Friday, March 09, 2007


SEVERE, adj. The strictures of an envious ancient upon the follies of youth.

2007 Update: Like Friday's compassion Monday.


Anonymous said...

Good morning!


Hobbes said...

The new rigorous.

Minka said...

*severe breakdown*

FelineFrisky said...

I am severely unprepared for this today. sigh....

Have a peaceful and calm Friday! D :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thank God, I'm not first

Your update is great but I'm going to make it more traditional, and then....

It's 13 degrees on March 9, in New York. The severe weather is making me feel severely sick and depressed

I need a severe admoinshment as I'm an envious not really ancient, but yes envious of anybody who has sunshine and temps in the 80's

I will feel compassion on Monday

This wasn't very good, but I couldn't stop sneezing--severely limits my cognitive functioning

Anonymous said...

SEVERE, adj. An advanced level of misuse of the knife, the club, or the remark.

Hear the tale of the priest from Revere;
His sermons were oh so severe.
     But no one called "Cease!"
     His flock was at peace;
His speeches had sever'd their ears!

     - Goldbrick of Galway

Mutha said...

Yes Pia..
Severe: Boston on March 9, 2007 is a whopping 7 degrees F.

Severe also makes me think of Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics on Tom Snyder's The Tomorrow Show. They blew up a car in a very small studio...with a live audience of exstatic fans and traumatized middle class New Yorkers.

Anonymous said...

severe alone in a crowd

~Mo'a~ said...

With a...Severe...look on his face he pointed at a gent wearing a...Top Hat...and said "Here you see an...Immoral Ignoramous"...he went on to say "Whipe that...Saucy look of your face you...Idolater"
He continued with his...Manifesto...and said "He is here"
An...Immaculate...young lady in the audience gasped, fanned her...Self and said "I thought this was a...Suffrage...meeting"
The crowd shouted "No this is Doug's Blog"

mireille said...

If it gets any more arcane, obtuse or obfuscative ... why, we'll just keep accepting it and trying to wrack our brains to play the game. Because we are all players in Doug's bdsm blog game ... apparently we like it this way. Um, hand me that whip. Someone needs some severe punishment. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Severe: For most, a lance wound to the torso, or a slash to the neck from a sabre. For me, a paper cut on a pinky qualifies.

Doug The Una said...

Well done, Joel. Mornin'!

Weirsdo, that was subtle, brilliant and funny. Somehow coming from a music teacher/former literature professor makes it even better.

Minka, do you need a pillow? You might reach first if you stand on it.

You too, Diane. Why be prepared for Friday?

Pia, your wit is working fine. Monday will be fine for Friday's compassion.

A limerick, Amoeba! And a fine one!

Mutha, Wendy O Williams was severely twisted wasn't she? Oh how I admired that in eighth grade.

Haha, Mo'a. It's a fine line.

Mireille, you don't think I know what BDSM is, do you? Big Darn Soda Mchine, indeed, Madame!

Al, I actually think you're with the majority. The rest is just successful child-raising.

Tom & Icy said...

I just can't think of anything. But I liked your poem Wednesday.

Unknown said...

the intensity of the pain in my butt as i struggle and wade to make my presence felt here

higtivg: high time i gave you viagra

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Severe: anything that hurts or stresses unduly.

Mutha said...

Wendy O. made a severe impression on me on those tender years...and I have the photos of hairstyles to prove it. I must admit though...I saw the clip recently and it was pure punk rock -- a thrill to me still.

Anonymous said...

Severe: 1. revealing light over one's mirror, causing 2. a stark recognition of one's flaws, leading to 3. a reckless reaction, in order to 4. radically attempt to rectify, in hopes of no longer 5. recoiling at the sight of one's own repuslive image.

sorry, but this word reminded me of the severe means employed by Marlene Dietrich, in order to make herself look younger/more beautiful in front of the camera. legend has it she would pull up the loose skin around her face, and hold it in place with straight pins -- which she'd then tuck under her wig. am i wrong, or is that about as desperate and/or severe as vanity gets?

Anonymous said...

Ok guys, this is pure dedication (obsession?). I am at a kinkos in the Bowery...far from my stall.

severe: southern country child rearing.

Doug The Una said...

Icy, that'll do. Good girl.

Karma, was blogger being one of those things you defined just before this site was created? Thanks for your persistence. And thanks for the viagra.

Cheesemeister that reminds me of a Balinese saying: Money is like nosehair. If you pull out a lot, it hurts. If you pull out a little, it hurts.

Mutha, I won't ask about the electrical tape.

Neva, you shaved your eyebrows, didn't you?

Mule, I think you have the first line of a first-rate poem right there.

Mutha said...

Ouch! Then again...I ain't no Dietrich

Jamie Dawn said...

Ernest Angley was the cause of many SEVERE neck injuries.
He pushed people's heads back SEVERELY
as he cast stuff aaaayyyyyoouuut!

Anonymous said...

Doug: what can i say? nothing says "extreme facelift" like a set of severely arched eyebrows located near the top of your head.

that said, waxing works better than shaving -- takes longer to grow out, as well. ; )

Unknown said...

puppy *arching an eyebrow*: didn't they have duct tape in those days?

i will go to the extreme to call on you, dawg

Doug The Una said...

Mutha, electrical tape sounds like ouch to me, too.

Actonbell, they can have the whole thing as far as I'm concerned! Happy weekend to you, though.

Jamie Dawn, I enjoy the way you've started answering yesterday's comments today. The spirits coming out of you are wholesome. Have a teeeeeeeerufffle!

Puppy, thanks for a helpful hint.

Karma, I know I've been stalked by the best. Right back atcha.

Sar said...

Wow, Joel was first! That's a first first here, right? Kudos to you Joel, that is assuming you survived the severe wrath of teh Penguin.

Anonymous said...

severe Doug ignoring my first comment. Definately alone in a crowd.

tsduff said...

Poor Quilly.

Severe: Withdrawals caused by cessation of blogging during work hours.

Hobbes said...

Thanks, Doug. Dr. Minnie tried to censor it.

Anonymous said...

What is Old Mule doing in the city "unsupavaised"?

Severe: More harsh than you intended but still softer than orange lipstick on an old woman.

And with that, G'night.

Indeterminacy said...

Severe: Modern truth.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, I think it's a second. Penguins should be careful who they beat to death.

Oh, Quill, a thousand pardons. I even had an answer that you were defining Curmudgeonly. HEARTBROKEN, adj. Bereft of a faithless friend.

G, he should have looked you up, right? A Mule needs a chaperone in the city.

Indie, that could be the definition of "Plausibility," too.

tsduff said...

To be added to the list of forgotten...: CAW!

Doug The Una said...

Terry, you would be well within your rightts to claw out my liver. Sorry friend.