Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Special Guest Wednesday

This week, I'm delighted to have the red-headed quizmistress, Logo as my special guest. Logo was asked to define Trivia.

Trivia is the name of the Roman goddess who is the equivelent of Hecate, the Greek goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, and the harvest moon. She was an underworld titan-goddess, and a good friend of Ceres/Demeter. According to myth, Trivia even helped her find her daughter Proserpine/Persephone.
An early variation of the word and its use dates to early Latin: tri- (3) + -vium, deriv. of via way, road. Trivium- "the meeting place of three roads."
In Medieval times the lower division of the seven liberal arts was called the Trivium and consisting of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The remaining four, the quadrivium, were arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. Trivial in this sense would have meant "of interest only to an undergraduate."
The first known usage of the word "trivial" in Modern English is from 1589; it was used in the sense: "of little importance or significance." Thus the word trivia came to be applied to unimportant, inconsequential, or nonessential items, especially of information. In the late 20th century the expression came to mean the kind information useful almost exclusively for answering quiz questions.

TRIVIA, n. 1. Confections of content for those who find the demands of substance distasteful
2. A litmus test for literary tendency.

About Logo: Logophile, the word lover, has two children each named Thing. Although a married stay-at-home mother, careful research into her past has, over the past year, turned up reasons to question the wholesome image that presents. Unsavory relatives, foreign entanglements, grasping material ambitions and the company of thieves, charlatans and disreputable miscellaneous scoundrels paints a different picture of Ms. "I love poetry and drive a mini-van." Wholesome, indeed. I told you she was a redhead.

In spite of the sociopathy hidden just beneath the surface, Logo writes a blog which is one of very few balancing poetry, anecdote and interaction with her audience. Most Fridays she publishes flash fiction of the 55-word variety and during the week she often adds poetry either her own, which is excellent, or favorites by poets who are revered in more sophisticated and proper circles. Mondays tend to be times of sharing the adventures that Logo and her immediate family seem to find themselves in often enough for weekly tattling. Her Tuesday trivia quiz is a favorite pastime for all her readers and the quizes are challenging and fun.

Logo and her dog were guests here about a year back and Logo herself played a street preacher in this story. Thank you, Logo, for being an excellent guest here and taking in as friends those of us less correct than yourself.

How to be a guest on this site: To be anointed, I will need your email address and permission. So, were you to send an email to dpascover at mac dot com and say in the subject line something like "OK, ok I'll do it," that would definitely work unless I thought it was spam and deleted it. On an upcoming Wednesday, after posting that week's guest I would then send you an email with a word not in The Devil's Dictionary which you could then spend the next three days writing a definition for and return to me with a graphic or two of your choosing. The only rules are no profanity, no novels and anything else I make up. If you've done this before, I may ask you again if you're around a lot. If you've done this before and not been heard from since, just let me know that you want to be a guest and then disappear again.


FelineFrisky said...

Ooo! Not posible, that I am actually here BEFORE the guest??! My time zone must be off - I'll be back! D :} (First! In Minka's honor, of course!)

The Violent Vixen said...

This is interesting...


The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Horay! its going to be a short guest will it be on of the sevin dwarfs?

Doug The Una said...

Diane, you're very kind. I haven't noticed Minka being first in anyone's honor.

Solace, even old folk have mornings after. Of course, in our case it's liable to the morning after a panel discussion.

Boy, I think she's 5'5" Call her a medium guest.

Brian, the day after an election can be bad, too.

Thanks for your patience, all.

lime said...

logo is indeed the quizmistress and triviamistress extraordinaire. in spite of her other unsavory tendencies she is altogether charming. and she doesn't completely suck. (she told me i had to say that last part)

The Violent Vixen said...

Ahh, here we are ;)
Trivia: All the knowledge I possess. For example: Flamingos are pink because they eat so much shrimp. Yeah... I think I watched Jeopardy too much when I was little.

Oh, the *other* definition... Anything I read on this blog :)


FelineFrisky said...

I agree with Solace, anything I know. I am a plethora of useless knowledge. I'm really good at non-intellectual game shows. sigh D :}

mireille said...

