ever use it.

TLP said...

Good update and good comments. A toast to all of you.

Getting drunk kills brain cells, and I have so few left that I just can't risk it.

Rio said...

voluntary madness, often full of joy.

The amoeba said...

Doug, what was that about Old Blue? :)

Kyah, your Dad must have had Eastern connections. I grew up hearing about people being polluted to various degrees.

Logophile said...

Delivering the personality in a tincture, rarely the most enjoyable form.

Minka said...

Coincidentally, it is October and with that "Bierfest" in Germany, thought i´d point out the timely relevance of this post :)


The Reverent Eater said...

drunk: "One swallow doesn't make a summer, but too many swallows make a fall." --G.D. Prentice

Doug The Una said...

Minka, thanks for the warning! *rolls eyes* As to teetotaler, Nope. I think it should be spelled "teatotaler" but it wasn't my decision.

Here's one for you: Two Irishmen are in a bar across from a brothel and see the Bishop of the local Church of England walk into the building across the street. "Ah, 'tis a shame to see a man of the cloth debase himself that way," one man says to his barmate. A little later, the local rabbi walks in the same dark doorway and the man said "Ye see, Seamus, 'tis his flock I feel ashamed for, he's supposed to teach them to be godly." A short time after that, the local priest walks into the brothel and the man turns to Seamus and says "'Tis tragic. Just tragic. One of the girls must be dyin'"

Jake, if it weren't for liquor and Barry White half my generation would be gone and there'd only be about 45 million blogs.

Kyah, the natural history of that use for that word must be interesting. I heard it when I lived in Atlanta and it was new to me there. I came out to visit my brother who was already here in LA and he was telling me about a time he got "polluted?""polluted!" So it was in L.A. and Atlanta circa 1995 but not in the midwestern U.S. before that.

TLP, I'm sure we all wouldn't love you any less if you got dumber. You were smart enough on Pia's site today.

Rio, I'd have missed you on this post if you hadn't shown up.

O Ceallaigh, big blue=big fight, usually involving 8 or more Australians and sometimes an American cowboy.

Nicely done, Logo. And here I thought Kyah was the chemist.

Minka, that reminds of something E-O (the father from my story Saturday) told me. He said at Oktoberfest in Bayern, the men toast each other with "loch mich am asch" Thank you for not translating.

a4g, SOBER, adj. Drunk seems apter to me somehow.

Manchego, that's a rare clever pun.

The amoeba said...

Doug, that meaning of "blue" must be out of Queensland. I was in Melbourne. They didn't recognize Queensland as part of Oz. They didn't even play Aussie Rules.

Kiwis, if I remember correctly, spoke of a "dust-up" in that connection. The "wobbly" is a solo act. Drunk or otherwise.

and sometimes an American cowboy

Is that how come you're a dog now?


Kyahgirl said...

well, maybe that word was around all over the place and we can chalk it up to the fact that I didn't get out much!

tsduff said...

Drunk: Temporarily free of everything.

LeMas. said...

Drunk-Wednesday night, some Thursdays and Fridays, most Saturdays. Wow, when I write that looks kind of bad. (I'm exagerating of course).

The Mushroom said...

Drunk: Temporarily seeing the truth through the bottom of a glass.

The amoeba said...

Doug, Wikipedia suggests that the word teetotal arose from a stammer (maybe the originator was drunk?!), rather than from a fusion of "tea" and "total". You wouldn't wish to impugn that your friendly neighborhood temperance campaigner abstained from coffee, now would you?


Anonymous said...

Well, you just about covered it. Drunk and in a fun mood means telling that chicken joke again and again, and throwing balled-up napkins at your tablemates in front of the old folks at a beerfest, and not noticing the looks you get:)

Doug The Una said...

Could be, OC. I don't remember if I ever heard it in Sydney which is the only other place I spent any time.

Really Kyahgirl, I'm not so sure. It was new to me in Atlanta and I was surprised when Andy had heard it.

Terry, so it means broke? Fair enough.

You aren't exaggerating at all, Masil. It does sound kinda bad.

Well done, Mushroom.

You know, O Ceallaigh, I love learning the backgrounds of word and I'm surprised I never looked up that one. I think in my mind it was an old word derived from tea and tote meaning someone who brought tea to drinking establishments. Ah, what do I know?

Actonbell, we couldn't have covered this word before you got here. Sounds like drunk means never having to say you're sorry until the next day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late... I'm lucky my pregnant butt is even awake... can't sleep so I thought I read the Dawg...

I drank till I Stumbled
I drank till i fell
When The drunk part was over it hurt me like hell now i know about drinkin so i know one
things true bein drunk's a lot like lovin you

Cause I loved till i stumbled
I loved till I fell
When the When the lovin was over it hurt me like hell I know what a taste of the wrong love
can do being drunk's a lot like lovin you

And I've woke up some mornings a sworn off the drink at that ive done reasonably well I think
but i havent done well swearin off you and me and that ive failed miserably

Well ive felt the hangover of lovin all night ive sat at the bar all alone in a fight I've
bottled up feelings and poured 'em out to
Being drunk's a lot like lovin you

And I've woke up some mornings a sworn off the drink at that ive done reasonably well I think
but i havent done well swearin off you and me and that ive failed miserably

I've drank till i stumbled
I love till i fell
When the drunk part was over love hurt me like hell now i know about drinkin so i know one
things true being drunk's a lot like lovin you

Well i know what a taste of the wrong love can do sometimes i still get drunk lovin you

Charlene Amsden said...

You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.
- Dean Martin

Then there's David Alan Coe's:
I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison.
And I went to pick her up in the rain,
But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck,
She got runned over by a darned ole train ....

Anonymous said...

one of the reasons i stopped drinking (many) years ago was the fear this Dorothy Parker quote would one day apply to me:

"I wish I could drink like a lady / I can take one or two at the most / Three and I'm under the table / Four and I'm under the host.”

drunk: possession of fuzzy logic attributed to alcohol, power, love, and/or love of alcohol and/or power.

(of course, as you can see, it's not always necessary to drink in order to possess aforementioned fuzzy logic...)

Doug The Una said...

Shayna, you know you shouldn't drink pregnant. Your child might come out a blogger.

David Allen Coe, Quilldancer? You know perfectly well a friend of his named Steve Goodman wrote 'at song. But I'll hang around as long as you let me.

Ah, Puppybrose, a Dorothy Parker quote. I'll go to sleep now dreaming of her verbally eviscerating my very spirit.

Charlene Amsden said...

Actually, Doug, I couldn't remember who wrote it and was too lazy to look it up. And, since this is your place, please, feel free to stay. Oh -- and thanks for letting me hang around.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

drunk - That overfilled feeling you have when you consume too much power.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Frustrated over her financial situation, The Cheesemeister strongly considered spending her last pitiful pocket change on a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. However, this would have resulted in a headache as well as frustration, plus two dollars less in her pocket.

Doug The Una said...

Quilldancer, I love that song. Just before the verse you quoted, Coe starts talking about "a friend of mine named Steve Goodman wrote dis song and he told me it was the perfect Country and Western song..."

Poobah, or from sitting beside the omnipotent or the prettypotent.

Sounds worth every penny, cheesemeister.

Buffy said...

That's it. I've found my new desk reference.

Doug The Una said...

Welcome, Buffy. This isn't a good place to learn anything but we do have fun.