Saturday, March 03, 2007

Truth in The Vineyard

Episode 9 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader.

To hear the story, come to the vineyard.

This week, in The Prattler, "The Defense of Unmarriage Act."

To read the story, look over Diogenes' shoulder.


Anonymous said...

Look at me - first!!! Okay, it's a little unfair because I only had time for a cursory listen. I will be back to listen in detail and comment later.

My guess - OldMule?

Anonymous said...

i'll second G's guess, even as i'm second to leave a comment.

whoever it is, GRAND JOB reading another GRAND edition of this tale.

Yeoman: variation of buddy. (i.e., "Yo, man, can ya spare me some truth??")

Anonymous said...

that said, the only reason i'm not certain is because this reader sounds more like a YoungBuck than an "OldMule".

: )

tsduff said...

Not only young buck, but a southern boy to boot.

Sar said...

I confess I haven't a clue who this week's reader is, but I enjoyed the story ("truth in the barn/clean stables" - HA!) and the telling of it. In fact, our reader has a dialect that sounds familiar if not from the individual then from my fellow Virginians. It's not a stretch to imagine us all rocking in the chairs on my southern porch listening to this week's reader tell us tales. More lemonade anyone?

~Mo'a~ said...

*swoon* I just love a Southern accent....Old Mule? Brian? I don't know....but I know what I like.

I will have a glass Sar :)

The only Yeoman/men I have ever seen, was wearing red and gold and guarding a tower and some ravens.

Jamie Dawn said...

Smooooth and southern.
I don't know who read it, but it was like butter.

I'm not even a partaker of alcoholic beverages, but I've suddenly got a hankering for some wine.

Yo! Man! Yeah, you. Have a nice weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

the only other southern boy i can think of, is our Sweet Baboo (Jake). but he's been MIBA (missing in bloggy action) for quite a little while, so i'm guessing it ain't him.(or is it?)

JD's right, tho', that voice is like buttah!

TLP said...

The story is progressing nicely I see/hear.

I have no idea who read it. So, I'll guess that
O Ceallaigh was tryin' to fool us, what with the southern accent and all. Ya know, the way Minka did with the English accent? Did OC do one already? If so, I missed it, and I don't think I've missed any.

Are there any yeowomen?

G said...

This story is building up! Loving it and loving this reading of it, particularly the word, "unsupahvaised". Really very nice, quite a melodious voice.

Anybody coming forth? Still guessing OleMule or OldMule or the over the hill who is really young mule?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Brian for the same reason that Action gave. And the accent -- matches a friend of mine who grew up in Florida.

(I've been trying to comment all morning but Blogger wouldn't let me.)

Anonymous said...


Doug The Una said...

G, interesting guess. You might remember Old Mule once did a recording for Doug Drones On.

Thanks, Puppy. The talent keeps coming, doesn't it?

Terry, I suspect you may be right. Kind of a piedmont sound, isn't it?

Sure, Sar. Not too tart, not too sweet.

Mo'a was that at Terry's house?

You have a nice weekend, Jamie Dawn. Enjoy the buttah.

Me too, Actonbell. And that was a Karma-quality verifier, young lady.

Puppybrose, I thought Jake was from Colorado for some reason.

TLP, O Ceallaigh is just cad enough to try, isn't he? And given your roots, you'd sure know a fake southern accent from a real one, wouldn't you?

G, I agree it was a very rich reading.

Interesting, Quill, and you may be right but I thought Brian was from Connecticut before moving South as an adult.

And you know, Quill, you're more sanctimonious as a Wordpress user than you are as a Methodist. That's a real accomplishment of sorts.

Anonymous said...

i thought YoungJake was from No'th Carolinah, but did his super-secret-if-he-told-us-what-he-does-he'd-have-to-kill-us training in Colorado. but i could be wrong (been known to happen).

Anonymous said...

Way-ull, y'all, s'pose Ah coulda tried convincin' yuh that Ah grew up on cornpone 'n grits at the Waffle House. 'Steada haddock 'n' lobsta in Massa .. Massa ... Oh hell, one o' them Yankee states. But Ah reckons y'all's too dang smart fo' that. Mebbe mah brotha' coulda done it, if'n he wuz still with us. Leastways, his name wuz Brian ...


Tom & Icy said...

Great reader.
Grand story.
Now I'll close myself in the closet and think about it.

Sar said...

Wow, OC, that was the most impressive written drawl I think I've ever read. At least lately. :)

More of Sar's Secret Southern Lemonade for Mo'a!

Psst, Doug - Shhhhhh....don't tell anyone, but the real source of Sar's Secret Southern Lemonade is....*looks left, looks right, and whispers*... Countrytime with ample ice and lemon wedges!

nywlu: New York Will Love You (or is it loathe you? hmmmm)

CozyMama said...

the south is a good place to be.