Her motorcycle! Where's her motorcycle!? I have such an image of her cruising around the heavily wooded Pacific Northwest, red hair peeking from beneath her helmet. With Ariella in the sidecar. This was a great definition. Especially like Trivium. Nothing wrong with being an undergraduate forever. And what's this about dwarfs? xoxo

The amoeba said...

TRIVIA, n. The economic engine of the mass media, the raison d'etre of the coffee house, the sole determinant of public policy and the careers of politicians. See ... oh hell, you read/watch/listen to the news.

Good going, Logo!

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Sorry Mrs. Logofile i didnt mean to make fun of your hieght. i though Mr. Pascova said you were a dwarf. Are your kids Thing 1 and Thing 2 i read about them in a Docter Suess book.

Sar said...

Yay for Lady Logo! Nicely done, in fact I suggest we petition to have Wikipedia updated with her definition.

CozyMama said...

Nice to see you here Logo....good post Doug!!!

Anonymous said...

I loveloveLOVE Logo!! but where was *this* stinkin' post when i needed that particular piece of TRIVIA (i.e. yesterday). by the way, the Ben Stein pic is a nice touch.

Trivia: Knowledge McNuggets.

this was a fabulous write-up Doug, but you forgot to mention the fact that Logo (if that's her real name) is also the QUEEN of Shameless promotion. (trust me, as one who's had her a** kicked by Logo in Sar's caption contests on more than one occasion, i should know.)

S said...

I just like it that I get to call you a mistress now!

Very interesting quizmistress, and glad that wasnt me under unsavory characters clicky!

I am not at all underwhelmed by this post~

Logophile said...

Mireille~ in this vision of yours do I trip alot once I get off the bike? Just trying to determine the level of realism.

O'C~ Thanks

boy from SACADA~ I am 5'5 it's true, but occasionally act very immaturealy so I seem smaller. Thing One and Thing Two in The Cat in the Hat seem to enjoy cleaning and do a good job of it, so I would say my two are not related. Was evidently just wishful thinking on my part.

Brian~ Nicely done!

Jodes~ Thanks

Neva~ Now you know why that particular piece of trivia was foremost in the memorybank of the quiz maker. I love your definition. Oh, and you'll notice, even when I can't have the best caption I still manage to be the only winner, shameless indeed!

Susie~ How could one possibly be underwhelmed? If my definition wasn't enough to impress you still have Doug's amazing write-up.

Ok, I will return control to the rightful owner while I go do stuff.

Tom & Icy said...

Logo really showed she knows her words and very well knows how to use them!

Doug The Una said...

Lime, welcome. You follow instructions well.

Solace, here I was unaware of that. Try Tuesdays at Logo's.

Diane, Wheel of Fortune is the electronic Paris.

Mireille, I can't believe I left off her bike! Shame on me!

O Ceallaigh, the Foley Follies are killing me right after congress repealed the constitution. Brutal.

Boy, I'm sure Logo will take it well.

Sar, I'll sign.

Wow, Brian. 55-word poetry!

Thanks, Jodes. It's always good to see you here.

Puppybrose, sorry for the delay but, um, Wednesday?

Welcome, Mistress! Thanks for faint praise.

Hi, Logo. Today belongs to you.

Icy, she got her name honestly.

Seamus, welcome! Yeah, bikers are like that.

Charlene Amsden said...

I learned a lot of Trivia about Logo. I probably would have learned more if all the links worked. I liked Logo's blog so much I may just visit there again to collect even more trivia about her.

G said...

Nicely done Logo! You made trivia seem so, well, important.

When I read this, it called up the image of John Turtouro in the movie Quiz Show before he was going on the stage, muttering the words "You're about to have your first kosher meal".

Watch out for those redheads!

Kyahgirl said...

Dear Logo;

It was lovely to see you today. I'm sorry to see that the secret about your unsavory relatives is out. I hope you won't be forever tainted by that.
Despite that, today's guest spot was a fitting tribute to your giant brain.
Your definitions were grand.

your sis.

