Tuesday, March 20, 2007


SHADY, n. The transactions of the R.R. Commissioners
A--Shady business, sir. Brown

2007 Update: Furtive, secretive, sinister. Like the purpose of the enemy or the methods of a lottery winner.

Or, say, like the real estate endeavors of the Birthday Girl! Feliz Compleaños, Hermana!


Anonymous said...


late night Penguin?

Indeterminacy said...

SHady: A post with zero comments.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shady: grey area (not to be confused with "grey matter", often responsible for conceiving that which lands within any and/or all "grey areas". or not. i'm pretty tired, so i don't actually know what i'm writing at the moment)

Anonymous said...

Shady: The spot sought when one needs solace from the summer sun.

Happy Birthday Miz B!!

Anonymous said...

SHADY, n. The contents of the bucket if anybody asks. Especially if you've been fishing for salmon without a license.

Happy Birthday to the Spanish .... er, San Franciscan ... er, Bohemian ... dangit, girl, make up your mind! ;)

And what's this? You take a Penguin off the ice floes and she melts?

Anonymous said...

Shady? The only shade in Vegas is inside the casinos, and I don't frequent those.

Minka said...

Til hamingju med daginn, Miz Bohemia. Have a funky, groovey day!

Joel, why ye! Shady, those dark areas under your eyes the day after a funky grovey night!

also: shady, apparently slim!

~Mo'a~ said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Miz Bohemia...next Birthday will be celebrated in SF, I know this for sure...nothing Shady about this comment.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my Piscean sistah!!! Whooooot!!

Shady implies there is sunshine *peeks out window* there is -no- shady spots here.

Anonymous said...

Shady: never MizzyB who lets it all out

Unknown said...

shady: my eyes behind Gucci sunglasses. necessary as my Bohemian chica dazzles!

Hip-hap-hop birthday, darling girlfriend!!!

Doug The Una said...

Haha, Joel. Is there a Green Man Group?

Unheard of, Indie!

Well put, Neva. How is the gray matter this morning?

Joel, that's a good thing. The air conditioned, underwater shady spot is best.

Amoeba, it's simple, she's a Persian Danish Icelandic San Franciscan Orange Countian Spanish Piscean Bohemian hippy chick who's married her boyfriend four times. What's the hang-up, old fella?

Seven, come eleven, Quill. Green eyeshades, you mean?

Minka, someone had to bring eminem up today. I'm glad it was you.

Mo'a, there almost never is. I think your dark side is probably chocolate.

OK, Jenna, now when's Mistress A's? Soon, right?

Pia, "Neon" is closer to it, isn't it?

Or your carpenters, Ms. Karma.

~Mo'a~ said...

I agree and my light side is probably Marzipan ;)

Thanks for explaining MizB.....so what was the problem?

The Old Mule said...

Shady: my evil twin

The Old Mule said...

And a great Birth Day to Bohemia! May we all encounter such rhapsody. (sings...When I paint my maaaasterpiece)

dddragon said...

What we are lacking until some leaves come in.

Happy Bday to MizB!

Anonymous said...

Doug, the green eys shades you can see. The real shady stuff happens behind closed doors and mirrored windows.

Speaking of which, did you know our mayor, he who was formerly a top mafia lawyer, is slipping in the election polls?

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooooweee! Dios mio and *blushetty blush* DAS FO SHO!

Hermano mio eres muy dulce y te lo digo en español para que todo el mundo no sepa lo que yo sé which is that you are SO not a curmudgeon but a sweetie pie and it takes a lot to make a vulgarity-lovin' bohemian sistah say "sweetie pie" and... oops! I spoke in English! Oh well, there goes you cover!

And to everyone who has been sweet enough to say happy, happy... and then some... thank you oh so much and off I go because my cheeks hurt they are so red I kid you not!

Neon? Ooooh! I like that FO SHO!

Y hermanito? Besos bohemios volando hacia ti...

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy B-day to MB!!

My dad's lottery methods for the recent HUGE lotto were not only shady, but they sucked donkey balls, as well. Needless to say, he didn't win.
I had to cancel all my shady, well laid, but unpaid plans.

Doug The Una said...

Mule, just one? I figured evil twins had you outnumbered.

Dddragon, you brightened the day.

Quilly, I didn't. But that sounds like a straight line.

Miz B, I could argue but I'd have to get a word in at some point. Feliz Compleaño de nuevo.

Jamie Dawn, he's gonna have to roll up his sleeves and work a little harder, then. There's no excuse for failure.

Nessa said...

shady: Sunglasses at Night.

Happy Birthday, Miz Bo.

Peter Porcupine said...

Cruising through on BE, and just in time for the party! Feicitations!

G said...

Hey, I resemble that word!

Happy Birthday again to mi amiga! Here's to getting your birthday wish. xox

tsduff said...

WHAT THE HECK happened to my post? I came back for a second look and found it vanished. Grrrr.

Everybody is talking in these foreign languages, but all I have to say is "The Happiest of birthdays to you Miz B - we all get to experience the joys of that special day, over and over again throughout the years..."

Nothing SHADY about you or this place - other than a fine respite from the hot sun of the outer real world... as I prefer the more welcoming definition of relief, shelter from the hot rays of the sun...trees'offering...sweet word Doug.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Shady - a slim white guy who thinks he is black and can rap, but who would last less than 30 seconds in Compton.

Tom & Icy said...

Nice place to nap

Doug The Una said...

Now you're just getting spoiled, Actonbell.

Nessa, I thought that was cool.

Good to see you again, Peter.

You do, lampshady.

Terry, I never saw your previous comment. Sorry about that. We keep it dark around here for your comfort.

Welcome, Iguana. Compton's changed a lot. A little Samoan will go a long way.

Yup, Icy. Woof.