Ariel the Thief said...

wow. is that guy taken?

Lila said...

Great reading! I'll go with Brian too as my guess. Nicely done.

Doug The Una said...

Puppybrose, you may be right. Probably are. Jake?

Good grief, Amoeba. If that's you, you fake it better spoken than you do in print.

Icy, tell the truth. You have a bone in there, don't you?

Sar, I knew you were fancy.

Jodes, it is, except maybe in the summer.

Ariel, it's the Hungarian accent, isn't it?

Aral, that's a popular guess.

Anonymous said...

it's Jake. it is Jake, right? RIGHT?? (with his training, it's no surprise he's been able to hang on to his "secret" longer than the rest of us were...) come on, clever Commando-boy, swing on down from that tree you've been hiding in and take a richly deserved bow!

Nessa said...

I couldn't comment before. I was busy lazing in my rocking chair on the front porch.

The Old Mule said...

Y'all really know how to make a mule kick in his stall.

Anonymous said...

i knew i should have held firm with G's first guess (oh yeah, and mine, too...)

and of course it's you, Old(but-not-really)Mule... i'm guessing it was during the process of sending/recieving this fine reading that the plan for the Chicago meet 'n greet was hatched, right? (i am so glad the mule is out of the barn... now i can get on with my weekend, or what's left of it!)

Anonymous said...

He sounds great! I'd like to get to know that guy!

Minka said...

wow...that is some voice and some great stiry telling.

An honest man with dice, ey
?! And a philosopher should plan ahead for darkness, he´s never gonna see the light is he?!

AS to the voice, I wouldn´t have known.

yeoman, character in Chaucer´s Canterbury tales!

Anonymous said...

I was quite impressed you keep me on my toes as always.

Sadly I killed my sound on both computers while installing skype and have yet to repair either so I can not judge the voice.

Yeoman, go figure.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who it is but it sure is a yummy nummy accent! Y'all can drawl my way any time. aaaaany time.

Awesome story as always, Mr. Pascover.

Doug The Una said...

Right, Neva!

Nessa, Sar made lemonade.

Old Mule, good job, young fella.

Neva, don't you have until Friday to enjoy your weekend?

Lammy, it's a scurrilous stereotype that southerners are interested in sheep. Your chances are no better than 50/50. Try a midwesterner.

Thanks, Minka. That was a strong reading, wasn't it?

You're missing out, Alice but thanks. I hope you get the sound back soon.

Thank you, Ms. Howard. Mule, she means it.

Minka said...

Are you friggin´ kidding me, Pascover? It´s 2.30 here and will ye just get a move on?!

Anonymous said...

seriously, even I'M waiting around (so you just know it's late)

Anonymous said...

Later then late!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Cut the Dawg some slack. You'd think we were paying him or something. Maybe Blogger's done a number on him. Or SoCal traffic has ... It would be a tragedy of atmospheric proportions if our early-onset curmudgeon had a fundamental disagreement with a smogberry tree alongside an LA freeway.

Anonymous said...

Now I don't know whether to call paramedics for Doug, his car, his computer or Blogger -- nah, no paramedics for Blogger. It's on it's own.


mireille said...

♥ Doug ♥ xoxo

TLP said...

Well, I'm callin' in the Sheriff. We could all meet in Chicago and be a posse and search for the dawg.

If we don't find him in Chicago at the end of a week, we can fly to Paris. I just bet that's where he is. We'll give that a week or so. We can take a vote there on where to look next. I'm nominating Greece.

G said...

Okay let's define:

LATE: Everyone else when I'm on time. I mean it is 11:00 EST - do you mean to make us worry?

TLP said...

Late, adj. Dead, as in the late Mr. Pascover.

Or the late fee charged for worrying blog readers.

Minka said...

late, just inappropriate in the male character... however fashionable in a lady.

*gets out a little booklet about First Aid and studies anxiously*

Minka said...

TLP, I´ll join you in Paris and I´ll second you onteh Greece vote. If not there well Timbuktu is an option too!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, that does sound late. If my math's right, the new post had been up two and a half hours, pretending it had been up two and a half days.

Gosh, Neva. I hope the dogs were fed and your teeth brushed. I'll feel terrible otherwise.

Quilly, actually realllllllllly early. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks, Amoeba. It was a chrono-synclastic infundibulum I hit, actually.

Quilly, you actually got a comment from me this morning, now that I think about it. Of course, it was about the dead so I understand your concern.

Mireille, I'm not quite dead yet.

TLP, try Tralfamador.

G, I was early, though.

Minka, I actually would like to see Timbuktu. Maybe I'll help you look.