Dear Douglas;
I wouldn't be casting aspersions on my twin if I were you. You are no slouch in the naughtiness department yourself!

p.s. to those who like bikes, There is a picture of Logo on her bike over at my place. Please be cautious if you drop by. According to some, it is a den of iniquity.

Kyahgirl said...

oh gosh, and just to be really picky and live up to my reputation, I will quietly tell you that there is a typo in the last sentence of the 'how to be a guest on this site' paragraph.

Minka said...

Which formerly number 1-spot taker checks in at number 26 today???

Lovely guest Doug, is there anybody here that does not know Logo???

Logo, "Confections of content for those who find the demands of substance distasteful" *applauds* and where do I sign up???

Kyahgirl said...

trying to see how the rest of us live MInka? :-)

Doug The Una said...

Quilldancer, I can't figure out what's wrong with the links, but I'm glad you found Logo. I can see the two of you enjoying each other.

G, redheads everywhere. What can a guy do but admire and tremble.

Good eye, Kyah. For both spelling and evil.

See, Actonbell? I had the same response. Tri-via! Of course, that makes a trivium impossible. There's a loss.

Pretty good, huh, Minka?

Anonymous said...

Kyahgirl: some of us not only remember the fabulous picture of Logo on your site... but that passion you share with your twin for -- *ahem* -- thong undies! (what can i say? if it's trivial(ish), chances are i'll remember!)

by the way, for anyone interested in Coffee Trivia (how's that for a sneaky seque?) we have a wonderful guest post on the Snark today, courtesy of CJ.

Trivia: the hobgoblin of overstuffed minds. (with apologies to Emerson)

Logophile said...

Tom, Icy~ Thanks, nice to know all my practice paid off.

Seamus~ I do! And to hear some people tell the tale I do it in bad company. How's next week's schedule looking for you?

Quilly~ You are always very welcome, I shall try to be as interesting as the write up makes me sound.

G~ Spreading the gospel of trivia is my true calling. Glad to hear you might convert. Shall I send a missionary round to further educate you in the ways of triviality?

Kyahgirl~ He just failed to sufficiently clarify, you are not just unsavory, you are downright sweet! Good just on the editing!

Actonbell~ A bit of trivia about trivia just seem appropriate. The trick was picking and choosing what to use so as to avoid being reproached for submitting a novel.

Minka~ Thank you, thank you. Now, where do you sign? Well first, get your checkbook...

*fingers in ears* I have no recollection of any thong at all, what ARE you talking about?
Coffee trivia? I'm there!

The Mushroom said...

Trivia: Arcane facts one can consume like popcorn shamelessly, having little mass, and with about the same nutritive value.

The arcane keeps me sane. -- R.A.T.

G said...

I'll be waiting Sister Logo.

tsduff said...

I have to say I haven't found better trivia anywhere else.

Nessa said...

Logo, you definitely do not suck. I love reading your blog.

Kyahgirl said...

hey! G! if Logo is your sister, and we already know she's my twin, then does that mean we're sisters?

I knew we were both from big families but I never heard of one so big you didn't know all your sibs! Welcome to the clan :-)

Doug The Una said...

Puppy, as I recall Kyah liked the footwear. It was Logo in the unmentionables.

Logo, well done on first rate moderation today. You're a great guest host.

Mushroom, trivia is a great reality alternative therapy.

Terry, I agree.

Welcome, Goldennib. Any friend of Logo is a friend of mine.

Kyahgirl said...

Thank you Doug, I believe you had it right. Puppy is suffering a memory lapse. Or maybe she is just trying to be a rabble rouser. You know the type. :-)

Logophile said...

The mushroom~ Wow, I like that definition!

G~ Praise the goddess.

Goldennib~ Aw, thanks!

Kyahgirl~ It's growing all the time, we just decided Neva is a cousin.

Kyahgirl, Doug~ Why are we still discussing this??? Sheesh, ya rabble rousers!

The Mushroom said...

Doug: Don't I know it. ;-)

Logo: Thank you. :)

Doug The Una said...

Kyah, we're overrun.

Logo, what you do in the privacy of your home is your business. When you start putting pictures of it on Kyah's blog it becomes our issue.

Mushroom, I suppose you ought to, right?